So are you going to let us in on your secrets? Us young guys can use all the help we can get.
A1C - hard to describe all my ''ploys'' really, cos I just do them! Let me mention one or two anyways that come to mind - assuming that I have vest or longish open shirt - really I guess these are essentially the ones I use, just with variations - and nothing very secret or special about them either.

1) Elbow against gun - presses it into ribs - good for security when windy and reaffirms gun's presence, lest it was forgotten in bathroom!!

2) With right arm hanging, use finger tips to make contact with hem of cover garment - can even be covered up as a scratch to the thigh or go further and put thumb or hand in pocket - thus checking the ''hang''.

3) The noncholant pull-up of pants - hands go to front, thumbs under belt and ''adjust'' - while so doing use right hand pinkie to assess garment edge presence and if necessary include adjustment.

4) The shoe lace check - lift foot as if to check shoe lace or something about shoe - and during that move include garment position check.

Main thing is - make an every day innocent manouver be used to include the check for good concealment - purely really a case of being slightly inventive and sneaky!