Feelings about SOB carry...

Feelings about SOB carry...

This is a discussion on Feelings about SOB carry... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have seen the SOB, small of back, method of carry criticised more than a few times. I know the main issue to most people ...

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Thread: Feelings about SOB carry...

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    Feelings about SOB carry...

    I have seen the SOB, small of back, method of carry criticised more than a few times. I know the main issue to most people is the chance of injuring yourself if you were to fall on your back while carrying, that aside what are the other reasons? I carry a HK USP compact and for me that is the best way to conceal, it lends itself quite well to any way I'm dressed, be it shorts, or pants. Just interested in the other members thoughts on the subject.

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    I think there's a possibility of sweeping yourself (and other non-targets) with the muzzle if you don't have a properly designed SOB holster.


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    A very ackward position for carry, concealment, and presentation. IMO, unsafe and uncomfortable. To each his own of course. If it works for you good on you.
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    You need to really practice your draw so that you do not muzzle sweep yourself.
    You need to draw your firearm from the holster (index finger off the trigger) and then point the muzzle toward the ground and slightly back - twist your wrist & come around your body & then up to a normal presentation.
    Safely reholstering really takes a lot of thoughtful and careful practice.
    It can be done with good practice - just like anything else.
    Bending down tends to flash the firearm.
    Going to see a 3 hour movie gets downright uncomfortable.
    Don't go to the movies and watch Ben Hur carrying Small Of Back.
    But, I do know people who carry SOB and they seem to like it.

    I have carried SOB sporadically in the past but, have not carried SOB for years. Luckily I've not fallen over backward since I was 2 years old or younger.
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    What else? You mean that the chance of severe spinal injury, paralysis etc isn't enough?

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    I personally think this method of carry is poor at best.

    I can see that for certain undercover operations this holster might be beneficial but for the most part, it really isn't a good form of carry especially since there are much better ones available.

    But... someone keeps buying those darn holsters!
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    SOB carry is very uncomfortable riding in a car or sitting in any chair.
    More importantly, it also puts the gun out of your sight and immediate control. Someone could come up behind you and take your gun away or stop your attempt to draw and conveniently already have your arm twisted behind your back.

    In my mind, it is the worst of choices.

    I agree that there would be times when SOB would be the best choice but not for most civilian CC'ers. Every mode of carry has its own use in special circumstances.

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    If you are real skinny and young and flexible and if you don't mind taking the chance of getting your spine crunched , go for it.

    Now if you are old and overweight, The arm just doesn't make it back there so well. Besides with all the spinal injuries I already have I wouldn't do it.

    One doesn't have to fall on your back, you could be thrown on your back.
    examples are thrown from horse, Car accident, motorcycle accident, boating accident, weirdo just walks up and coldcocks you from out of knowhere.

    There are just to many possibilities to take the chance.

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    I've done S.O.B. occasionally----not out in public, just around the house. It's rather quick, easy, and comfortable depending on activities. I use a leather IWB clip holster for that. I actually prefer the left hand over the right hand as it's more natural for me to draw that way.

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    for me, spending the rest of my life paralyzed is a pretty compelling argument in and of itself.

    Or at the least, a herniated or ruptured disc followed by a couple of back surgeries and then chronic back pain and maybe a funny walk the rest of your life.

    For years a lot of us EMS folks used to carry a 5 or 6 cell maglight flashlight in just that position. Slid in under our belts at the small of our backs.

    One night on the job, I slipped on some oil or something, lost my balance and fell over backwards up against something and immediately had a numbing and shooting pain run down my leg clear to my toes. My leg and butt cheek was numb for about 15 minutes. That was before MRI's but they did do a CT scan and a myelogram. I was lucky I didn't cause any permanent damage.

    If you've never experienced a myelogram, good! It's not a pleasant experience.

    I wised up real quick after that.

    Also for all the reasons QKShooter states has me convinced it's not a mode of carry for me to utilize. It does look cool when people draw from them in the movies. Not great muzzle discipline though.

    Have you tried moving it over your kidney area instead of your spine? Fleshy muscle area is much safer than directly over the spine, and peeing blood for a week or so with a bruised kidney is much more desirable than a wheelchair or cane for life.

    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    I would never carry SOB for all of the reasons already stated
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    I personally like SOB style. I guess I am odd in the fact that I can drive that way. I actually carry more in the 5 o'clock area to keep it off my spine. Yes you do need to learn to draw that way as not to sweep yourself or others. Problem is most ranges won't let you do it and you need to practice with a friend and an unloaded gun. Sending you a PM.
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    As stated before, its more of a retention issue than anything for me. I try my darnedest to be aware all the time, but it would just add something else to think about that I don't need.
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    It really is no more of a discussion than wearing a seatbelt- ie, there are no documented cases where wearing a seatbelt has caused a fatality that I am aware of (with 17 years EMS/MedSurg/hospital care). Use of the seatbelt has demonstrably saved lives.

    There are, however, numerous instances of permanent disability and serious injury from LE, fire and EMS personnel carrying a variety of tools MOB.

    There is a difference between Middle of the Back, and Small of the Back. Small of the back generally refers to around a 5 o'clock position. With a heavy weapon and/or poor holster, one may induce sciatica (sciatic nerve damage), but it is not inherently unsafe.

    MOB, straight 6 o'clock carry, is right inline with Mexican carrying a Glock with 3.5# connector, not wearing your seatbelt, not using PPE on multiple "one-nighters" etc., etc. One won't see an immediate problem; however, it will likely catch up to one.

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    I have one SOB holster, for me it worked somewhat well. I didn't wear it at 6 o'clock, but closer to 5 as noted above.

    Again, as noted above, it was not comfortable when seated for long periods of time, and I spend a lot of time in the car.

    Concealment was an issue at times.

    I just get better results all around from an IWB or OWB @ 3 o'clock or just behind the point of the hip.

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