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This is a discussion on Worried about printing within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by youngda9 That was great...but it's a setup/fake. The guy pushes his gun across the counter at waist level, bends his elbow to ...

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Thread: Worried about printing

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    Quote Originally Posted by youngda9 View Post
    That was great...but it's a setup/fake.

    The guy pushes his gun across the counter at waist level, bends his elbow to offer it to the dog. The bending of his elbow points the gun directly at the wall, there is no effort to point the gun at the guy behind the counter. The dog then proceeds to bite the guys black sweater in the exact spot where a hole is ripped out of it(this has been done before). You can see the outline of the protective padding under the shirt as the dog gets the arm also.

    That's exactly what I thought at first because it appeared like the dog was primed and ready for that!
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    Camera is low for a typical security cam.
    The video lines are a video effect I’ve used before.
    The time code started from zero.
    And of cource the gun guy actions in the video mentioned by posts

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    not sure why, but it appears like the words cocker spaniel and cocker turned red in my post... I don't know how lol

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    Every dog has his day. Grendel's was today.

    Of course, it would be so much better if it were real.
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    That dog deserves a B-I-G steak!
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