CCW and Boy Scouts

CCW and Boy Scouts

This is a discussion on CCW and Boy Scouts within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Official Boy Scout policy is no firearms except at specific designated areas and times. It seems to me that there are times when CCW would ...

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Thread: CCW and Boy Scouts

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    CCW and Boy Scouts

    Official Boy Scout policy is no firearms except at specific designated areas and times.

    It seems to me that there are times when CCW would be wise on some outings such as backpacking, etc. Additionally, some troops (mine included) happen to meet in a not so good part of the world. Does overseeing the kids in the troop go beyond 1st aid and fire safety? I increasingly feel like it does...

    Any thoughts?

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    I was called on to take part in a large camporee this last October. To comply with the rules, I removed and broke down my pistol upon entering the Camp. But, I couldn't help but feel like this was another opportunity for a BG or nut-case to take advantage of an un-armed populace.

    If I was "out on the trail" with a group of Scouts, I'd follow the advice of another member here: ALWAYS CARRY, NEVER TELL.


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    As an Eagle Scout, and a former Scout Leader, this one would really make me struggle today. My prior experiences were when the "world" was a bit safer.

    I don't know what I'd do now, but the BSA Motto is "Be Prepared".
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    Pros and Cons?

    You feel responsibility for your troops. You want to be able to protect them to your best ability. Something about "Be Prepared"; no kidding.

    On the other hand, from what you say, carrying would be a direct flouting of the Scout rules and regulations. If it ever comes out you are carrying, you will be disciplined in some form or fashion. Some parent might even file some dipstick lawsuit for 'endangering' their child.

    Sounds to me like a personal and private decision. Somewhere along the line, you probably need to petition Scout HQ for a loosening of the carrying rules. Perhaps something along the lines of 'licensed carriers will not be deprived of their lawful rights'.

    I would suggest you also investigate other options, like the industrial (bear and predator) grade pepper spray, collapsible batons and a high grade cell phone with camera and text capabilities. Further, since this is the Boy Scouts, you might even do some training on tactical columns and defense tactics suitable for wild animals and perhaps applicable to human predators. What could it hurt?

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    Well said Rock n Glock. Given your position and the decision to carry, I think I would opt for deep concealment personally. Nobody needs to know, either. It would seem that carrying to defend kids on outings and for being involved in something like Scouts... Tough call.
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    Concealed means concealed

    I've said this before, but concealed means concealed, done correctly who is going to know you are carrying besides yourself. If you are not inviolation of any laws who's business is it that you are carrying. My old scout master used to take a weapon with him on all our camping trips. At that time there was no CCW in Kentucky. So concealed wasn't an option. None of us knew he had a pistol in either his vehicle or tent. It was several years later when I was out of the scouts that I found out he was armed.
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    I agree with some of the posts above. If I was entering a facility that required me to disarm, I would do so simply, and only, because it's the law that I do so. Other than that, its called concealed for a reason. I've never heard of a law that says you can't have a concealed weapon around children specifically without it stating the location, i.e. a school, city park, etc...

    I could care less what the Boy Scouts leadership thinks about it. They would never know unless the stuff hits the fan and by then I would be much happier that I have / had the weapon than I would be concerned over what they think about it. Besides, I would just give an interview to the news about how the boyscouts think I shouldn't have been armed when I saved the troops lives. See what that does for membership. jk Anyway, like I said, I go armed any time it's legal for me to do so.
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    being from mid-michigan myself, i would say carry, i know of the crazies that reside here

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    Concealed means Concealed and the Motto is Be Prepared.

    That about sums it up.

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    "Be Prepared"
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    "be prepared" is a good motto....thats why we do what we do here.
    Ask the scouts here in cincy area that were selling xmas trees last xmas and were robbed at gunpoint!! by some scumbags...the community outpouring was immense with people coming by to purchase more trees than they ever sold before or to just hang out to ensure there safety.
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    I am in process of applying for my CHP in VA and was wondering this same thing. I am active with my old boy scout troop, and was not sure of the rules regarding concealed carry as a scoutmaster (or assistant scoutmaster as my case may be) I feel it is similar to a church (there was a discussion about church carry on here recently) That you have the blessing of your scoutmaster. In my case...My scoutmaster is pretty left wing, so I don't see any kind of permission being granted.

    On the other many say on here, always carry, never tell. I probably could carry, and nobody would ever know until SHTF.

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    I don't think Scout meetings, campouts or Jamborees are high on many bad guys hit list. Paranoia must have some limits, don't you think?

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    When I was a Scout, Scoutmasters were allowed to carry when backpacking or camping, but not on Council owned property or events. We thought it odd at the time... you could defend the kids in the woods on the troop level, but not at a big get together like a Jamboree.

    Has that changed?

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    This may not be applicable, but when I volunteered at Girls State we collected every medicine a girl brought with them to Girls State. Every vitamin, every tylenol, as well as every prescription medicine. The girls could come to the nurses station to get them when they needed them. Since these girls were 17 years, I asked why we bothered with this. Turns out the policy is in place because at some Girls State somewhere a girl had tried to commit suicide with her roommates over the counter medicine. Apparently when you put kids in groups, they get into things and do things they might not do on their own.

    It is my guess that the scouts believe that the liklihood of a scout getting into something he shouldn't and hurting himself or others is greater than the liklihood of wildlife and bad guy attacks.

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