What Makes you complacent

What Makes you complacent

This is a discussion on What Makes you complacent within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have noticed that for each of us we have something that makes us complacent. I only recently noticed this in my family because our ...

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Thread: What Makes you complacent

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    What Makes you complacent

    I have noticed that for each of us we have something that makes us complacent. I only recently noticed this in my family because our "Mouse" just died. Mouse was the nickname we had given to our 70 lbs Husky/Lab. He gave the feeling of safety here at home.

    This felling of safety and security and it missing is most noticeable in my sister who is 18. She now hates being in the house on her own because her protector and home alarm is not here anymore. He was good to us and we miss him, but I also know that he was a great dog for our security and our 2 1 year old puppies are not him, at least yet, and don't know when to bark and when not to bark yet.

    Anyhow what is it that makes you sit a bit easier and maybe complacent?

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    Same is true with us. We have labradors outside. Two field trial dogs are kenneled out by the shop and the other is just a pet that sleeps on the back deck. There is nothing that gets by the dogs, even the kenneled labs. If the wind blows, they bark.....if another animal ventures near the house, they bark. But when a person, friend or foe, comes near, they practically go nuts. There is no doubt in our mind when someone is around. They actually bark differently when it is a possible threat rather than a " I want to get the rabbit" bark.

    It has been hard to deal with our inside dog, a yorkie, knowing she is growing old. Nothing used to get by her either. But as she has reached 15, we can come home, shower, watch tv, etc. and she sometimes never knows, and she is asleep as we step over her for hours. So that security is gone, but it will be a tragedy when she leaves us.

    I am sorry for your loss of family member, it is a day I have worried about for years when our yorkie goes to doggy heaven.

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    We had to say goodby to our rbeloved Border Collie this year, who was our always alert watch dog. It was a very wierd feeling knowing that we no longer had that protection. Our 9 year old pug never did not care much about who was around, likes people too much. But our new 8 month old Yorkiepoo is great. Very alert to outside sounds and has a very loud park. You would think that there is a much larger dog inside.
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    I like dogs. Dogs are my favorite people.

    We have a 5 1/2 year old Pomeranian who is a registered therapy dog. My wife is his handler, and they visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and other places to work with the elderly and disabled.

    Now, Pomeranians are not the most dangerous of breeds due to their size and temperament, but they are tenacious watch dogs, and they are very protective of their owners. If something, anything, goes bump in the night, he's up to investigate it, and he's barking up a storm in the process. So we're constantly aware of what's going on in and around our house, whether it be a car door slamming or someone snooping around our back yard.

    Sorry for your loss.
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    So sorry for your loss. Whenever it's time for "that visit" to the vet, I always tell him that it's the price you pay for all the good years. Remember those great years!
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    We picked up a dog 3 years ago for our kids. It was only supposed to get about 20 pounds. Now 3 yrs. later and 60 pounds heavier, we have a part Golden Retriever that is the best dog I have ever had. Very alert, and barks at anything unusual. I have been able to sleep a lot better at night because of her, and will be crushed when she passes.
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    I've owned 3 of man's best friend in my life, their lives shared with each other so we lived as a pack over 25 years...a German Shorthair, a Rott and an Caribbean mutt who I sadly had to put down last year...(I still miss her) Funny thing is, THEY out lasted my girlfriends! ha ha) It is not easy and I share your loss

    However, what made me most complacent was moving from the "big city" to an area that is so quiet, you can open doors and windows.....and hear BIRDS!

    Stupid me, for a brief time...I went to carrying "only when I FELT it necessary".

    Sad to say, that even though I did all my homework (crime stats etc), the housing BUST has created vacancies and thus, the verman are about, stealing appliances, pool pumps etc.....not to mention with the loss of jobs seems to have created a rash of mall parking lot crimes (purse snatchings)....one of which led to a stabbing of the victims boyfriend yesterday...and NO, this is not the ghetto....but a major monied area.

    I've ordered another pair of 5.11 jeans (concealed holster built in) and I'm headed to the gun show this weekend to get a "new friend" to add into the carry rotation....one to wear, one to clean (I really want an AMT Back-up 9mm....anybody?)

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    I've got three dog and they'll let me know when something's around. Like Brany eastx, they have distintive barks relitive to thier sense of urgency. They are a part of my "layered security", but complacent...........yeah, sometimes. I trust them a lot.

    The 'security' offered us by our dogs is more of "heads up" type of alarm/warning for me and/or my wife to take action, not to 'universly rely' on the dogs for our 'security'.

    My complacency is usually due to me allowing myself to fall into a 'condition white' by me becomming 'too busy' to remember to lock our doors, becomming 'overly focused' on a job at hand and loseing track of my situational awarness for some moments, or just simply getting 'lost' on the computer or whatever is on TV (which is rare on both accounts but still happens every once and awhile). I make it a habit to scan my surroundings and keep an alert eye/ear open to what's going on........and it's usually that break in my habit that 'snaps me back into the here and now.

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    I am so sorry to hear about your dog. Ours left this world a week ago, so I know how you feel. I felt better when she was in the house, as they are always on the alert.
    But what makes me feel safe and complacent is the Ruger SP101 in my right front jeans pocket and the five extra .357 hollow points in a pouch in my left pocket. I used to carry a .38 but there was just something about it, and while it is a powerful weapon, there is no doubt that carrying a .357 feels better. We may not be safe but we like the illusion that we are.

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    Nothing gets within 10' or our place without our two chocolate labs letting us know of their presence. I guess having them around tends to make us a bit complacent as we rely on their vigilance so much.

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    It is tough to lose a trusted canine friend...been there, done that...not a good time.

    Presently we have a 60 # Retriever and a, now slimmed down, 120# Rhodesian Ridgeback...they hear everything...they notice anyone coming down the street, or walking in the woods behind the house (always kids, so far)...
    I feel that we have an effective 'early warning' system.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    The one thing that makes me complacent is Thanksgiving dinner,after cramming copious amounts of turkey,stuffing,giblet gravy over mashed taters, sweet tater pie,I always fall into a stupor,dog does too,if we had 3 guys break in and rob us the best we could do is try to save what's left of the turkey and only if it was close enough we wouldn't have to crawl too far.My chocolate lab is getting old and i think she's getting hard of hearingshe turned 11 and so she's only got a few more years,but when she was younger nobody walked up to the porch that she didn't start barking.
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    It is tough to lose a trusted canine friend...been there, done that...not a good time.

    I feel that we have an effective 'early warning' system.
    I also have an early warning system. I have a 80+ pound yellow lab mixed with a great dane and a 90 + pound pure choc lab. They both hear things over a mile a way. My yellow likes to bark at everything though. Boyfriend never wanted to get a barking collar because he always travels and felt safer with me and a barking dog. The choc barks when she needs too and that is it.
    My argument with the barking yellow pup and a barking collar is that he was crying wolf so often I stopped carrying about going and checking to see what was going on. We finally got a barking collar for him and I now feel safer because I know the choc only barks when she feels something is wrong.
    The other night (b/f has been out of town since sat) the choc lab (keely) went off something horrible. Growling and everything. Not giving up for anything. Then the yellow pup started barking (even with the collar on). So me, the pups and the Glock decided to take a walk downstairs.
    Come to find out it was only an umbrella from the neighbors house hitting the front porch in the wind.
    However, without the barking collar I am not sure I would feel as safe as I do now.

    I am sorry for your loss. It's been at least ten years since I lost a dog/friend. I know if I lost either of the two I have now ... well I don't want to think about that. Again sorry for your loss.

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    I don't have a large dog, but I do have a sixteen pound Bichon who barks at anyone near our place. She barks and warns me, then I take care of the rest. I too am sorry for your loss, as I have lost several of my canine friends over the years.

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    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and pet.
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