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Concealed carry and tailored suits?

This is a discussion on Concealed carry and tailored suits? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Has anyone had luck with the Mens Warehouse in Reston VA? I have a wedding to attend in ~3 months, and should have my CCW ...

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Thread: Concealed carry and tailored suits?

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    Has anyone had luck with the Mens Warehouse in Reston VA? I have a wedding to attend in ~3 months, and should have my CCW in about a month. I was planning on waiting til I have it to get fitted for the tux (i'm in the wedding party)

    I'll be carrying IWB Tucked when I do go in, so should I just not say anything about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FearSheeple View Post
    I'll be carrying IWB Tucked when I do go in, so should I just not say anything about it?
    Or get fitted with a paperback book tucked in where your IWB will be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FearSheeple View Post
    I'll be carrying IWB Tucked when I do go in, so should I just not say anything about it?
    If you want to be absolutely sure that it is fitted right the first time, tell them you need to be fitted with a holstered gun. And take your gun with you. If you want to avoid scaring then take it unloaded. But for the best results, take it with you.

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    All of my suits are tailored as they should be and were intended toward a given wearer. Even off the rack should be taken to a tailor for fine and specific tailoring.
    Anyway if going where I know I will not have to remove my coat I then carry IWB and it's worked well for me in doing so.
    Otherwise I'll use my Under Cover Concealed Carry holster shirt.

    When going IWB I have no problem concealing a full size though most often I'll bring my 3.5" 1911 'Defender'.
    With the UCCC shirt the Defender is my only option.

    It really comes down to your own body shape in order to best know what can be concealed and where on your person, regardless of the clothing suit tailored or otherwise.
    Take a blue gun with you to your tailor or visit with him/her ahead of time and mention that you have a need to have your suit tailored around your 'duty' pistol. Do not say you are a LEO nor go into details about what you do for work or in life overall. Just leave it and keep it strictly business, professional.
    It's no different than if you had to carry around a medical support device on your person worn on the hip. Tailors can account and work with that as well.

    - Janq
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    I can't afford tailored suits--I spend all my money on guns, ammo and holsters....
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    Quote Originally Posted by matiki View Post

    A regular jacket has just a few inches of material past the buttons, A double breasted... well it's two rows of buttons and has a big overlap of material that you'll need to yank out of the way to draw.
    The type of jacket is personal preference, and should be based on your preference rather than somebody's idea of what is best tactically. If you are carrying under a coat, you are not doing a quick draw. The extra material of a double-breasted jacket can actually help you conceal if you wear it open -- like most Americans do (whether it looks "VERY bad" or not). But, I wear boots with my suits, and that is considered improper, too.

    I wear a suit daily, and as well carry a gun daily, and have for about 20 years now -- so I speak from experience. Your choice of a suit coat should be based on your personal style and comfort. If you choose clothes that don't make you comfortable, you will fidget, draw attention to yourself, and be more likely with the increased attention to be "made." Get a good holster, and have your coat fitted over the holster. Any good tailor is used to fitting over guns -- if you act like it is no big deal, it won't be. Men's wearhouse will treat you right. If you like the European-cut DB suits, make sure they pad a bit over where you carry the gun.

    I have a Galco paddle holster. It is convenient, but is not always easy to conceal because it doesn't hold the butt of the gun very close to my side. An IWB can almost always be concealed under a suit coat, and my Officer's .45 disappears with a pancake holster. If you are going to a wedding, remember that there will be the obligate hugs, so a SS holster may not be the best choice.

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    Even this ol redneck has two jackets tailored for ccw . I dont wear them often but then my weight has not changed by 5 lb in the last 30 years or so either .
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    Quote Originally Posted by AH View Post
    I really fancy a full size Kimber, 5' in a Galco holster like this:
    But,will some extra fixing on the jacket help,or is it not necessary?

    Btw,how is Mens wearhouse when it comes to outside waistband carry?
    It looks like the holster is holding the gun away from your body. Is it just the pic or is the gun not snug up against you? If it is the latter I would definitely consider replacing the holster or you may have an ongoing problem with it printing with every thing other than heavy winter clothing and really baggy suits. I could be way off but from the one pic that is the way it looks, to me. If you look at the how you carry pics thread you will see most everyones gun is snug up against them. That is how a good concealed holster should hold your gun.
    In answer to your question yes you want your measurements taken while wearing the gun. The suit can then be made to help you conceal much better and be more comfortable to wear than an off the rack suit. Mens wearhouse suits are as good as the brand or designer you pick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    What's a suit?

    Does my Nehru jacket and plaid bellbottoms count?
    Sure, if you carry a Walther PPK, wear thick horn-rimmed glasses, and say, "Yeah, baby, YEAH!"

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