I think the best response possible here would be to publish the entire papers staffs home addresses, and phone numbers. I would omit anyone of the people who worked for them that had already had thier name published.

In Texas you can find out if someone has a CHL, the press did a jerk job on our politicians saying that since they were public officials the public had a right to know if they had CHL's.
Freedom of the press and freedom of information are fine when used with common sense, what legitimate purpose did printing the names of all those people have?

They mentioned that some guns were recovered from deceased, Could they have simply notified the police of the deceased names who were still on the list in private and accomplished the same thing? Oh wait that would not further their political objectives. Yes, publish the staffs names and addresses, SEND THEM OUT IN A MASS MAILING TO ALL GUN OWNERS WHO WERE ON THE LIST THEY PUBLISHED.

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What is the use of requiring the permit holder to keep his gun concealed if they are then going allow the press to tell everyone that you have a gun? ..... If we all went around telling everyone that we were wearing a gun, the cops would haul us away for making threats to people or some other nonsense. ....The only way these idiots will stop is when the practice is made either totally illegal, or when enough people hit them where it hurts.
Exactly,, hurt them back, how? cant sue them, but you can publish their names as persons who are unfriendly to gun causes, in fact I bet less than 1/8th of 1% of gun forum people would mail them anything, but if they had their names out in the public with their addresses they would realize they were not "safe" from those they hurt. A series of letters explaining to them why we are not happy, addresses to the private home addresses would be the best way to accomplish that. Show them that it is not cool to have your personal info listed in public. In no way should anyone ever make threats, I dont think this statement is a threat,

"Since your name was not on the list of registered gun owners I think I can safely assume you are not armed. I certainly hope a criminal does not take advantage of this same information, but I would much rather he do it at your house than going into a house where he KNOWS FOR A FACT A GUN IS, because of your inconsiderate choice to advertise/inform the public who does and who does not have guns. "