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SHTF, I'm the "Bad guy"

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Thread: SHTF, I'm the "Bad guy"

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    I agree on the fresh meat! One question, what did you do for Y2K?

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    If that does not work keep in mind you can always eat the bird if disaster ever strikes.
    Eat the dog first.

    The meat is sweet, and doesn't taste like chicken.


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    Don't alienate a good potential partner.
    Especially since she is right.
    Put in a better stock of food and water.
    Hunting and fishing will not be so practical or easy with multitudes of totally unprepared crazed, starved, and sick individuals roaming/scavenging around everywhere.

    Truthfully to survive the first wave of a flu pandemic which would be the most likely future OMG! scenario - you'll need to remain indoors and away from all other human contact for a full month.
    So you'll need a minimum of food for two for one full month and 3 times as much water as the minimum that you'll need to drink daily.
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    The people over at zombie hunters advice having at least 6 months worth of stored water and food. Mostly you need water, in the event of a disease or virus water supplies could become tainted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    A real SHTF and I'm eating the dog, the bird, and the neighbors if they are stupid enough to show up around my place.
    Note to self: Stay away from Arkansas! :

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    To quote a coworker of mine from a previous job when asked by a customer, "Since you did not buy a generator for Y2K, what did you buy?"

    "Lead, brass and powder. If the SHTF, then I will have ammo to take your generator and whatever else I need."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticks View Post
    To quote a coworker of mine from a previous job when asked by a customer, "Since you did not buy a generator for Y2K, what did you buy?"

    "Lead, brass and powder. If the SHTF, then I will have ammo to take your generator and whatever else I need."
    It's a simple plan. Requires carrying less stuff as well.

    I'm in the eat the dog and bird camp. Use the neighbors as bait for other critters I can eat. Not a cannibal.
    Procrastinators are the leaders of tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSU Spartan View Post
    Or you could by a bottle of BBQ sauce for the bird! That ought to really get her going!

    Beat me to that one..........
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    Remember birds eat like birds. Fatten it up for eating later.

    Only a weeks worth of food... I would change that. Just the pure fact you can buy more food in bulk with lower prices. This will end up saving you money in the long run. Would recommend at least 3 months and don't forget the TP and female supplies

    At least she is interested in SHTF (preping).

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    oh great, I do hope that HotGuns doesn't get hungry and start looking for something to eat. LOL!!!

    Yep, sounds like you need to get some more food for the critters to make her happy.

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    In all seriousness, if things were to get "that bad," both the bird and dog would be psychologiocal anchors to a more "normal" time.

    Dunno about her bird, but my aunt had a parrot that would raise a horrible racket if someone it hadn't seen in the company of my aunt walked in the house.

    Dog has the obvious advantages, and is likely to draw fire before you if outside. Heckuva deal, but generally true. Buy premium dogfood, if you don't already. Its has better nutritional value/volume, they make less poop, and they'll stay healthy. We use Cannidae, but Iams and Science Diet are equally good. I believe PetSmart has a new Blue Label something or other that looks to be comparable as well.

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    If you eat the bird, you're going to be in TROUBLE!!

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    For some great discussion on this sort of issue you can visit Survival Forum and Discussion Board - Urban and Wilderness Topics...

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    this thread has taken some interesting turns...anyway,

    to answer myself from earlier,

    You can long term store grains and stuff using mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. You seal it in the mylar with an iron and all the oxygen inside is sucked up by a little packet making it deteriorate very little.

    A Short Lesson On Oxygen Absorbers
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    If you are stocking up on food I would recommend Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Complete Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival: Jack A. Spigarelli: Books

    It is mainly about food storage, what food to store and how to store it.
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