How much do you feed your carry?

How much do you feed your carry?

This is a discussion on How much do you feed your carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; With the price of ammo these days, limited time, and the places where you can shoot. How much do you shoot now,say in the next ...

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Thread: How much do you feed your carry?

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    How much do you feed your carry?

    With the price of ammo these days, limited time, and the places where you can shoot.
    How much do you shoot now,say in the next three months?
    What's your plan?

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    I practice rimfire silhouette every weekend, at least 100-150 rounds, but that's .22, and I use the cheap stuff. The .380 is a different story. With 100 round WWB .380 going for $30 a box, it's a bit of a struggle for me to actually get myself to buy it. I go through this argument in my head - "New clothes.... or a box of ammo," "Dinner out with the wife, or a box of ammo," "New tools, or a box of ammo....."
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    Once a week IPSC practice approx 65rds.
    2x/month punch holes in paper...75 rds each.

    So I'm looking at 440 rounds a month lately...ouch.

    Sig229 .40

    I bought 1K reloaded ammo. Will be reloading on my own soon...can do that for around $0.15 a pop I figure.
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    clinton township

    hungry gun

    with the price of ammo,(and everything else these days)
    my edc is starving.
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    More than I can afford to, but less than I'd like.

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    I justed ordered a 22/45 to reduce my expenses at the range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matiki View Post
    I justed ordered a 22/45 to reduce my expenses at the range.

    I feel your pain! I've been shooting a 22/45 a lot more these days too but it's not the same. I think I'm gonna' invest in one of the 9mm barrels for my G27 I keep hearing about since I've got a bunch of surplus 9mm I bought back when it was cheap.

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    We purchased a cheap .22 pistol just so we could have something to practice with. The .380 price is too much to practice with all the time. I'm not familiar with the whole dry fire practicing -- if anyone would like to PM me information about that, much appreciated. I get the concept, but are those fake bullets used or what...
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    Yup...killing me to. I'm trying to limit myself to 200rnds every range session, but it isn't working as well as I planned. I started digging into my stockpile last week.

    I had bought cases and cases of ammo for my 1911 2.5-3 years ago at I think somewhere around $85 per half-case(500rnds). Now it seems to run $150+per half case ONLINE ON SALE and around $170 average. And that's for the fmj range stuff.

    So for me I've noticed that the price for my stuff has clearly MORE than DOUBLED in just 3 years. Needless to say, I'm feeding my carry gun less these days. I try to make up for it with a .22, but it isn't the same.
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    As much as possible!

    Lately I've gone shooting every other weekend. A usual range trip includes expending 100-150 rounds of .45 ACP through my carry, and then a bunch of .22 and/or some .38spcl. Ammo prices do suck the big one, and I'm looking into a reloading press before summer.

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    Before we moved to Virginia I was shooting at LEAST one magazine through my gun every day or two. Sometimes 50 shoots per day.

    I worked at a range, got a really good deal on the ammo (some of it even for free) and I would take my breaks and lunches in the range sometimes. I would also go to the range (since it was free for me) every Wednesday and do a little more.

    Since we've moved down here that has changed... drastically.

    The nearest range is quite a ways away and we car pool with Chooie most of the time when we go down there. We try to stay on a 100 round limit for the both of us (being as how JD and I both shoot .45 and it gets expensive) and the rest we shoot with .22 or 9mm.

    We had been going once every couple of weeks until I got pregnant.

    I haven't gone shooting since I found out and I probably won't go again until the baby's born... another six months from now.

    I'll do dry fire practice at home as well as drawing and any other "dry" practices I can but I can't wait to get back on the range.

    Looks like reloading is somewhere in our future.

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    i run 50 rounds or so (sometimes more) through my xd .45 once a week, and usually bring my buckmark .22lr along. now that i have my 642, i'll be pushing about 25 rounds a week through that as well.

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    I'm prob at the lower end of the spectrum..... 50 rounds every other week through 2 carry guns. Call it 200 rounds a month more or less......

    Still comes out to be $125 a month or so in ammo alone. Of course, that's less than 2 tanks of gas, so if you look at it like that, it's not so bad!

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    I've been shooting about 15 rounds of carry ammo every week, followed by 100-200 rounds of reloads (bought bulk @ last gunshow). The whole thing is expensive. I use 1/2 to a full can of gun-scrubber to clean the gun every time I shoot. I bought targets in bulk, but @ .30 a pop that still adds to the total expense. Range fees of $8, bought a couple boxes of earplugs on Amazon and wear my own glasses.

    Still, it seems like my monthly bill is way more than it should be, shooting the .40. I'm a pretty good and fast shot now though :P

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    With the my baby girl due any day now, and finances being tight, I'm done to about 100 rounds a month of my own ammo, although my father and father in law tend to give me more ammo every time I shoot with either of them so I probably shoot around 400 rounds a month max...its rather depressing really.
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