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This is a discussion on CCW Clearance drills within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just finished watching a video called “Way Advanced Concealed carry” and one of the drills is clearing your gun from concealment. Now almost all of ...

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Thread: CCW Clearance drills

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    CCW Clearance drills

    Just finished watching a video called “Way Advanced Concealed carry” and one of the drills is clearing your gun from concealment. Now almost all of us have done quick draw drills (hopefully some place safe) and fire on target. But how may of you have done this from concealment? I found out that I’m in need of more range time with this method, basically sloppy fumbling the shirt up, once one the grip I’m ok but this is one life saving drill we all need to do, so how many are practicing?
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    "clearing your gun from concealment" Are you talking about drawing from concealment (as in clearing leather)? If so, that's the only way I practice. I never open carry so I don't think I should practice that way.

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    I try to practice lots of diffrent drills as real life can throw almost anything at ya. Shooting from on your back, drawing while crouched, weak hand draw and firing. low light and some more exotic drills are more difficult with out a good private range.

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    I find - and assuming my weak hand is free and uninjured - that I go automatically to lower corner of shirt on right - and sweep that as I put strong hand to gun.

    I rarely wear real heavy outer stuff even when pretty cold.

    I also from habit bend fwd and to left as hand goes to draw. I daresay many do this but it for me facilitates the fast hand to grips movement. I noticed in the vid clip (and GIF small anim') of Tom Cruise that he made similar move - pretty instinctive I guess really.

    As right hand gains gun grips the weak hand leaves corner of shirt and joins strong hand on way up for a 2 hand grip.

    If weak hand/arm in trouble then strong hand needs practiced at draw - necessitating a twist of hand and wrist to ''dive'' under garment to get it clear of body as feeling for grips.

    I guess too - tho do not do it enough - a draw strong side with weak hand - tricky in the extreme IMO. Requires for me a near let-go of gun and against body - to flick it into correct orientation.

    Compared to many I am not fast re the clock but I reckon to practice so a satisfactory draw occurs every time possible.

    Chris - P95
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    P95, tom was just awsome in that movie. Ok, back on task, yes I do when I think about it. I shoot at an indoor range that does not allow holster draw. However, I will grab my strong side shirt with both hands, and let the aft corner go and grab weapon. I just go through the motions no real practice. I am confident I can get a hold.
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    I have both Lenny McGills - Concealed Carry & Way Advanced Concealed Carry. I learned alot about the proper way to carry and draw. I practice it regularly now. I recommend these videos to anyone.

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    I'd love to practice draw and fire from concealed carry. The range I shoot at doesn't allow this and I have no place to go and plink like I used to when things weren't so civilized. I should practice draw and dry fire at home. Guess I'll have to start. I've been lazy.

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    Thumbs up

    I carry concealed all the time./ W/ open front garment, support hand goes to sternum while strong hand fingers rake under cloth at opening just above belt level, flipping clothing back,stopping at, and dropping down on grip. Closed front,/ support hand crosses body to grab hem on strong side, lifting out and up. At the same time strong side hand is coming up W/ fingers pointed down and thumb in and up to hook under and insure garment clears butt of pistol. I carry IWB @ 3:30 with FBI cant, and ALWAYS the same location. On open front, a little weight in the strong side pocket or hem helps the flip. As a humerous aside, did a class with my son when he dropped a loaded 13 rd Glock mag in his coat pocket. When he flipped that coat open, he klonked himself in the back of the head so hard,he almost lost conciousness. Had to reholster I was laughing so hard.
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    I try and practice as much as I can. I shoot IDPA matches with the exact same rig I use for carry, with the same concealment garmet. I know it may make me alittle slower than the guys that stretch the rules to be more competitive, but I shoot IDPA for practice.

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    At my IDPA Club, all runs are started from a position of concealment. No cover garment, no shoot. Even in South Florida when it's 100 degrees. The theory being you'll only be shooting a short while and can head back to cover and cold drinks (gatorade) in a moment. That's why down here, I have a specific shooting "season" for the excessive heat. When I'm not outdoors, I go practice indoors.
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    As above, I always practice drawing from concealment. Also practice every night 'shooting' myself in the mirror - drawing from concealment. My wife gets a kick out of it.

    Remember, smooth is fast.

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    Fortunately the indoor range I practice at allows me to do pretty much whatever I want to. (They've known me for years) So I get to practice from concealment everytime I go shooting.
    With a PACT timer I have been able to consistently put two shots COM at 7 yards in 1.5 seconds from concealment starting with hands in the surrender position.

    Like Joe I also practice 'presentations' frequently at home with a full mag but an empty chamber. (so that the weight is right)
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    dry fire practice is from concealment

    range training is from concealment

    airsoft training is from concealment
    Brad B.

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    Being an old guy that ONLY carried concealed, all of my dry fire practice, matchs, training, etc, is done from concealed carry.

    Started concealed carry more than more than 50 years ago.

    Today, a light patterned shirt over dark t shirt, with a couple of buttons buttoned at bottom of shirt. A 44 Special cross draw, a 44 Mag strong side, and a 38 Special in left hand pocket. One reload for each.
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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    P95, tom was just awsome in that movie.
    Mick Gould trained Cruse for this movie. Gould served in the SAS for 10yrs.

    I practice draw and dryfire with my T.V. everyday. Unlike "the king" I do actualy dryfire.

    I also practic at the range.

    I still want to get an Airdoft, but the G19 airsoft has a N.Y. trigger .

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