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AntiGun passing flyers at FL Airports

This is a discussion on AntiGun passing flyers at FL Airports within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; typical disortion and twisting of the truth to try and scare folks into more gun restrictions....

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Thread: AntiGun passing flyers at FL Airports

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    typical disortion and twisting of the truth to try and scare folks into more gun restrictions.

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    Down here,more guns are being sold than ever,more ammo is being bought than ever,more CCW permits are being applied for(up 30%),and more shooter training classes are being taught. I have had a 50(or so) % increase in my requests for my military dependents CCW class. My local and simi-local gunshops have told me that people are ordering ammo by the case(s). THANKS BRADY BUNCH !! (hehehehehehehe) ----------

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    Yup! You got to watch that Florida bunch. Why, every time they come up with one of these stupid laws that will get 90% of the population killed in cold blood, the damn crime rate goes DOWN. What ARE these idiots thinking?

    I have a comment about the Brady group, but I want to stay on this board..........
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    Thanks guys. It is our duty to spread the word and correct the misinformation that our less-than-honorable oponents give away and to do so in a calm and polite manner even when we feel the urge to scream our heads out or risk our jobs.
    I tried to do the same using the letters to the editor, but I given up in that area. Newspapers have the game rigged to favor their political views and rather see their sales plummet than represent publish the feelings of their readers. I even had a letter edited to change its meaning in favor of gun control and published afterwards.

    So, what we have left is the Net with places like this and good old grassroots by talking to people one on one. It is tiresome, but I think effective. I specially like it when you are done talking to somebody and they ask themselves why did the press lie about the issue. You can see that their trust for the Media has gone out the window and maybe next time they will not accept what's on the news so readily.
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    I think it's just swell that they've found something for the Brady kids to do, and it's better than staying at home weeping over the fact that people are permitted to defend themselves. They should send as many of them as they can muster to airports and bus terminals around the country asking people to be polite to one another. Hell, they could join up with the krishna's and dress real cool, bring the tamborines and make a show out of it. I'd toss a quarter into the hat to see that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euclidean
    This honestly reminds me of PETA passing out buckets of blood to children at KFC and McDonald's. Reprehensible and unidignified come to mind.
    I agree, but I must admit that I love this new even wackier direction that Brady is going.

    Every "fence sitter" I've shown the Brady Florida flier to has had the same reaction we have.

    Brady is doing a good job marginalizing themselves and their cause ... forgive me for the schadenfreude but I'm enjoying watching the implosion.

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