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Taste of CA Law enforcement interaction

This is a discussion on Taste of CA Law enforcement interaction within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Glad to hear your were not injured,sorry about the car. I too live in Kalifornia and have had a CCW for over 25 years. About ...

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Thread: Taste of CA Law enforcement interaction

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    California CCW

    Glad to hear your were not injured,sorry about the car. I too live in Kalifornia and have had a CCW for over 25 years. About 2yrs ago,after attending a local gunshow I totaled my wife's car. I was rear ended by a dumptruck. After the report was done and before the tow truck took the car I advised the CHP officer that I needed to recover my Glock 36 from the trunk.He never batted an eye as he helped me pry the trunk open to get to the Glock. At that point I advised the officer that I had a CCW,he never asked to see it. Guess he figured I was going to catch enough grief from the wife for wrecking her car. Aside from the wreck it was a good LEO experience.

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    Lots of people just have to say SOMETHING on any issue unless they have specifically trained themselves not to. May be bias, maybe not.

    Non issue.
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    I think it is a harmless question...perhaps out of curiosity or wondering if you are a postal inspector. Regardless, glad you're not hurt.


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    I would say law enforcement in my state/area are mainly pro carry. I've been stopped quite a few times on the road, and some roadblock sobriety checkpoints. Upon producing my DL with CHL, I'm always asked where is it, and what is it and that's pretty much the end of it. On my last stop, the ASP officer actually saw the pistol rug from the passenger side since the stop was made on a highway. He asked if that was a pistol and I told him yes. He removed it and took it with him to the cruiser while he ran my information. Upon returning he handed the case back to me with all of the ammunition removed from the magazine and the magazine removed from the pistol. The officer stated to me he had done this for his own safety and just in case I decided to put a couple of slugs in him---those were his words exactly. Before I pulled back onto the roadway, the magazine was loaded again and in the pistol. If I would have had the pistol on my person, I'd have likely been asked to exit my vehicle and had it removed from me---which would have taken some time and may have involved more than the one officer and make a public embarrassment.

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    Sounds like he accepted the fact that you carry a firearm for the exact same reason that he carries his.
    Sorry to hear about your vehicle.
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    Just curious, how did you rate a CHL in CA?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ranburr View Post
    Just curious, how did you rate a CHL in CA?
    There is plenty of CHL in California. Depends where.

    The state is may-issue, not shall-issue. Thus, the county sheriff gets the final call. Get one that's mistrustful of citizens' ability to defend themselves, and you get Gestapo-like "security" for the people. Get the opposite, and you end up with people having much the same ability as folks from other states.

    Of course, the California Assembly (legislature) has seen fit to make dramatic restrictions on the ability to carry, beyond the sheriff's predilections, and that can make things a bit tricky.

    Carried in California for 10yrs myself. But then, I was in a remote, northern county that was far removed from the fearful liberal nonsense of other, more-populous counties.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rossman View Post
    I post it here for a taste of California.
    WOW In California ?!? Amazed you have a CCW at all in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, assuming you are not a movie star junkie. Give that officer a donut, could not have gone any better than that. Maybe there is hope for your state after all.
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    Too bad about the car and missing the great event.

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    I think the question may have just been curiosity. I had an Arizona DPS officer ask me the same thing once to which I told him I carried for personal protection. He just said, "Don't blame ya a bit" and "have a nice day"....
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    Quote Originally Posted by LongRider View Post
    WOW In California ?!? Amazed you have a CCW at all in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, assuming you are not a movie star junkie.

    The really rural counties are actually very gun friendly. In Butte Co., for example, if it were any easier they'd have a deputy standing on the street corner handing them out!! I live in San Joaquin Co., and I'll get a CCW when hell freezes over. I'd like to retire and move to Dunsmir someday and I'm told that's a very pro-gun part of the state.

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    There are 40,000 permit holders in California. Some counties are essentially shall issue, after training and a backround check. My "reason" for applying was "self defense".

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    Living right next door to Butte county. Our county has 20,000 citizens with 500 CCW's issued. Works out to about 5% of our population.

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