What about firearms and private planes?

What about firearms and private planes?

This is a discussion on What about firearms and private planes? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had some interesting firearm discussions with a consultant my company uses. He has a private plane in Texas that he sometimes uses to come ...

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Thread: What about firearms and private planes?

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    What about firearms and private planes?

    I had some interesting firearm discussions with a consultant my company uses. He has a private plane in Texas that he sometimes uses to come to Northern Virginia and sometimes uses for other travel out of Texas. He also does some work with the Air Force Reserve and the Civil Air Patrol. I know he can't and won't take firearms onto a miltary base, but what about other things that are generally considered weapons?

    Flying long distances (or any distance, in my opinion!) means you should have certain normally prohibited items in your survival gear. He has a small ax or hatchet, knives, etc. But what are the rules and potential consequences when he lands at an airport? Soon as he lands he's within the secure area. How do you declare that you have a weapon and to whom? And if the state you land in doesn't have a reciprocity agreement with the state you have your permit in, how do you get your stuff out to the rental car?

    It's just easier, I guess to be poor enough not to have my own plane sometimes! ;-) Anyone have any relevant experience or know someone who's been through this?
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    I am no expert at all but, have the notion that guns in the plane - that stay in the plane - are immune - as if in your house.

    If they were to be removed to take outside of the airport environs then all state laws would come into play.

    Interesting - to hear the actual skinny on this from someone flying.


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    Let me say that as a private pilot I have never encountered any security per se at any municipal airport. I carry CCW whenever I board my plane in North Las Vegas. IMO if you arrive at an airport where you are unsure of the CCW laws would be to leave your firearm in the aircraft. I would not land at any large international airports, instead find a small municipal airport and land there. I can virtually promise that there will be no security check-points for transient parking.
    I always have my survival pack loaded with food, water, extra ammo, magazines, etc, etc. on the airplane with me and that's where it always stays when I land somewhere.
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    A friend of mine flew from Mesa, Arizona (where I live) to Prescott, Arizona (where there's a great gunshop, in his private plane. We took a cab from the airport to the gunshop, bought two AK-47s, two SKSs and a Makarov, four of the big tins of ammunition and some miscellaneous items. We then called the cab to come back and pick us up, loaded it all into the trunk and back to the airport we went. We handed all of the stuff over the fence, loading it right into the plane and went inside to eat before flying back. Nobody said anything or, even though there were alot of people around, paid us any attention. Makes me love Arizona all the more....
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    cackle, cackle <-- tanksoldier as he imagines cabbie's face watching the loading (in Arab accent: "Mista, I tell you, only carry $50 change... OK?")
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    Most airports will have a secure area if they have commercial airline service. This area is only for the airlines and is off limit to private planes and general aviation. The general aviation ramp is usually seperate and away from the commercial terminal. The G.A. ramp will also usually have its own small terminal and be serviced by a F.B.O. (Fixed Base Operator). These is the place thet sells the fuel, parks the planes in hangers, usually has a aircraft mechanic on duty, etc. There is nothing secure about the G.A. ramp at any airport I have been to. To the best of my knowledge you need to follow local firearm laws where the airport is located.

    Keep in mind the info is free. So that may be all it is worth.
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