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Feelings about SOB carry...

This is a discussion on Feelings about SOB carry... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hmmm...I'd be interested to actually SEE some stats on spinal injuries from carrying SOB. I haven't found any, myself. But then again, I may just ...

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Thread: Feelings about SOB carry...

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    Hmmm...I'd be interested to actually SEE some stats on spinal injuries from carrying SOB. I haven't found any, myself. But then again, I may just not be looking hard enough.
    Also, it seems to me that someone could stop your draw or take your gun from an OWB at 3:00 or 4:00 just as easily as they could with an SOB holster.
    I see this discussion pop up every once in a while and I've always wanted to give my 2¢. So, there ya go.
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    HKtexas, sent you a PM.
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    I've been carrying my XD45 Compact at SOB (IWB at 6:00) for about 8 months now. I find it to be relatively comfortable even when driving or sitting. In fact, over the holidays we drove to visit family 12-14 hours each way. My XD stayed in that position the vast majority of the trip. Currently, I'm using a $15 Uncle Mike's, left-hand, IWB holster. (I have a K&D holster on order.) I tried carrying at 3:00, but I’m a big guy (read overweight) and that caused some major printing on me. Plus, to carry at 3:00, I would have to restock the majority of my wardrobe. Regardless of where you shop, that can be expensive.

    However, I can see the points most of you are making. The 3:00 position allows quicker and easier access. I am currently in the process of trying to lose weight. If I am successful enough, I hope to reward myself with a good 3:00 holster. How you carry is as much a personal decision as is what you carry.

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    Done it on an off occasionally (more often in some time periods) for about 20 years. Like other methods, it's an option.

    My preferred SOB carry is about 7:00 (I'm left handed) in a vertical IWB (1911 or Glock). Grip points toward strong side, so the draw is palm out, and the weapon isn't over the spine. I have no problem drawing without sweeping anything but the ground/floor, and also have no trouble driving that way (wouldn't be my choice for extended road trip, but an hour or less is fine).

    I do have a Galco SOB for my Glock 19, and find I don't prefer that method nearly as much.

    I also use other methods: Shoulder holster (semi-frequent), off body carry (less frequent, various methods) OWB and IWB (most common for me these days IWB).

    You may find over time that different modes of carry may benefit in certain circumstances/situations. It is a good idea to get some exposure to many, so your choice will be an informed one, and you will have options as needed.

    Regards, T Bone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taggart View Post
    Hmmm...I'd be interested to actually SEE some stats on spinal injuries from carrying SOB. I haven't found any, myself. But then again, I may just not be looking hard enough.
    We got national workmens' comp stats when I was working EMS, as well as through the Fire union. Those were state/profession specific; your state workmens' comp office should have something you can peruse, but it may not be the most user-friendly format. The summation in KS was,"don't place gear in your crack." A Maglight is just as hard as a 1911.

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    if you ever get pushed down on your back or slip and fall on your back you will see why sob carry is not peferred.

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    SOB is kinda like carrying Mexican style without a holster, you just don't do it for the sake of your health and well being.
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    To be quite fair concerning SOB Carry (and simply to touch all bases) - If you were to fall backward and hit a sharp edge or corner like a concrete step or a street curb - then having a holstered firearm located over the spine could actually help to dissipate what would be a sharp edge impact and (in that case) a holstered SOB firearm could possibly prevent a more serious spinal injury.

    I can only say that if I personally were to be slammed backward and had a choice between my spine contacting a concrete edge or corner directly or having that edge or corner contact a holstered firearm rather than directly impacting my spine...I'd rather have the firearm blocking that blow.

    Also...since civilians are not LEOs (who must sometimes grapple with bad guys on a daily basis as part of their job) unless weather conditions are icy or slippery...people do not normally fall over backward during the course of their daily routine.
    So I think that the "falling backward" argument is somewhat over-exaggerated for ordinary "daily carry" people.

    That having been said:
    It's definitely a factor to consider but, not a sole issue that I personally would base a "location of carry" decision on.

    Though I think there are many other reasons why a different body location would be better for most people to carry concealed.
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    Aside from the spinal injury stuff, I just find it horribly uncomfortable. It's optional, but to me it really makes me not want to carry and thats not a good thing.
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    It would seem one would need to be a bit of a contortionist to draw the gun and then return it to holster. In addition, it would seem carrying your weapon behind your back would really put you out of touch with your gun. I'd expect bending at the waist would have a tendency to expose your gun and I for one don't want anyone eyeballing my carry gun behind my back.

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    In the summertime, when I wanted to carry a full or medium size pistol, I carry my Glock 26 the in a small High Noon holster, in the small of my back. Easy to conceal by leaving my shirt un-tucked.

    If you’re like me and carrying around a couple extra pounds, then the small of the back is the only way to go, for IWB carry. The only problem is when you get in the car, it’s best to take your pistol out and lay it on the seat or inside the center consol. For me this has worked out great for over 30 years.

    However, I should say that living in Florida most of the time, I carry a pocket pistol, and in the winter time, when I can ware a coat, I carry the G26 in a Secure Gun Holster at 4 O’clock on my belt.

    As far as sweeping, and drawing problems. There are none if you practice at the range drawing from this location.

    As to getting hurt if you should fall on your back. I can confirm that with a big YES SIR.

    Back in the 70’s I was serving some papers, and before I could even say hello, this BIG guy grabbed me by the jacket picked me up off my feet and pitched me off his porch.

    I landed on my back right on my Colt 45. Ouch…

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    Can anyone give us "BIG Guys" some options? Ive really entertained a SOB for a while because whenever I carry my G23 on any kind of holster, it either shows print, or digs into my hip, or makes my pants sag, or carves into my side..so can anyone please give some advice, or experience? I have been using a Slide holster from Galco, and also a Blackhawk Serpa, but both of these allow for printing if you don't have extra clothing on. Any help here?

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    I love it and find it to have its own time and place.

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    I wouldn't do it...

    After falling/rolling over my holster at 4:00, I limped for two days due to the nasty bruise on my hip. I would not have wanted that same impact on my spine.

    There are better options out there.
    "Being a predator isn't always comfortable but the only other option is to be prey. That is not an acceptable option." ~Phil Messina

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    I'm a big guy and I carry quit a bit at the 5:00 position. I can hide a full sized .45 there with no problems. As for bending over, sure it will print if you bend at the waist...but I haven't bent at the waist in years. For one, its easier on the back to bend at the knees and sort of squat down. Another reason is that bending at the waist lowers your head below your center of gravity. A push or a kick will send you sprawling as you lose your balance. Bending at the knees gives you much more control and allows you to keep your head up.

    Retention always seems to come up with the SOB option. To me it is not an issue if you are in the least bit aware. Allowing someone close enough to grab a gun anywhere on you is never a good idea and if someone does attempt it a quick twist away will usually keep it in place.

    For me it really hides better there than anywhere else. I'm usually OK with nothing other than a T shirt. If I am real worried about printing, I'll just wear a long tailed shirt over that ...no one has seemed to notice thus far.

    After falling/rolling over my holster at 4:00, I limped for two days due to the nasty bruise on my hip. I would not have wanted that same impact on my spine.
    Falling or rolling over on your holster no matter where it is, is going to hurt.
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