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Really need your help and advice!

This is a discussion on Really need your help and advice! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; NAA mini revolver in 22 magnum? I know it's not a world beater but it shouldn't intimidate her and thus she'll be more likely to ...

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Thread: Really need your help and advice!

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    NAA mini revolver in 22 magnum? I know it's not a world beater but it shouldn't intimidate her and thus she'll be more likely to carry it,which is the key. A 22 in hand is better than a cell phone on any day.
    "The right of the whole people, old and young, men, women and boys, and not militia only, to keep and bear arms of every description, not such merely as are used by the militia, shall not be infringed, curtailed, or broken in upon, in the smallest degree..."
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    hawk, that was scary; good thing your mom was ok.

    I agree with what was said before. if you can convince her, it is time to carry something... like a reliable j-frame wheelgun.

    i like the kimber lifeact gizmo. it offers some standoff distance when you use it. I also back it up with some conventional mace spray.

    a blade, sharp and easy to use (i.e., open, keeps an edge, etc) for close in work. although, it requires a certain mindset to use it to defend yourself. visit the sayok kali website.

    not familiar with the tasers but there are ones currently marketed for use for women like the C2. I don't know how reliable or how well they work. conceptually it seems like a good idea. it is on the expensive though, for the price one can buy a j-frame taurus already stoked with .38 +p HPs.

    finally, always have a functioning cell phone. good luck. be safe out there.
    "embrace the suck" - our warriors in the sandbox... it implies that do the best you can in impossible conditions.
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    I would definitely recommend a revolver over any semi-auto, they are so much simpler to learn and use. However, the .38 snub can be quite a handful and that is why many people say it is a gun for experienced shooters only. I don't know who makes them now but a .32 revolver with a 3" barrel would be my best recommendation.

    Pepper spray would be a good stop-gap measure and some basic hand-to-hand should not be ruled out (eye gouges, punches to the windpipe, etc.)

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    I too would definitely start out with OC spray. A taser is also a great idea. While I personally prefer automatics, a revolver is a great way to go for someone with less gun handling experience. What ever you get, make sure she is comfortable with it. My wife doesn’t like the recoil from most .380s, but has no problem with most 9mm. Most people would think this to be counter intuitive, but it’s what works for her. If your mom prefers a .22, then get her a .22. She may change her mind later and decide to upgrade.

    I will also make another recommendation for her walks on the beach. Get her some sort of walking stick. It’s not as effective as a gun, OC spray, taser or knife. However, it will convey from a distance that this person may not be an easy target. Good luck.

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    She never should have consented to the first picture. Once you crack the door open for a piece of dung, there's little to keep them from barging in the rest of the way.

    She needs to walk with a partner, and ideally someplace not quite as secluded.

    Potential witnesses are her friend.


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    Glad it worked out “ok” and I don’t believe all they waned was a picture.

    As to carrying a pistol

    It depends on how old she is, and how conferrable she feels with getting her CCL and carrying a gun.

    I would first take her to the range and see how she does with a 38 S&W. I would never start a newbie with an auto loader.

    While anyone in a self defense situation can spray a BG with OC spray, some people will have a problem with shooting someone, and panic. And if she does not feel conferrable with a gun, the worst thing she could do, is pull a pistol and have a BG take it away from her.

    That’s why my wife does not carry a gun when she goes for beach walks.

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    Thanks everyone!

    I ended up going with the Kimber Life Act - Next up will be the effort to get her to a range with me.

    I really appreciate all the insights and ideas. Great feedback!

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    You might also want to contact the police department, or possibly one of the ranges, that teach unarmed self defense classes for women. The ones with the police departments are usually free. Being with other women, it will not be threatening in any way and, from what I have heard, they are usually pretty good.

    I would keep up on the idea about carrying a small revolver, however. Maybe get her a small one just for a house gun. Once she gets that, subtle persuasion might get her to feeling better about carrying when she is alone. Trips to the range for some casual shooting would certainly also help her learn that a gun is not, by itself, dangerous....
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    I think the best thing you can do as a loving son is continue to work to make her understand that she NEEDS a gun for her protection. Tell her that you love her and do not want to be without her until the day that the Lord is ready for her to depart this world, naturally, in her sleep, peacefully. Not in a violent manner as she just barely sidestepped on that beach.

    There is a reason that Col. Colt's revolver was known as the great equalizer. In her hands, a little .38 snubbie would have made her a bigger threat to those thugs than they were to her.

    Convince her she needs to protect her life, if not for herself, for you and any grandchildren she has or might hope to see someday.
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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    Have to ask......which beach? Fernadena? Jax Beach? All of the Jacksonville area is getting worse.

    Bumper's suggestion of a local departments class for women (JSO?) is an option. Her apprehensivness to carrying may stem from lack of experience/exposure to firearms. Take her to the range with you if you can get her to. If she opens up to the idea then look into a class specifically for women. I've seen a few of these class's advertised at a couple of the local gunshops/ranges.

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    You need to have a serious talk to her about OC and Tasers. I get the feeling right now she'd be content to put a can of OC in her purse and forget the whole affair.

    The problem with OC and Tasers are they only buy some time. For a healthy person, it is the time you beat feet and run like mad, or you take the window of opportunity created and subdue the attacker.

    With an elderly or infirm person, this simply doesn't work. They can't run fast enough to get away and are probably not strong enough to secure the attacker(s).

    All you'd end up with is some really POed attackers.

    They call the firearm the equalizer for a reason.


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    wow 5'3" and 60 years old, and wants to protect herself but not with a firearm? I think anything else would come up short...but even OC spray is better than nothing...
    I think the NAA .22 mag is a good option even. just don't give up, keep discussing it with soon people forget the feeling of a situation like that...they just put it out of their mind

    --people ask why I carry, and I show them this picture. I think it says it all.--

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    Speaking as an instructor, carry OC, unless you are willing to devote the time in training and pratice--if so carry a lite weight wheel gun its easier to work with and besides working a slide(your mom sounds like a lightweight) may be to hard and confusing/is it loaded or not?

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    I am glad your mother is ok and nothing bad happened to her. If she is totally against guns and a lot of people are. I am not trying to be funny but how does she like dogs, a German Shepherd or a doberman might be better in Florida.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    If she doesn't wanta be armed with a gun then she needs to stay in a group and not wander off to a desolate area by herself
    That about sums it up.

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