I've got an unbranded version almost identical to the COM cabled under my seat. The key for it is on my key ring, on a detachable (from the rest) ring, so if I happen to leave it locked and need it, I can access it without removing the keys from the ignition.

Good point on not letting people see you messing with the safe. I tend to casually lock mine as I arrive at a destination. I can look like I'm rummaging through papers or something if I need to actually place the gun back in it. But I tend to leave it in there most of the time, as I have a dedicated car gun (1911) and my EDC on my waist often times (unless I know I'm going somewhere I can't carry). I do occasionally use a SafePacker for the car gun, placing it on the passenger seat if I'm alone.

Which brings me to a question on Florida law.... I thought (?) that all that about securely encased, the snapped holster, etc. etc. was for loaded firearms in a vehicle if you didn't possess the CWL. Thought it was pretty much anywhere in a vehicle (if you're alone) if you were licensed. Is this incorrect?