Going to California

Going to California

This is a discussion on Going to California within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello all. I've made it my tradition to check in here whenever I'm traveling to a new state anymore. I did some searches on here, ...

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Thread: Going to California

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    Going to California

    Hello all. I've made it my tradition to check in here whenever I'm traveling to a new state anymore. I did some searches on here, and googled, but if I missed any obvious answers somewhere, sorry ahead of time....

    Anyway, as indicated by my title, I'm headed down to California with my dad this weekend, to Woodland, in the Sacramento area. Anyway, I'm just wanting to get anyone's input as to what I can/cannot/should/should not bring with me.

    As far as I'm seeing, there is no state-wide folder-blade length limit, and although some areas ban 3"+ knives, where I'm going my 3.91" blade Benchmade folder should be ok. Am I understanding that properly? Additionally, I presume OC spray and kubaton is good to go.

    And now the rough part.... I know my G19 has to stay home on this trip. I'm not happy about this, as it will be our first extended time apart since she came home with me. (We're going to miss each other.) But, as I understand it, my 15 and 17 round mags will not be welcome. And I obviously don't have a CA carry permit anyway. But, I'd like to find something to bring with, should the commies or zombies choose this inopportune time to invade. From what I've read, firearms in the vehicle are basically a no-no, and I just don't want to run the risk of any LEO trouble, so I'm thinking whatever I bring would just get locked in the pickup toolbox. So, I'm thinking, is it ok/worth it to try and bring the Taurus .357? Or do all handguns need registration in CA?

    What about long guns? I know my WASR-10 would not be welcome, again due to mag size if nothing else. What restrictions are there on shotguns?

    What I'm ideally thinking, (well, not ideally, but settling for ) would be my Taurus .357 and Mossberg 500 Persuader (PGO), both unloaded in toolbox with a healthy supply of ammo for both. While not going to permit quick access, should the SHTF, it would allow both my dad and I something to repel the zombie hordes with. Any thoughts from you Californians or anybody familiar with California laws...? Thanks everybody.
    .40 is fine.

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    Hey, that was my 100th post! Woo-hoo!
    .40 is fine.

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    You can bring the Taurus, but the gun must be locked in a container, and the ammo must be separated in another area. You can load when in your hotel room, etc. Shotgun should be fine, but not carried loaded. Keep the ammo separated too. The kubaton IS NOT allowed! Don't ask me, carry a heavy pen.
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    I just moved from CA to WA. Good move for me. To answer your question, sure take your glock, but keep it locked in a case in the trunk with the ammunition separated. If you are in an unincorporated area in CA you may legally open carry as long as you are not in a vehicle and you may legally open carry in an incorporated area as long as your weapon is unloaded. NOW, please understand that if you choose to do this, you WILL be getting some flack from the local PD. Here's a link I dug up to every incorporated city in CA ---> Google Image Result for http://www.cityattorney.us/ca-shadow%5B1%5D.jpg It is legal, but not widely known. Magazines in CA are limited to 10 rounds, and if you have a rifle built on the AR-15 platform you may not have a removable magazine on said rifle. blah, blah, blah, rules rules rules....i know. Sorry man it sucks in CA, but if you wanna go you gotta play by the rules. If you are not in an incorporated city, then OC is legal. Otherwise, keep it locked up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swiftyjuan View Post
    The kubaton IS NOT allowed! Don't ask me, carry a heavy pen.
    Interesting the Kubaton is not allowed, I was of the opinion that they were fairly universally excepted, aside from secured areas, airports, etc. Good to know! That can stay home, my flashlight can easily fill the same role anyway. California hasn't passed any laws against EBF's (Evil Black Flashlights) yet, have they??

    luvmyglock, congrats on the move. WA is a nice state, sounds like a definite improvement. Thanks for the first hand experience, don't want to monkey around with buying 10-rounders that I'll (hopefully) never need, (McCain willing), and certainly don't want to draw undue attention from LEO's, so thinking to just run with the .357 unloaded and locked in case within suitcase in cab, and shotgun unloaded and locked in toolbox. I appreciate all the info.
    .40 is fine.

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    Gun has to be unloaded in a locked case or in a locked trunk. Glove compartment or the box between seats is not ok. Ammo does NOT have to separated from the location of the weapon, but I think it's a good idea because not every LEO knows the law.

    How about one of these and bring the Glock?:
    Ivanhoe Warehouse Outlet - Product GL19 10-RD 9MM #MF10019 - USED GUNS, PISTOLS, REVOLVERS, FIREARMS, HANDGUNS, SHOTGUNS

    Darn cheap.

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    When I go to California I carry a Winchester 30-30 lever action and I put it in a locked Doksal case in the back seat floor. I put a 1911 in a locked pistol case in front and have another locked case with loaded mags. near it. It takes very little time to unlock and load. If you sense danger then CA law allows you to use common sense.
    I do violate the law in high danger areas by carrying a loaded AMT .380 in a deep cover waistband holster that cannot be seen.

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    I live in California. I carry and transport firearms in California. Here's what you need to know:

    NO magazines greater than 10 rounds allowed. Sorry, bring a compact pistol or revolver with speed loaders instead. Leave the AR/AK at home too because there are too many restrictions and requirements needed to be known and followed to bring it into the state. If you did manage to get it reconfigured, it wouldn't be the same firearm as before you started changing it so don't bother with the hassle.

    Handguns must be in a locked container when transporting. If you have a gun rug with a lock that's fine. You can have it inside the passenger compartment if it's locked up in a container.

    If you don't have a locked container, then lock it in THE TRUNK (or cargo box). DO NOT PUT IT in the console or glove box!!! (Or even worse, under the seat)

    Gun must be unloaded. Mags can be loaded but cannot "touch" the gun even in a locked container (stupid rule. I know, I know...) You can openly carry loaded mags on your person if you want to.

    For peace of mind, put the shotgun in a case behind the seat. Unloaded of course and with a lock (for when within 1000 ft of school zones). Ammo cannot be in the gun magazine/tube. It must be empty.

    When in the house/hotel ROOM/etc, you can load and carry (even concealed) without any problems. DO NOT try to open carry outside. There are tons of nit picky rules and restrictions and if you don't know them you will probably break one of them. Be safe and smart and just don't do it.

    I don't know about the OC or the knife as I don't carry either anymore. I used to carry a 5" folder back in the day but gave it up when I started wearing a suit to work and needed to go through a metal detector every morning.

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