1911 safety knocked to "off".

This is a discussion on 1911 safety knocked to "off". within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Has anyone here who carries a 1911 or other pistol with a similar safety ever come home at the end of the day and found ...

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Thread: 1911 safety knocked to "off".

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    1911 safety knocked to "off".

    Has anyone here who carries a 1911 or other pistol with a similar safety ever come home at the end of the day and found that the safety had been inadvertantly disengaged? Was it a normal safety or an ambidextrous safety?
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    Short answer, "No." But if it did, I would get:
    and probably get a new plunger spring & pin set. Be careful.....

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    Neither of my 1911's that I carry have ever had the safety come off while carrying. Probably is partially due to the holster I use having some leather that goes up to the back of the gun, and the safety makes a nice indent into the leather that helps keep it in place.

    Mine have the normal safety.

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    Sounds like a seriously weak detent and/or a major point contact problem in the rig. I'd not be happy with that!
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    +1 to Chris. Need to have that pistola looked at by a 'smith.
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    Post Safety

    If you safety wipes to off safe during carry then I would not carry that pistol until the problem was corrected with the pistol or you purchase a different holster. Your pistol safety should have a very postive click off safe.
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    Nope. I've never seen that trick first hand, but I have read of it happening. The good news is that you still have to depress both the trigger and the grip safety to make noise, but as others have suggested, I'd have it looked at.


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    Never had that problem with my BHP.
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    Nope never had it happen i would check Rig interfearance then see about replacing detent springs

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    I had this problem with my S/A 1911 Loaded, using a cheap holster. Most of the loaded models have a extended thumb safety. The extra length of the safety will add some leverage making it easier to click "off" while moving in the holster, or the safety will sweep "off" while drawing the weapon.

    My fix was to get a quality holster. Plan B would have been to install a standard length thumb safety. I do watch for this problem with any holsters I use.
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    Both of my SA and my Colt have standard (non Combat????sillys safetys) installed. The big safety is one of the items that do not need to be on a combat/self defense gun IMO. Same thing for ambis. If I were a lefty, the left side safety of the ambi would be smooth.
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    KC135 is correct. Good advise from all. I suspect interference from the rig is the first thing to look at, if safety click is positive.
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    Never been a problem. Most of my 1911s have a single side Chip McCormick extended safety, all the ones for carry do anyway.

    I have one with an Ed Brown(?) gas pedal sized safety (found in a drawer somewhere) and another with the pinned ambi safety from Kimber, but I dont carry them.

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    Nope, never have. I believe my holster design would also help prevents it from happening even if there might be a malfunction.
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    damn, my father carries a kimber pro carry and it has a thumb safety so hard sometimes I worry about him if he had to disengage it.
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