Considering revealing my carry status to relatives

This is a discussion on Considering revealing my carry status to relatives within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'll be meeting a cousin and his wife from out of state this weekend. I don't see their side of the family much, maybe once ...

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Thread: Considering revealing my carry status to relatives

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    Considering revealing my carry status to relatives

    I'll be meeting a cousin and his wife from out of state this weekend. I don't see their side of the family much, maybe once every 3-4 years. None of them believe in CCW (or self-defense, for that matter ), and none of that side of the family knows I carry. One of the cousins (not the one visiting) is a rabid anti. I may out myself just because I know it will make her squirm.

    I understand the arguments about not letting others know you carry. I usually follow that line, except for family and friends. I think I'll invite them out for dinner, spend several hours with them, bring them over to my house, and then casually disarm in front of them or switch to OWB. I guess that'll be a conversation starter.

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    why just carry one concealed weapon heck if it was me i'd carry as many as my belt would hold up and a shoulder and 2 ankle rigs fer a potential of carrying at least 5 maybe 6 guns not to mention pocket carry,you start taking off that many firearms with a little chit chat about how dangerous the streets are and i'm sure somebody will faint lol
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    I would advise against it for all the obvious reasons. Unless of course you never want to see these people again.

    Also if you must do it, consider doing it at the very tail end of the visit. That way you won't have to deal with any aftermath the whole visit.
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    Arn't you the 'lil trouble-maker?!? If these cousins are as you describe, they will certinly tell the whole world around them. Now you may or may not ever see them again, but your 'secret' would be out.....

    Of course, if getting thier underware bunched up is the goal here, I'd follow dukalmighty's recomendation and load for bear. We'd need a "post range report" after the event though.

    If a civil reunion is more perfered, just keep itto yourself.
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    Show 'em !! You can even explain why, you may convert one.

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    That sounds exactly like many of my family members...they all know and often make comments.l
    If I had to do it all over again...I would NOT have engaged any of them...
    You know your family better than cannot put the cat back INTO the bag...

    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    I have a good suggestion. At dinner, talk about a range session your had this week... then invite both to go to the range and shoot. Baby steps will help if you want to do this. You can show them how responsible and fun shooting sports are then the carry shock will be easier.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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    Sounds like you want to show off. A gentleman tries to make his guests as comfortable as possible, not the other way matter how old you are. I suggest you remain concealed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripley16 View Post
    A gentleman tries to make his guests as comfortable as possible, not the other way matter how old you are. I suggest you remain concealed.

    I do not see a need to reveal your carry status.

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    It serves no purpose other than causing a greater rift in the family to disclose that. My wife's family is pretty much anti-CCW and anti-most of everything gun, and I'll never mention it to them. It's none of their business, and it would just make them uncomforatble visiting my kids.

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    I'd rethink...

    I'd have to go with some of these folks that are pushing you toward being a little more discreet. In addition to ripley's very good point, outing yourself to them with bravado is going to confirm for them everything they already think about gun folks, instead of letting them know that you've made a conscious and informed decision out of a desire to protect yourself and your (their) family.

    My in-laws are pretty darn anti. I've never shown them a weapon, but they know I shoot, keep a HD shotgun, and carry. I never brought it up to them, a discussion started out of something we were watching on television. I shared with them the reasons that I believe in these measures, and I told them of two very personal accounts: one where a gun kept me safe as a child (stepdad with gun, BG coming through my bedroom window at night - talk about nightmares...) and another where the .38 my dad sent my sister off to college with kept her from being raped by a guy who broke into her apartment (she woke up in the night to find naked guy standing at the foot of her bed - she pulled the pistol from under the pillow next to hers - BG jumped out the window...) Anyhoo, those parts of my past can't be argued with, and did much more to convince my father-in-law than me flashing a gun handle at my hip.

    my two cents.
    actually, at that length, my four cents.

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    Although they may not say it to your face, you'll be known as crazy old Grady in future family discussions.

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    If someone is a friend I don't try to hide it. I just let them know that it is inappropriate to mention CC in public. If they are offended or in any way bothered by my choices then they can find other to befriend.
    In this case the word friend may not apply and as a community we should try to make people comfortable not uncomfortable with our choice to be armed.


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    I would agree with MNBurl on this one. Talk with them about going to the range, tell a funny story or something neat that happened. Ask them if they'd like to go to the range or go shootin' (make it fun, set up some water jugs and fruit to blow up if you have woods near by).

    Or I think the best thing to do for starters is to just feel them out. Tell them a story about the crime in your area, mention some terrible things that have happened. Tell them about a BG that got it from some party store owner in self defense. Say we should all be more careful, etc. Something like that...and see where it goes. You might be surprised that they have been thinking about such things and need some confirmation or a nudge in that direction. They may have curiosities to explore(range trip, question what do you use for home defense?, etc.).
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    . . . If I had to do it all over again...I would NOT have engaged any of them... cannot put the cat back INTO the bag...
    I agree here. I mentioned to my brother-in-law last month that I carry, and he didn't see the reason for it. Now this is a guy who works in Philly, used to carry in the suburbs when he had his own business, and has been a hunter for years. When he mentioned that his .357 doesn't even stay loaded in the house, I was literally at a loss for words and the subject just sort of dropped.

    After this and a slightly similar incident w/ someone else, I determined that I'll be keeping my status to myself from now on. (Thumper's sig line has started sticking in my brain: Always Carry, Never Tell)
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