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What to do when you number 2?

This is a discussion on What to do when you number 2? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Most stalls I go in have that toilet paper dispenser roll thinngy. Usually its big enough to set everything I need to on it....

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Thread: What to do when you number 2?

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    Most stalls I go in have that toilet paper dispenser roll thinngy. Usually its big enough to set everything I need to on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STORM TROOPER View Post
    ......inards go gurgle and your spincter seals up tighter than a submarine door,emergencies happen.What do Y'all do about your rig,..........
    As a submariner AND as an armed "pooper", lemme 'excrete' a little of my past experience for your 'digestion'........least we loose 'poop-tight integrity' and the 'general alarm' sounds.
    Stuff happens, and when the "gurgle-gut" begins I make haste. Now, especially in an 'emergency situation', time and distence are key and dictate how much 'care' is taken behind closed (stall) doors. Most often, reguardless of the gut-pain I may be in, I'll close said stall door, address the great white round one while unbuckeling, and either place my sidearm on the oversized TP dispenser OR tuck it under my left armpit. I always use judgement when placing a firearm somewhere off my person, and the proximity of my sidearm WRT the porcelain goddess is calculated into this equation......don't want to feed the 'round-wet fileing cabinet' my EDC while completing the required administrative paperwork.
    I carry IWB most of the time. It's a simple, quick evolution to place the sidearm underneath my left armpit while on-site business is/must be conducted. This, by far, is my perfered method of securing my EDC.

    I have NEVER used the coat hooks on a stall door and STRONGLY recommend NOT applying that option. In the throws of relief after voiding your colon, a ND will occur due to the 'lightened' senses of your said relief while retriving your weapon. The ONLY object placed in the trigger guard is YOUR booger hook and NOTHING else! A round discharging will, in the least, raise the 'pungent state' of the immidiate area and get you a ride downtown for more admin paperwork.

    Now, if for whatever reason, the above two options arn't availiable to me.....I simply unholster and place my sidearm in the 'basket' of my britches while down in the 'ankle' position.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have no advice, but I am amused at how often this actually comes up...
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    I take the gun out of the holster and place on the tank while I drop my pants......However if there is no tank I just hold it while I drop. After there down I just place the gun back in my pants so is covered. My holster is an IWB so Im not really to conserned about people seeing an empty holster and getting worried........most probably wont know what their looking at.
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    The gun NEVER leaves my body...that's how they get left behind! I simply place it in my pants pocket temporarily...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
    I have no advice, but I am amused at how often this actually comes up...
    Ummmm yeah...


    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    Not to sound like a jerk, but this topic had been discussed in detail, to death.

    I've found 8 Threads on the subject, and I will post links to them in this thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    I take that back, seven threads, but that was just searching for "Rest Room" I'm almost positive that there may be more.

    What do you do??

    ccw and use of public restrooms

    Bathroom 1911

    What do you do when . . .

    What is the best way?

    Awkward concealed carry question

    Public CCW exposure question

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