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This is a discussion on Conceal on the job within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I work for a large company and I remember in training we were shown a video on how to handle robbers because we work outside ...

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Thread: Conceal on the job

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    I work for a large company and I remember in training we were shown a video on how to handle robbers because we work outside in all types of neighborhoods. The video said to look assertive but to not resist if we were getting robbed. It was so funny to some of us in the class that on our trucks we carried all kind of sharp tools but we were not allowed to use them for self defense. The official company policy is no weapons allowed at work period, even though one of our technicians was shot in Miami some time ago. There is even a bullet hole in one of the boxes we work out of.

    Anyway, I don't carry at work but I think I'm getting closer to doing so. With the new Florida law to go into effect soon I will be able to have my weapon in the parking lot legally..
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    I work at a nuclear plant. Since I have to walk through a sniffer,metal detector,punk a badge in the hand scanner and then scan my hand,no guns for me.
    The only guns I get to play with are the ones that they bring to me to fix, mostly AR's that need the barrels changed and stuff like that.
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    I have been carrying at work for the past two weeks. I just got my Florida CWP recently.

    I have a job that is both inside office type work and I also have outdoor "production" type duties.

    Company policy is "no firearms allowed" so it is very hush for me and absolutely have to stay concealed.

    Its tough concealing a full size Service .45acp, but the CTac - Mtac Minotaur IWB holster helps me out in that area.
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    Job #1: I make the rules and wouldn't do part of this job without carrying.
    Job #2: I haven't figured out whether I can carry there or not. I haven't *re*started for this summer. My boss is a Clinton fan and I doubt I would have his blessing; that doesn't mean I won't if I feel I can get away with it.
    Job #3: It's an ABC establishment and I doubt that I would be allowed if I were to ask the G.M.
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    Yup I carry every day but I work for myself at my store.
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    E'ry day.

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    I work from my home right now. I talked to management (me) and told him I would quit if I couldn't carry. (Just like Packanova, except I am the boss.) He saw it my way so I carry at work.

    Or something like that.
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    I don't carry on company property with the exception of the rifle/pistol/shotgun range. They provide us a lock-up and a safe drive straight into the range. It's actually the best outdoor range in Colorado (IMO). Corporate would love to shut it down, but we have several high profile fans of the range. We must not have any safety issues or it will get shutdown.

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    I carry 24/7...when I'm not at school...'bummer'...

    Gotta' keep it legal.

    Stay armed...when ever 'legally' possible...stay safe!
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    According to company policy, I'm not SUPPOSED to carry a weapon at work.

    That's all I'll say about that.


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    When I was in the corporate world, I would sometimes carry. It was against company policies, but not illegal. Only one person (co-worker) at one job ever knew that I carried, and he did too.

    Now I work for myself and I wouldn't do this job without carrying.

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    I work in a retail box store. Not even allowed to have a weapon in my car on company property (that changes July 1st). SmartCarry and a PPS w/extra mag and Kershaw Blur. Also, Ka-Bar LDK in wallet, two flashlights and OC. That should hold me until I get to my car. All this is theoretical of course, for I would never disobey company policy even if in compliance with state law;).
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    I’m a Digital Forensics Examiner of criminal court evidence sometimes the BG really does not want that evidence (or Me) to make it to court. I do what ever I have to do to insure evidence makes it to court and I make it home at the end of the day, That includes carrying a .45 at all times of the day (both work and home) ether my HK USP or Officer’s carried IWB.
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    In the 80’s I worked for a fortune 5 companies and it was a termination offense to have a pistol in the office. No questions asked you where just fired. When I first went to work there, I was also a reserve deputy sheriff, and my immediate supervisor knew I was required to carry by the department 24/7. So he asked that I keep is VERY concealed. So, I carried a Walter PPKs everyday; small of back IWB. Over an 11 year period I worked my way up to VP, and while I had to turn in my badge, (due to moving) I got a CCL and continued to carry.

    Today, I am semi-retired, and self employed; in the summer, I carry a P3AT in pocket in a nemeses holster. In the winter a Glock 26 OWB in an SGH holster at 4 O’clock.

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    all the waking hours except for illegal places and swimming/showering
    Yoda, I am, yes.

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