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Do You Tell Your Kids That You Carry?

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Thread: Do You Tell Your Kids That You Carry?

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    If it's nothing special, they'll think nothing of it.
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    I feel this way too. Last night I took my 8yo to Radio shack to get some stuff for a project. In the middle of a group of 4 people, he looks at me and says "Dad, did you bring your gun?"
    No son were gonna have to pay this time
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    My 11 y/o brother lives with me. He knows I carry, but he also knows to keep his mouth shut about it. I personally wouldn't tell them until they are at an ago to know when to say certain things and when not to. It also keeps the curiosity down. Of course, now that he is older, I have a gunvault next to the bed and a gun safe for the weapons that I don't carry regularly.

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    I told my seeven year old yesterday; when he asked why I did not come into the school building to get him after school. I explained that I was carrying my gun and that the rules say that I can not enter the school. I also said that my carrying is not something we need to tell people. My exact words were "We do not need to tell people that Daddy carrys a concealed gun." His response was "Ok!" Then later "Why, do yo carry a gun?" I said "because I can."

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    No son were gonna have to pay this time

    there goes the milk out my nose...

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    I only tell those that absolutely must know.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    For me it was easy. I have always carried in their presence, I carry for their protection and they always understood that a firearm was like underwear. I always wear it but that is not anybody else's business. It worked for me for the past ten years and as far as I can tell they have said nothing to anybody. In fact, a few weeks ago while carrying in groceries my cover garment was swept back and my son's friend who was shooting hoops with him at the time saw. He immediately said, "Oh man a gun!" My son cooly replied, "No stupid that's a PDA." He just turned 12.
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    Absolutely I tell them. My 19 year old daughter wants her permit at 21.

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    I"ve been carrying for little over a year now. my 11 year old has known that I carry and my wife (his stepmom) since we took our class together, and not a word said to anyone. I started teaching and shooting with him when he turned 9. We sat him down and explained how important it was that it was kept a secret, how it is nobody's business. He did at first ask if he could or if I told friends of ours and of course the answer was no. After a short period of new'ness (about a month I guess) in the home it has become something that isn't talked about.

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    Both of my boys (age 15 and 21) know I carry. I try to do it in a fashion that it becomes a non issue.

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    I am to ccw as well. Have being around from bb guns to shooting at west point with the cadets so I was never a issue for me growing up. I have 3 kids girl 8,boy 7 newborn 8 months. The 7 yr old is sharp as a tackand doesn't miss a beat. He knew I got my CCW so I took him with me to the gun store to purchase my first firearm. Glock 26. There is no safe place including inside a safe from him. So I explianed that the saleman will check it to be empty and Daddy will recheck it and if you want to see Daddy will let you see it. Sure enough he looked at it and that was basically the end of it. I then had a family meeting and watched Eddie Eagle,then sat down with both kids and explained it was a "family secret" like we don't give out info on the family to strangers, or even grandma, or your cousins.So far the have kept it on the down low. I told himif he wants to see it just ask and I will unload it and let you play with it. I plan on leaving it unloaded and in a place for my 7 yr old to find it to see his reaction when he eyeballs it.

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    My daughter is 22 months old. I have been carrying prior to her birth. I rarely wear my cover garment in the house and she consequently sees the weapon on a daily basis. She is generally oblivious to it, but she will on occasion point at it and babble.

    I don’t agree with the people who think it should be kept secret from their kids. Do you keep the fact that you are registered to vote a secret? Having a concealed weapon license is just as normal as having a voter registration card. It should not be kept under a cloak of secrecy.

    Part of our responsibility of parents is to teach our children how very important our rights are. A part of teaching this is to normalize it. This is hard to do when it is kept a secret to start with. It is better to introduce your children to this at an early age, and teach them that it is a normal part of every day life.
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    I have two boys-13 and 9. They both know I carry. It's pretty much a non-issue with my 13 yo, but my younger son sometimes walks up and acts like he's gonna hug me in a store and says, "Have you got it on?" I just squat and remind him its not for anyone else to know. I've had long good discussions on why I carry (to protect me, my wife and them). Then they start running scenarios at me like--'Would you use it to stop some shoplifter?" I remind them, I am not a LEO. The shoplifter does not need to know I carry.

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    My kids have never not known. I guess it just never occurs to them to say anything. I put it on when I get up, and put it back in the dresser when I lie down. I wear it to watch TV, or mow the yard, or play Old Maid with them, and even sometimes when I nap. They give it no more thought than they do my shoes or shirt. They wouldn't know me if it wasn't there. OTOH, the fact that they are home-schooled probably had a lot to do with their dispositions. Public schooled kids have different, unknown and uncontroled influences that I haven't have to address.

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    8 YO daughter, 6 YO son and 40 YO wife. None of them know that I carry, all the time. It takes discipline, and is perhaps a bit sneaky, but the wife hates guns and the kids will talk.

    I do not want to be the "gun guy" in the neighborhood, and have any potential impact on my kids social lives.

    I train diligently (also quietly), and if there is a need to protect my family I am ready, but I do not wish for anyone to know of the choices I make.

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