Traffic stop by LEO - offer up CCW Permit?

This is a discussion on Traffic stop by LEO - offer up CCW Permit? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well, my response is weighted from working undercover for the Fedís for many years, and carrying no ID other than my Florida CCL. And considering ...

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Thread: Traffic stop by LEO - offer up CCW Permit?

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    Well, my response is weighted from working undercover for the Fedís for many years, and carrying no ID other than my Florida CCL.

    And considering during that time, I had to travel to a bunch of places where a firearm was totally taboo, (example: Boston, New York, Chicago, California) Iíve adapted the policy of what they donít know wonít hurt them.

    Please keep in mind this was before states started officially accepting the other states CCL permit.

    There are limitations.

    Example today I no longer work for an LEO agency, so if I where to be stopped while riding a motorcycle, since my carry status could be detected, Iíd hand the officer my CCL the same time I hand him my drivers license.

    Figure itís better to hear it from me, than to panic when he detects it.

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    Must show CHL in State of Texas at LEO stop

    In the state of Texas it is required by law to show your CHL at the time you show you drivers license. I suggest that you have a smile on your face when you do so, just to keep it light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
    Ridiculous speeches? Yeah, whatever.

    Reality check, the intent here is that the officer be notified immediately that we are carrying. Handing him a license does not accomplish that task, in addition it would be a bit into the contact, which is not immediate. I am not reaching for my wallet to show him ID until he tells me to show him ID.... LEO's don't want to see you rummaging around for something as they approach your vehicle. Best to keep your hands on the steering wheel, puts them much more at ease. And if you wait until he requests your ID, then reach for your wallet, he's going to be upset when he finds out you've got a gun and he just calmly watched you reach (and what if he spots it while you're going for your wallet?).

    From the Michigan State Police FAQ page (emphasis is theirs)
    "An individual licensed to carry a concealed pistol who is stopped by a police officer (traffic stop or otherwise) while in possession of a pistol shall immediately disclose to the police officer that he or she is carrying a concealed pistol either on their person or in their motor vehicle."

    The intent was made quite clear in multiple classes/discussions with instructors here. They want immediate notification.

    My one sentence notification is non threatening, concise, quick, and beats the heck out of blurting out "I've got a gun", which I'm sure some idiots have done. Again, only talking Michigan here. Not sure I'd notify or not if not required to. But here, it's mandatory and expected to be immediate.
    As a Michigan resident myself, this is EXACTLY my thinking on it. It's also how I was told to handle it in my CPL class which was taught at a local police station by a local cop. I have my instructions straight from a police officer, I'm sticking to it.

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    If the state does not require do not distract the officer. Naturally, all hands should be visible, inside light on, any moves spoken. Stay in vehicle at all times unless the officer asks you to exit. If you exit you should announce. If the officer asks you should be truthful.

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    I'm in Colorado. I just called the Colorado State Police's Head Quarters (303.239.4400) and talked with a Trooper on what is preferred in Colorado. He stated they prefer you tell them up front you have a valid CCW and are carrying a weapon. He stated if you have a valid CCW, your license is tagged already with that info and they will be notified of this information once your license is run for "officer safety" reasons. CSP prefers you let them know up front. They will respect it if you do.

    I asked if this thinking carried down to all levels of law enforcement, i.e. Sheriff and Local Police. He stated "yes", "I'm sure they would all appreciate it".

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