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Got pulled over by a rookie today

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Thread: Got pulled over by a rookie today

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    I see no reason for disarming you.
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    I have been stopped twice since I have had my concealed carry permit. Once by El Paso police and once by a Texas state trooper. Both times I presented my concealed carry card along with my driver's license as required in Texas. Both times I was simply asked "Are you carrying?". I answered yes. I was handed my concealed carry permit back and the officer moved to their car to run my driver's license. Nothing further was said during the stop about me being armed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supertac45 View Post
    I see no reason for disarming you.
    I don't see any reason for it, either, but it is the officer's prerogative.

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    So by disarming you, does the LEO become responsible for your safety ?

    I got pulled over once for "suspected DWI" and told the LEO that I had a gun in the car (completely legal, and I don't even drink). I was disarmed then, at gunpoint, cuffed and detained for 3 hours, 4 cruisers on scene. You think I'll ever declare when not legally required ?!?

    Also, I am not sure that I trust a LEO to properly handle my pistol. I don't want ANYONE on the side of the road duffing around with an unfamiliar gun. Not saying that all police are incompetent, just not familiar with every weapon out there.

    I'd be pissed about the bag of bullets too... Ok so now I'm okay to carry a gun, but can not have it loaded. Is there any legal standing for not dropping one in the pipe and reloading your mag? Or just stuffing in the spare mag ASAP?

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    I wish I knew how to get into this without making anyone mad. I don't, so I hope that you all consider that I'm not trying to be inflammatory, just post my views on the topic.

    I am not a LEO. (Though I am considering a career change that would change that.) I am a CCW holder. (And even if I do become a LEO in the future, that fact will remain true because I believe it is important to have as many permits in circulation as possible for reasons not related to this topic.) I went through the Mickey Mouse class you have to take in Oklahoma. I went through the background check. I submitted my fingerprints. And more importantly I know I am one of the good guys. On top of that, I have a deep respect for LEOs. I grew up in a police station- there is a very real chance I've spent more time in police stations than many of the LEOs on this forum. (My mom was a detective and crime scene investigator for much of my youth- then she went back on the street when I got older.) There is no chance that I would ever do anything to harm any LEO.

    That said, I believe that if I come into contact with any law enforcement officer they would be insane to believe that I pose no threat. When I hand them my permit and tell them that I am armed they know two things about me. One, I have a gun. Two, I haven't ever been caught doing anything too bad. Sorry, but that shouldn't be enough to convince anyone that I am not a threat. I know plenty of people that have passed background checks that are total lunatics. When I was in the Marine Corps, everyone in my unit had to have at least a secret security clearance. Trust me, there were plenty of them that LEOs should have been very worried about if they were to come into contact with them, whether they had a weapon or not.

    Now, would I like it if a police officer decided to put me over the hood because I had a pistol on my person? Nope, I wouldn't like it one bit. But, I'd much rather go through that than have a police officer feeling nervous because I had a gun but he was afraid to offend me by doing what he thought was necessary. I have been asked to disarm. I even had one nice officer ask me to hand him the gun. (After suggesting that he remove it from me he agreed that would be the better option.) Sorry, but LEOs come face to face with some really bad people on a regular basis. While those of us with CCW permits do all we can to avoid trouble they go out and look for it on a daily basis. If they feel it is in their best interest to be in possession of my weapon during a stop, then I fully agree with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flagflyfish View Post
    Nope, a really cute brunette, I wonder what I have to do to get frisked?

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    I've seen several posts that emphasize that disarming a permit holder during a traffic stop is legal and that LEOs have such authority. I am pleased that LE folks have this authority for use when needed. However, I'll not agree that it is wise to do so during what is a routine traffic stop where the driver has not exhibited behavior out of the ordinary.

    Like my wife keeps telling me, "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should!"
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    I read the original post and a few of the many replies, but I don't
    have time to read all of I'll add my two cents here.

    I don't believe she had any reason to disarm you. You may think it
    was professional, but I don't. What if you were a certified LEO.
    Would she have disarmed you then?

    We in New Mexico, in order to get a Concealed Carry Weapon license,
    must give two (2) sets of fingerprints. One for the New Mexico State
    Department of Public Safety and on for the FBI. Both agencies then do
    a background check.

    Why would some LEO's still consider us to be second class citizens?

    Yesterday I ran into an El Paso, Texas LEO who didn't know how
    to open the action of a double action revolver to check if it was
    loaded. That gun is my primary concealed carry weapon. I can see
    a safety issue if an LEO who is not familiar with such a gun chooses
    to disarm me when I am carrying it.

    I would resent being disarmed and told "don't reload it yet." I might
    tell such an LEO's superior about the incident, but my report for sure would not be a glowing complement.

    I have been stopped twice in Texas for traffic violations. When I told
    both officers that I had a CCW and was armed, both officers told me
    to leave the weapon where it was. Neither wanted to see the gun and
    neither wanted to disarm me.

    I consider both of them to have been professional officers.

    I'm glad I live in the southwest!

    The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AEA View Post
    She needs retraining.......
    She had no valid reason to disarm you.

    I agree with AEA sounds like the officer had no reason to disarm you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhbry232 View Post
    I don't understand. As a licensed concealed carrier, I have to identify myself to an officer while sitting in my car where it is legal to have a weapon. However, somone who does not posess a weapon permit can still have a weapon legally in his car and does not have to inform anyone. I'm proven to be a good citizen and nobody knows squat about the other guy! Seems bass ackward and totally irrational to me!
    That's how it is in Texas too. I don't mind disclosing it to LEO's, but I think that everybody (CCW holders or not) should be bound by the same rules.

    I have had mostly good experiences in Texas informing LEO's. In fact, it's saved me from getting a few tickets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluelineman View Post
    That's how it is in Texas too. I don't mind disclosing it to LEO's, but I think that everybody (CCW holders or not) should be bound by the same rules.

    I have had mostly good experiences in Texas informing LEO's. In fact, it's saved me from getting a few tickets.
    I don't think it's your CCW that 'may' keep you from getting a ticket, I believe it's your attitude...OMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I don't think it's your CCW that 'may' keep you from getting a ticket, I believe it's your attitude...OMO
    True. I am always very polite & respectful, have both hands on the wheel, dome light on, DL & CHL in hand, (tinted) windows down, radio off.

    I've known & ridden with cops since I was a kid (uncle 30+ yrs on big PD in DFW). I know the bad stuff & rude people they have to deal with. I don't need to make it any worse. It usually comes out in my favor too.

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    Also remember, that since she is in training, she was probably taught to disarm CHL holder's in a traffic stop, at the academy. I'm sure the FTO, probably made some comments to her regarding the stop, and that she should use discretion about disarming, in the future. Her superior was probably glad she didn't freak out when confronted with this new situation.

    It is the LEO's discretion to disarm you if they wish, and there really isn't much you can do about it, so why let it bother you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluelineman View Post
    True. I am always very polite & respectful, have both hands on the wheel, dome light on, DL & CHL in hand, (tinted) windows down, radio off.

    I think that's simply great advice. LEO's I've known/encountered have always appreciated a guy who's made it as clear as possible right up front that he's not a threat. Since my oldes kids are just now starting to drive, I'm trying to impress on them that same level of consideration.

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    For cryin' out loud.....

    1. She didn't "throw me over the hood".......

    2. Bullets in a baggie? Not a big deal to me, once clear I reached back and retrieved my pistol, slammed home a new mag and dropped the slide. pretty easy....

    3. I gave her no reason to disarm me, but she opted to. Again, no big deal to me, what am I gonna do, tell her no?

    4. the reason that I called her superior was because she didn't yell "GUN" and start jumpin' around like her head was on fire and her butt was catchin'... (like we see in Cops) That is worth a compliment in my way of thinking!

    5.She handled the whole situation with a cool head, didn't get twitchy, weird, or beligerent, just took care of business as she saw best with the info she had.

    A lot of times it's easier to see the bad side of any given situation, to make the call to complain than it is to look at it under a different light and compliment on the things well done. The latter is also more productive.........

    Do I feel that I did anything wrong?....... Nope, but I guess you had to be there...
    "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier
    and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the
    service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the
    love and thanks of man and woman."

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