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best pants for pocket carry?

This is a discussion on best pants for pocket carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Are you certain you can get to it quickly and safely enough, if SHTF? Think it through. If zipped and "down there," then I think ...

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Thread: best pants for pocket carry?

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    Are you certain you can get to it quickly and safely enough, if SHTF? Think it through. If zipped and "down there," then I think you'll find it simply too darned difficult to bring your weapon to bear on a moment's notice. IMO, ankle carry's one big drawback is speed of access, until you master the technique (which I never seemed to get right). Having it zipped and flopping in a big, baggy pocket somewhere "over there" seems far worse, to me.
    Yes, every carry option has advantages and disadvantages. Not every option is good for "SHTF" as you put it, or what one instructor I had referred to as "fast action access." As a general rule, the deeper the concealment, the slower or more complicated the access.

    So. It's IWB for primary, OWB when the option makes sense, and pocket for the backup.
    I find this interesting. If you NEED to get to your backup gun, there is a very good chance that your situation is worse off then when the conflict started and you are having to transition after either expending all your primary gun ammo, losing your primary gun, etc. In other words, you are in deep doodoo and your primary gun didn't get the job done and the threat remains. It would make sense that you would want even quicker access to the BUG than to the primary.
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    Duluth Trading has a number of options. They are made specifically for construction so they are very durable and have many pockets. What I like is that they also look very nice and last for years. My favorites are the fire hose pants made out of the fabric used to cover fire hoses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rainmaker View Post
    I have a pair of Columbia brand with a zipper pocket under the right slash pocket. SP101 in pocket holster slips in. Zip it up. No show, except the bulge.
    +1 !!! I have 2 pairs just like them and I think it's one of the best solutions I've found for pocket carrying my J-frame.

    The gun doesn't flop around in these, as it does in some of my other cargo style shorts, and the butt of the gun is completely out of sight. I'll admit the zipper has to be dealt with, but it has a cord on it and is very easy to operate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Naught Spy View Post
    It would make sense that you would want even quicker access to the BUG than to the primary.
    How so? I don't see how the BUG would need better access than the primary, yet.

    Whatever else is true, the primary is ... well, primary. It's first out, in a fight. It's in the most-accessible, quickest spot (IWB or OWB).

    The backup, at least to my way of thinking, is secondary, to be used only if the primary is lost or fails, or if that arm/hand is taken out of the fight. It's carried in the only other spot available to me that doesn't strangle my waist with two IWB guns and avoids ankle carry (which isn't my thing).

    Basic options: primary and backup both IWB/OWB, which doesn't work for me; primary IWB and backup ankle, but ankle doesn't work for me; primary IWB and backup pocket; or primary pocket (which won't fit) and backup IWB. That leaves one option, really, which is primary carried IWB and backup carried pocket.

    Yes, comparative speed of access for pocket carry is somewhat slower than IWB. But IWB needs to clear the cover garment prior to draw. Pocket carry needs to "clear" the pocket opening prior to draw. In my basic testing between modes of carry, however, pocket carry of the backup hasn't proven to be 2-3x the draw time of the primary. Turns out it's only marginally slower.

    Hence, that method works for me. I'm all for a better method, if I can prove via motions/timing/comfort the benefits over primary IWB and backup pocket.
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    I guess I lucked out. The pockets of all of my cargo shorts are big enough to comfortably carry my m&p 340, so it looks like this is going to be my casual carry setup. I don't like the feeling of my front pockets being filled up and bulky so I can't imagine carrying any gun in my jeans or khaki pockets.

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    Union Bay cargo pants I find "roomier" than 5.11 pants for pocket carry (pockets deeper and wider), shooting (extra mags, ammo, etc.). I bought some at Costco's cheap (~$15-20). I think that Sam's Club may have them or similar too.

    Shorts by the same mfr should be also available for similar pricing.
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    Wrangler Outdoor Cargo Shorts

    Just came back from Wally World where I found these shorts. They should be ideal for pocket carry. The front pockets are extra deep and go all the way to the bottom of the front cargo pockets. When I got home I dropped my CZ 2075 in and it fit with plenty of room! Then I dropped in my 2in SP101 and again it fit without problem. The pistols were down behind the cargo pocket and putting a wallet or something in the cargo pocket will breakup any printing. These shorts have the deepest pockets I have found to date. To top it off, I think they were only about $15.

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    Try carrying in your back pocket, strong side. I have a holster for my AMT DAO that fits perfectly in jeans, Dockers, shorts has a square side that faces out so it looks like your wallet! Also 5.11 makes a "relaxed fit" pair of jeans with a holster and clip nd cuff holders sewn inside. (Great for hiding money etc as well)

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    Not cheap, 511 shorts, up to size 50 in waist, works for me.
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    yep they work

    I have / had the same issue. My wife the other day mentioned you could see my grip if you looked down my pocket. I just went out today and bought a pair of 5.11 shorts. It gets hot here in Vegas. They work just fine with my 642 and a pocket holster.
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    I also use Union Bay cargo for pocket carry.
    I actually was wearing Union Bay before pocket carry.
    A fortunate, seamless transition.

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    I like Eddie Bauer canvas pants. I have several pair and found some on sale for 19.95 last night...bought 6 more pair as I slowly shift my wardrobe away from jeans. They seem to be made for CCW as they have a little extra sewn in pocket in the bottom of the RF pocket that is PERFECT to stick the muzzle of an autopistol (Walther PPK is perfect). It keeps the gun stabilized, upright, and the pockets are big enough to easily draw from. They are available in Utility Fit cargo pants or Classic Fit which look more like Dockers but in canvas and would be fine for business casual dress or going out. They make shorts in the same stlye.

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    If you have a Keltec p-32 or p-3AT Dickie's heavy work pants have an IDEAL front pocket for carrying these models. Their half cone shape forces the barrel to stay down. I added some Velcro to the top of the pocket for security in case I fall down. Very snug and quick drawing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodLark View Post
    +1 for Wrangler jeans. Also, Wrangler cargo pants from Wal-Mart work great.
    +1 on the WM Wrangler cargo pants. I use them all the time to pocket carry a g27 (I wouldn't want to go bigger though)
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