How Many of you Play this game?

How Many of you Play this game?

This is a discussion on How Many of you Play this game? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I asked this question on a different forum and decided to ask it here... So the other morning after dropping the wife off to teach ...

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Thread: How Many of you Play this game?

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    Question How Many of you Play this game?

    I asked this question on a different forum and decided to ask it here...

    So the other morning after dropping the wife off to teach school I had some free time on my hands before the auto parts store opened, and went to a fast food place for a sandwich.

    There was only one other person in the building and while siting and eating looking over the room I as usual play the "Whats wrong with this picture" and the "What if / what are my options" game.

    So how many of you play this game when out and about?
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    I try to sit with a view of the doors, front and kitchen minimum. I'm always checking out any movement. But then I did this before I carried.
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    Not ALL the time, but most everywhere. Always when in someplace new to me.
    I've 'played' it a Wally-World and have diffrent sceniro's in my head ....and don't 'go there' every trip, but always scanning my AOR and keeping myself "in the game".

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    I will do this wherever i'm at since i started carrying and that forced me to increase my awareness. I will ask my girlfriend, "what would you do" questions to help increase her awareness too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mustang00066 View Post
    I will do this wherever i'm at since i started carrying and that forced me to increase my awareness. I will ask my girlfriend, "what would you do" questions to help increase her awareness too.
    Ditto. It's even more fun with your (wife/girlfriend/buddy), so you can kick around different scenarios and possibilities you hadn't even thought of. I've been trying to get my girlfriend's situational awareness up this way.

    Maybe I'm just a bit ADHD, but I use mental "games" like this to keep myself focused all the time, rather I'm driving or running errands or working. Basically, to never let myself be condition white.

    When I'm driving, I like to test myself to see if I know the make, model, approximate year, and color of the car behind me or to either side of me, without having to look (practicing being a good witness). I also check my gauges and each mirror, in a sequence, about every 10-15 seconds. Yes it's a bit obsessive-compulsive, but I developed these habits years ago and I see no reason to change them - I've never caused an accident, and have avoided a few.

    Walking around in public I've tried to train myself to always look at someone's hands before their face, sit in corners where I can see the doors, avoid groups of "shady"'s if at all possible, always scope out ATM's and etc... throughly before approaching, etc... All are good habits to have, within a sane limit.

    Sorry for the long post, got a bit carried away. Good thread, though.

    Pete Zaria.
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    lol everywhere and anywhere.
    i catch myself looking for best places for cover and best/worse case serario. found out some of my cc friends think the same stuff. It made the balloon races a little more interesting
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    I learned a long time ago that having good ground is important. With that in mind, in places like restaurants, I always pick the area where the hostess takes us, and then my wife knows I take the lead on picking where I sit. Then, I pretty much relax, but do keep my eyes and ears tuned for anything out of the ordinary.

    In terms of scenarios, I find myself doing that mainly when in a large group setting such as church, speculating on where a threat would most likely appear and how I could engage using cover.

    I don't allow this to interfere with my enjoyment of the moment, but do feel much more relaxed when I'm in touch with my surroundings from a security perspective. My belief is that this is a responsibility that comes with carry, just as defensive driving is a responsibility that comes with the drivers license.
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    My brother in Law (Leo) and wife always race for the same seat when we go out to eat. Kinda funny. I am new to the carry thing and I don't mind have my back to the crowd as much as it bothers her. (try to avoid it though) but I am always using my ears and looking around, at/into reflections off the windows, anything I can. We set up code words when we first started dating and add new words over the years being together.

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    Sure, it's fun to play that game. I think it keeps your mind alert as long as you don't start seeing boogie men in the dark corners everywhere.

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    And I thought I was the only nut that played this game
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon J View Post
    I asked this question on a different forum and decided to ask it here...
    Soooooooo, we are your second choice?

    I don't play the game yet only because I have not had sufficient tactical training to know exactly what to do.
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    I am always in this mode when out, while at restaurants I like to sit where I can see the doors and my surroundings, I thinks it becomes natural when you are carrying.
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    I played at one time, but stopped because I got bored.... I always won.
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    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    I have always played the game since I am a small young female. My dad who was a cop taught me the game when I was really young. I have played the game with my boyfriend, however, we do compete for the seat that looks at the doors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I played at one time, but stopped because I got bored.... I always won.

    Well I would HOPE so!!!!

    Do me a favor, when you start losing send me your guns. I'll be taking out an insurance policy as well.
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