Need Help on Conceal and Carry

This is a discussion on Need Help on Conceal and Carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a friend who is in the process of getting his conceal and carry permit. He is having a hard time with how to ...

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Thread: Need Help on Conceal and Carry

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    Need Help on Conceal and Carry

    I have a friend who is in the process of getting his conceal and carry permit. He is having a hard time with how to carry, everything I suggest he does not like.

    He is 6'1", 260. Dresses in starched wranglers, cowboy boots and button down western shirts, always tucked in. OWB or IWB is not functionable with his work attire. How would you suggest he carries?
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    What kind of weapon is he trying to carry?

    He may have to alter his dress code slightly, carrying is all about compromise
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    I am similar in size and dress. Taurus PT-145 in Crossbreed Super Tuck IWB works great for me. If he is not open to IWB at all he may have to be creative. I have also used the Under Cover Comfort shirt holster with a XD 45 and it worked well. He may have to wear slightly looser pants and / or shirt depending on how he dresses.

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    Sounds like he could add a leather vest and carry OWB without really changing his dress
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    Quote Originally Posted by scott Laird View Post
    He is 6'1", 260. Dresses in starched wranglers, cowboy boots and button down western shirts, always tucked in. OWB or IWB is not functionable with his work attire. How would you suggest he carries?
    It sounds like your friend wears clothing that fits closely to his body. You have ruled out belt carry entirely, either IWB or OWB, when you say it will not function with his work attire. It would seem that we are down to a small gun carried either in the pocket, on the ankle, or in a belly band.

    As for pocket carry, if his starched wranglers are snug, the gun may well cause a visible bulge. Pocket carry works best with looser fitting pants in dark colors, such as black Dockers or the like. The belly band with a slim gun might work under his western shirt if the shirt is not too snug. I have a Walther PPK .380 that is very flat (0.80 to 0.90 inches thick) and works in a belly band if you can become accustomed to having something elastic and snug around your middle. It is a slow draw, as you have to unbutton a button on the shirt to get at the gun.

    Ankle carry might work best, given that he wears cowboy boots. A slim gun and the right ankle holster might conceal fairly well, with the muzzle of the gun down in the boot and the grip peeking out from the top of the boot, with everything covered by his Wranglers. Again something like a Walther PPK or similar thin gun with "2 finger" grip would fit best.

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    I dress just like he does. I am 5'8" and 215. I carry a Springfield XD9sc in a Tucker Texas Heratige at 2:45, with my shirt tucked in.

    I wear my jeans one size larger then I might otherwise (except that if I wore the size my wife thinks I should wear I would get real uncomfortable when riding my horse) and my shirts are 'comfy.'

    I sometimes carry a J frame snubbie in my pocket in a Nemisis pocket holster or in a tuckable rig so that the handle is right under my belt buckle.

    He will have to make some adjustments or find a mouse gun that he likes.


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    Do they make a Western man purse?
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    5'9, 190, and exactly the same style attire. I also wear a light or maybe a heavy sport coat (depending on weather) or sometime a hunting style vest to cover a full size HighPower often with a Fobus paddle hoster. All that works great for me and is very non-telling and confortable as well. Let us know what he does!
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    I would say that he needs to put more effort into trying to find a method of carry to fit his fashion statement.

    Or, modify his dress code to work with the realities of carrying a concealed weapon.

    Or, forget about ccw... it's obviously not for him and tell him to wear a big heavy belt buckle that he can whip off quickly and beat his assailants with.

    There are usually ways to get it to work regardless how you dress... however, there comes a point where sometimes, one has to compromise. Even if it's just a weeee little bit.

    Usually, most find that they can't pack a gun and wear a speedo body suit and yet they demand that they still be able to wear a speedo body suit.

    Still, others can wear the body suit and still find some place to stick the gun, but it makes them walk funny.

    Basically, keep trying to find something that works, or compromise. Or give up the gun.

    JMHO... YMMV
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    There is always the fanny pack or one of the smaller cases that look like a camera case on the belt. I use a Merlin gun pack and can carry a full sized 1911 and two spare mags in it. Because of its shape and design, it actually looks too small to be able to conceal a gun. I've used mine in the summer down here for about 5 years now. Just about ready to go get a new one, because I've put mine through the ringer.

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    I am 5'10/195 and wear jeans and button down shirts daily. Granted the jeans aren't starched Wranglers but my shirts are not baggy in the least and I can conceal a 4" 1911 at 3-3:30 in a Crossbreed supertuck deluxe. If he gets the thinnest gun he can, he should be able to wear a tuckable IWB in his current size jeans. Something along the lines of a 1911 or maybe a Walther PPS. IMO I believe he will be able to carry comfortably without altering his wardrobe by picking the right gun and holster.

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    He'll have to do some trail and error to see what works for him. Perhaps a trip to the local gun shop that has a good stock of holsters and guns he can try on for size and style of carry. If he can't find something that he can belt carry, then perhaps a small auto like a Keltec in a pocket will work for him. He might have to alter his style a bit, perhaps add a vest as a cover garment, if he decides to belt carry and can't carry tucked. I carry my Keltec in my pocket, when I can't wear a cover garment or untucked shirt. I don't care for tucked carry. Somewhere there is the right gun and holster combo to suit him.

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    i guess im lucky that i prefer loose clothing.

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    +1 on the keltec if he is not willing to change dress code. also +1 for adding a leather vest. He'll still be a cowboy and now he will be able to comfortably carry whatever size gun he wants.

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