Has anyone ever been spotted carrying?

Has anyone ever been spotted carrying?

This is a discussion on Has anyone ever been spotted carrying? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, I have been wondering... Has anyone ever been spotted or accosted by a business owner, waiter, waitress, store clerk or any business person for ...

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Thread: Has anyone ever been spotted carrying?

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    Has anyone ever been spotted carrying?

    Ok, I have been wondering...

    Has anyone ever been spotted or accosted by a business owner, waiter, waitress, store clerk or any business person for carrying a concealed gun, where you probably shouldn't have been according to that establishments policy and asked to leave?

    I have never been "made" by anyone or confronted about carrying a gun, whether it violated their "store policy" or otherwise.

    My feelings are, don't break the law by committing a crime, but don't sweat the trivial stuff either.

    Concealed means concealed to me. When I first started carrying, I used to be real cognizant about looking for the little signs posted, but as time wore on, now I really don't pay attention whether a business has a sign or not.

    Just wondering if anyone has ever been spotted and asked to leave an establishment?

    If anyone answers YES, please be specific about the circumstances. Please, I am only interested in those carrying concealed. Not for open carry incidents!
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    ever been spotted carrying?

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    Nope, but I have seen other people conceal badly enough where I could see it but not your average Joe.
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    Spotted? Yes.

    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    Also, don't go to Men's Warehouse to try on suits with a 1911 in an OWB, printing? It went WAY beyond priniting.

    The salesman instantly assumed PD, but did not ask, and simply stated that they have a tailor that does wonderful work for aiding in the concealment of shoulder holsters.


    Next time you have to get your measurements taken for that stinkin' tux you'll need at that upcoming wedding, find a way to remove your gun before they measure you're waist. I ended up just telling the guy that I knew my waist measurement and that he didn't have to bother.

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    I never have. I make a fairly substantial effort every day to keep it that way too! (except for his month, as I am waiting for my new license)

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    I really can't say that I haven't been spotted, but I have never been confronted and asked to leave anywhere. I do not carry in establishments prohibited by Tennessee law, but I do carry into some places that do not have proper signage based on Tennessee law. No one has ever confronted me in such places. I also carry into other places where the corporate policy is to follow state law, but if a customer or employee is ever made uncomfortable, the establishment reserves the right to ask me to leave (per the corporate head of security), but I have never been confronted/asked to leave there either.
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    As I posted in CC guns, I(to the best of my knowledge) have only been made once. I was carrying my duty weapon (G21) IWB when the wife and I went vehicle shopping. I was made because I picked a cover garment based on the thought that I wouldn't be sitting down. It was my mistake. That said, the person who made me was a former Fed. LEO. Other than that, I haven't been made as far as I know.
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    Has anyone ever been spotted carrying?

    No one has ever said anything.

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    Not that I know of, but one time I felt as though I was being watched.

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    ever been spotted carrying?
    HELLNO. It isn't that hard.

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    Nope, not even with a fanny pack woo hoo!

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    No, I want to keep it that way!! In Colorado we have very few gun free zones. I did carry on a regular place that had their own rule against it. Never a problem.

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    I was in a clothing store and immediately changed into some clothes I bought. Little did I know I had my mag wrapped up in my clothes, while waiting in line I accidently dropped my mag several people looked. I was so embarrased but everyone played it cool.
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    You mean where the little old lady screams oh my god he has a gun and everybody screams and starts running,nope i keep my stuff covered and if i think i mighta made a move that raised my shirt i make sure its pulled down all the way
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