This is copied from the forum but thought maybe some would like to jump in on this and help some Iowa CC'er

A nice guest editorial was published in the Des Moines Register this past week by a supporter of "shall issue" concealed carry. Just as Missouri's attempts for so many years were sabotaged by "friends," so
Iowa's attempt to get a fair shall issue law this year was torpedoed by a few less than loyal supporters. The guest editorial summarizes this and calls for renewed efforts next year.

However, we know all that. The reason I'm posting this link here is because the comments on the editorial have turned into a very productive debate between supporters of shall issue and five or so supporters of "sheriff's choice" issue. Most of the shall issue people are members of but the sheriff's choice people know this because they've joined as stealth members. So, ..... So how about a few (or a large number) of regulars visiting the Des Moines Register site, registering an account/user name, and leaving some comments.

Remember, this is for the lurkers, the people who silently read and then later vote the opinion they took away from the debate. Write for the lurkers to expose the antigun fallacies.

Guest column: Gun-training bill disappeared in fog of legislative politics | | The Des Moines Register