well it just might be June 30th before it comes, but there is no language in the law that says 60 working days, it just says 60 days from what i have seen. Plus they had sent me an email roughly a month ago telling me they "received my application April 7 and would process it by June 7 which is perscribed by law". That tells me that it is 60 actual days not working days.

At the time i thought well duh obviously it was going to be processed within the 60 days, so i figured they really didn't tell me anything (other than my actual receive date being April 7 not my cancelled check date or April 11). turns out we were both wrong the 60 days is more of a suggestion than a rule i guess. Wonder if this will work when i pay my bills, hmmmmmmmmmm.

I figured all i can do is wait, but had hoped maybe someone on here that ran into the same situation but managed to speed the process along could provide a little advice. Otherwise, i am just carrying at home for now