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Does this make me a wierd?

This is a discussion on Does this make me a wierd? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would practice concealment as I am sure that is what you will be doing outside of the home, but no you are not crazy. ...

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Thread: Does this make me a wierd?

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    I would practice concealment as I am sure that is what you will be doing outside of the home, but no you are not crazy. I often OC in my own home and as you said, if others don’t like it they can leave. My house, my rules!

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    The only time I carry at home is if I'm opening the door for a stranger. It's usually people trying to sell junk.
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    This is how i would handle it

    watch me

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    My parents both have there permits and my dad carries 95% of the time when out but they both still think i am nuts for carrying at home. OH well, I don't live in their house anymore so now that is my call.

    "The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose."

    -James Earl Jones

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    Yes, before I got my permit ~1 year ago, I carried all the time in the house. And yes, the then fiance thought i was crazy.

    Just like has been said before, it's a good time to get rdy for different day to day situations like bending over to pick up a spoon. You'll stop to think, "gosh, i'm printing like mad right now." Reminds you to use the "squat to pick up" manuver.

    I'm married to her now. she's settled into the idea. and when i carry at home now, she doesn't even notice it and neither does anyone else.
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    I've got my M&P .40 sitting in a Fobus paddle holster as I type this. There's fifteen in the mag and one in the chamber. If someone kicks in my door, or breaks a window, I want to be sure that I can defend myself.

    You're not weird. You're prepared.
    "To my mind it is wholly irresponsible to go into the world incapable of preventing violence, injury, crime, and death. How feeble is the mindset to accept defenselessness. How unnatural. How cheap. How cowardly. How pathetic." Ted Nugent


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    I did the same thing as I waited for my license. I am glad that I did - I needed to get used to the idea of having a gun on my hip. By the time my license arrived I was settled into the idea.

    It took me a while not to do all the things that let those that watch for such things would see. I was sure that I had this big red arrow over my head that said "GUN". Now I think nothing of it and actually feel strange when I am not wearing it.

    Oh...and you are probably crazy like the rest of us...but it is a happy crazy not a crying crazy so it isn't so bad.
    "It ain't all the things we don't know that causes all the trouble. It's all the things we do know that ain't so!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by ellswj View Post
    I have yet to get my CCW but in the mean time I have been carryinf around the house to get used to the idea. I didn't think this was wierd until my girlfriend, mother and others make me out to be some phsyco. I know, I know they should even be able to tell Im carrying, but in my own home concealment is not on the top of my list of importance. Should it be? I tell anyone who questions me on it if it makes them uncomfortable, they are not being held at gunpoint to stay...No pun intended. Does this make me crazy
    Excellent. Let your g/f know up front what kind of person you are. If she can't handle it, you'll be better off with someone else. As far as family: your house, your rules.

    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    BG's don't give a damn whether your parents are pissed, or your significant other is an anti, or you're feeling a bit "off" today. You'll either be prepared or not, and that won't happen by osmosis.

    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    As for whether to carry in your home, consider that a home invasion can start with an explosive entry through your door. Will you have sufficient time in such a situation to go down the hall, into another room, then grab your weapon from the safe? While outside playing with the kids, barbecuing, gardening, or whatever, evaluate whether someone can approach without announcement and whether that'll matter when you're 30ft from the room where your firearm is stored. In short, the only practical way to be prepared for whatever situation is to carry it with you, or at least have it near you (at home).
    A home invasion will happen when you don't expect it. If you're serious about protection at home, you need to have a gun within reach always. The best way is to have it on your body. If I'm at home and not carrying, I'm either in the shower or in bed, and my gun(s) are at arm's length.

    Quote Originally Posted by havegunjoe View Post
    I often OC in my own home and as you said, if others don’t like it they can leave. My house, my rules!
    Short and sweet, and right on.

    When I started carrying around the house, my wife started to make a big deal about it. I went off on her and told her I didn't need her permission to protect her and our daughter, and I would never ask. I mentioned how fast home invasions happen. She soon discovered she could not goad, shame, or whine me into not carrying, and she was going to get a fullscale discussion of why I carry, if she brought it up. She doesn't bring it up now. Funny thing is, she actually likes me to carry now. She knows I'm serious about protecting us.

    I recommend you don't bow to their pressure. If you want to open carry at your home, then do it. If you don't bow to their pressure, they may get used to it after awhile. Besides, it gives you opportunities to discuss crime, ways to be prepared, etc. every time they bring it up. If you give them a full and direct conversation about how unprepared they are, and how random crime is, eventually they will stop bringing it up.

    Good job on practicing ahead of time, and also of carrying around the house.

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    It doesn't make you weird at all. Get used to some people thinking you are weird or paranoid for carrying a gun. We call them Sheeple and they are usually the ones that the predators cull from the herd first. They live in total denial about the real world and how likely they are to be involved in some violent encounter.

    You are already exhibiting signs that you are not one of the sheeple. You are not weird, you are selfreliant and capable. Be proud of that. Wear their insults as badges of honor.

    Hey, I've been carrying for over 17 years. And I carry at home. All the time. In fact, since the idiots I work for do not allow me to carry at work, that is the only place I can be found with a gun not on my person. (that and any other place where it is illegal for me to carry but, I tend not to go to those places).
    Home invasions happen every day all over this great country of ours. The best way to be ready for one is to have your gun on your hip ready to go.
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    Face it, even IF it did make you weird the fact that you are practicing to carry and in turn will give you an advantage and heighten your situational awareness only means you will be weird longer than the average .
    "Don't hit a man if you can possibly avoid it; but if you do hit him, put him to sleep." - Theodore Roosevelt


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    with the new direction of crooks for home invasions and home robberies.... I carry at home as well.

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    I eat and sleep with my gun, and never leave home without it.
    The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding cititzens should also have guns.Otherwise they will win and the decent people will loss.''
    -James Earl Jones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellswj View Post
    Does this make me crazy
    no, keep doing what you're doing
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    Independence is declared; it must be maintained. Sam Houston-3/2/1836
    If loose gun laws are good for criminals why do criminals support gun control?

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