Love those small town LEO's

Love those small town LEO's

This is a discussion on Love those small town LEO's within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My buddy's wife hit a deer yesterday with their jeep. He called me up about five minutes after it happened and asked if he was ...

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Thread: Love those small town LEO's

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    Love those small town LEO's

    My buddy's wife hit a deer yesterday with their jeep. He called me up about five minutes after it happened and asked if he was allowed to try and salvage any of the venison. I told him Michigan law allows you to do that with deer, but you have to file a police report and get a tag from the officer for the deer. He tells me the State boys are already on their way, and asked if I could meet him at his house to help him butcher anything we could save.

    Expecting to get a backstrap or two out of the deal, I headed over. As I pulled into his driveway, the state trooper's car is still there, so I park off to the side and get out. My buddy hasn't made it home from work yet, and his wife is outside talking with the officer about the remoteness of the area (Northern Michigan can be pretty desolate in some areas). I join in the convo while we wait for my friend so we can go locate the deer, get the tag, and hopefully get some of the meat off it.

    When my friend gets home, he goes and talks to his wife, makes sure she is okay (Its only been about 45 minutes since she nailed the thing) and tells me to hop in his car so we can follow the trooper out to the deer (a couple of miles from his house). At this point, since I will be leaving his property, and since dragging a deer might reveal my gun, I do the proper (and legal duty in Michigan) thing, and inform the officer that I have a license to carry a concealed pistol and that I am currently armed. I told him I wanted to tell him there in the driveway in case the wind or the dragging made my gun visible. I started to offer to leave it in my vehicle if it would make him more comfortable, and he stops me mid sentence and asked what I was carrying.

    We talked for a minute about my new XD-9 while my friend finished up with wife and we headed out. I chuckled to myself, but thought that he was really cool about it.

    When we get out there, he asked my friend for his DL so he could right up the deer tag, and my buddy starts to tell him that he has a CPL, but the officer stops him mid sentence and says, and I quote, "Hey, as long as you guys are legal, I don't really care, but thanks for letting me know."

    Long story short, we saved about half the deer (a small doe), butchered it up, ate some fresh backstraps, and had a good laugh about our local state trooper who didn't think twice about a couple of legally armed guys from Northern Michigan.

    On a side note: His wife had to rub it in our faces, that neither of us got a deer last season, so she had to go out and do it herself. Ah-well.... November can't come soon enough.
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    Being from a small town, I can relate. It's one of the primary reasons I love small town America and hope that when I do leave this god forsaking state, I find a town just like it in a free state.
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    Growing up in a very small town in rural Indiana, I understand exactly what you are talking about. I miss it and hope to return to that way of life someday.
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    i wish i lived in a town like that.

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    That is exactly why I moved from California to Idaho 8 years ago, Small town life for my kids to grow up in.
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    I used to live in the boonies in what was a little town then called Prescott AZ. This was about 13 years ago, and boy I loved it. Now Tucson, Phx, and Prescott are nearly one big super city. Scary.

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    Hmm..that must have been nice..

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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    Fresh Backstrap......
    A cool Trooper,
    A smartalck wife killing more deer than ya'll
    That's an entertaining story

    Are ya'll Yuppers?

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    Sounds like a great encounter...

    We used to live in the U.P. for several years. The small towns were great, the open land was everywhere, and the 'Troopers' we always recognized as professional, reasonable, and very physically fit (you'll never see a fat trooper) gotta love da' U P...
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    Winters up here can take some patience, but foreveryoung is right. A while back, I took a new pistol to the Otsego County Sheriff for registration, and couple of the Deputies and got into a conversation on the merits of the pistol (CZ P01) and why I liked 9mm rather than someting bigger, etc.

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    Kinda off topic, but i travel a bunch and love to listen to people from the big cities saying how over populated we are, when in area of TN, KY, MS, MO and AR, you can sometimes drive down a main hwy and not see a store or even a house for hours. I have almost ran out of gas before finding a station.
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    The Chief of Police in one of the local communities was my CCW instructor.

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    The U.P. of Michigan is one of the most beautiful places in this country I've visited.
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    Thats why I like my small town, I know just about eveyone
    good and bad.
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    Mmmmmmm....... Backstrap!

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