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Do we subconsciously compensate?

This is a discussion on Do we subconsciously compensate? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Euc, this is really presuppositional because you really never know if your combo is good until you see it at work, and we all hope ...

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Thread: Do we subconsciously compensate?

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    Euc, this is really presuppositional because you really never know if your combo is good until you see it at work, and we all hope this never happends. However, I think it is human nature to gravitate to what's most pragmatic. Thus, initially I carried my SW model 37 and the 1911 at home. Well, with the wife being pregnant I felt she needed access to the 37 all of the time so it remains behind.

    I decided that the Milspec will be my all of the time piece and I will not worry about printing or anything just carry it. I shoot it the best, so this week I will get a better belt and then work on getting rid of the Fobus. 1 Milspec, 1 magazine, a CRKT and trust in the Lord that he will teach my hands to war if need be. My 2Cents.
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    I had to think about this overnight because it reminded me of something I read when studying chaos theory. There is a small piece of chaos theory that talks to the occurence of simultaneous knowledge. It seems there is tremendous evidence that when one creature learns something (through experience), it is somehow transmitted throughout the species within a very short time even though other recipients have not yet shared the experience or had direct communication with the origin. This is somewhat less prevelant in humans because we learn in so many ways other than experience and we tend to adopt belief systems that color our perception. How does this apply to Euclidean's thoughts?
    Well, perhaps what occurs is that because of the commonality of our belief systems and our mindset (as CCW's), the experiences of all those that have come before us and our own experience (we stand on the shoulders of giants), we come to share several basic 'truths' about carrying. This would not extend to what gun or caliber we carry (as this is a personal choice based on our own 'perceptions' and experiences, not enough commonality) but does extend to the why's, how's and how much.
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    XD40 - I thought the Chaos theory was just descriptive of my life.
    Actually, that's some deep thinking in regards to Euc's original question about perceiving threats in similar ways! Kudos!
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    Standard loadout for me is one 1911, and one spare magazine. I feel comfortable with it when running errands and such.

    I keep one spare carry mag in my coat, in case I forget a spare during winter. Sometimes I carry my .38 snub as a BUG, when the amount of clothing I'm wearing makes my 1911 hard to get to.

    In my truck, I keep a spare carry mag for my 1911 (in case I forget a spare and I dont have my coat) spare mag for my G17 (truck gun - gun in one door pocket, mag in another), and a 33 rounder in the glovebox.

    So, I guess you could say that when its really cold outside, and I'm in my truck, I have a 1911 (8), two spare mags (14), a BUG (5), and a the truck gun (68) within reach. Wow.

    If I'm going to the range on that cold day, in addtion to the above, I'll have at least one additional 1911 with four mags (28), two additional mags for my carry gun (21), and four extra mags for my G17(68). Not to mention enough boxed ammo to replace every round. OMG.

    For someone comfortable with one 1911 and one reload, I just realized how well armed I can be at times... I hope I dont get stopped by an anti-gun cop on my way to the range that day...

    edit: If my math sucks, I'm sorry. I havent slept in a while so my head aint exactly screwed on right.

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    1911A1s are excusable but bad math is not!

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    My off-duty carry typically "exceeds" my on-duty carry since I carry a BUG off-duty; my agency doesn't authorize BUG carry.

    That said, it's my two Kahr 9mm's loaded with seven rounds (each) of standard pressure Speer 124 grain Gold Dot JHPs and backed up with at least one seven-round magazine; usually two. That makes 21 to 28 rounds of 9mm on my person off-duty.

    With that, I carry one or two (sometimes three) knives and one or two Surefire lights and other smaller lights on my keychains.

    Based on this and other threads I have read, a good many of you carry more than many state or federal investigators I work with. Many don't carry a spare magazine to accompany their primary firearm...sure, they may have a shotgun in the trunk of their car, but when doing interviews in the field, that shotgun is a long way from where we might be interviewing a victim/witness/suspect.
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    I think we all compensate to a point. We consiously or sub-consiously fear that we could run out of rounds before the fight is over so we may overload ourselves needlessly.

    I tend to do main carry is a 1911 with 8+1 and a spare mag or two backed up by my Taurus PT-145 with two mags holding 10 and one in the pipe. One thing I do believe in is to have my primary and backup the same caliber so the ammunition is interchangable in both guns. If one jams the other can shoot it's ammo if need be.
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