Postage went up

Postage went up

This is a discussion on Postage went up within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I came to s horrifying realization last night...(I sound so dramatic don't I?) So I assume you all know the postage went up by a ...

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Thread: Postage went up

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    Cool Postage went up

    I came to s horrifying realization last night...(I sound so dramatic don't I?)

    So I assume you all know the postage went up by a penny on Monday…

    What does that mean for those folks who turned in their concealed applications with a self addressed stamped envelope before the postage increase?

    I called Fairfax County Courts, spoke with Carol Snow, she said they are doing what they did last time the postage went up...they are attaching the extra penny stamp on our behalf. From here on out the postage must be correct for new applications, but for those whose applications are in process, they are hooking it up. I told her I was concerned that I had to drive all the way to the courts to give them a penny or penny stamp. She laughed and told me that would be silly on their part to require that, especially at the price of gas...

    Wait a minute...the government actually doing something logical...there is a conspiracy happening here...something is not right...

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    Well, considering that most states waaaaaay overcharge for their investment of very little processing time I'm sure they can afford to kick back a penny to a few "customers"....
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    hopefully, you used one of those new First Class Forever stamps....

    "a reminder that no law can replace personal responsibility" - Bill Clinton 2010.

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    You probably shouldn't have said they are going to rethink it and start kicking them back. That's how it usually works. Especially with the gov.
    Life is too short, stop to smell the roses and don't let anyone take it away from you!

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    If they read this, you will receive a bill for .01
    Used to be 40 bucks here and now it is up to 100. Not a bad jump.
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    I had the impression that all the $0.41 stamps were "Forever" stamps. And per that system, if you save some 41s, they will be good by themselves when postage is $1.00
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    Hmm....Die Deutsche Post was privatized after the wall fell in Germany and immediatly two competitors to the once previous state monopolized Postoffice sprung up and overcame Die Deutsche Post's market share due to better prices, services, added benifits and more that shockingly (sarcasm) enough proves that Capitalism works! I can't wait until UPS, FedEx or DHL (another german company) starts competing head on with the USPS :D :D :D
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    No wonder they don't want you to carry guns at the Post Office!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    superior skills."

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    stamp increase

    and we should be surprised because why!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by glock27mark View Post
    and we should be surprised because why!!!!
    Of course the postage went else can they buy more "This Window Closed" signs?
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    In the immortal words of Newman:
    "it's the mail just keeps on coming..."
    "Just because I'm paranoid,doesn't mean they're NOT after me...."

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    Talking duh you dumb folks

    The forever stamp it the one with the liberty bell only. If it says 41 cents on it, it is 41 cents. Besides the gas is killing the post office just like it is everyone else.

    If you mailed it off before monday the 12th, you are fine.

    steve the mailman

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    Postage went up
    Yeah--again, and along with everything else. Been getting the forever stamps save a few of the older ones. The darn post office here is out of make-up stamps and there was a note next to the machine telling patrons what other places in town sold make-up stamps-----now if that aint something! The post office out of 1¢ stamps and thinking most folks want to drive (spend their expensive gas) all over town in search of one cent make up stamps! I don't really think anyone actually cares about the consumer anymore.

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    How could they be out of the one centers, they knew it was coming up, wow just wow

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacNewton View Post
    How could they be out of the one centers, they knew it was coming up, wow just wow
    I wonder what they'd do if you used a $0.41 one and then scotch-taped a penny just below it...
    "My God David, We're a Civilized society."

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