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Happen to anyone else?

This is a discussion on Happen to anyone else? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've always carried my wallet in left reat, so no problem with strong side carry right side. When I use a fanny pack, i sometimes ...

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Thread: Happen to anyone else?

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    I've always carried my wallet in left reat, so no problem with strong side carry right side. When I use a fanny pack, i sometimes put my wallet in my right front pocket so the wallet doesn't show and advertise the fanny pack's not for valuables like the wallet, etc.

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    My wallet is on my weak side. This leaves my strong side hand free to take care of business. Sometimes my flashlight carrier or mag holder do get in the way of accessing my wallet.

    Man, The junk we carry sometimes . . .

    My brother came over one time to go to the show with me. I was changing my carry load out from one pair of pants to the pants I was going to the show with. After I emptied out my pockets he was making snotty remarks about buying me a purse. Everyone's a critic.
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    Good point...I just ordered an IWB from Brommeland and I carry the wallet in RR pocket and spare mag in LR. I will be wearing mine on the right hip also. The idea about a smaller wallet in the RF sounds like a good solution. I think I could shrink my wallet a bit and get it in the RF pocket; mine is almost like a small file cabinet with extraneous crap. Sort of like trashing things you don't need when you move...
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    Nope, never had it happen to me, as I carry my wallet in the opposite pocket (left pocket) The way, when somebody "asks" me for my wallet, I'm quick with the proper response.
    Then again, If I'm in THAT type of area, I'll usually have my weapon, nicely pocketed in my hand, where it's already in play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scratchy wilson
    When IWB, what do you do with the wallet?
    When I wear my 5.11's the back pocket is sooooo deep, it (the wallet) hits my thighs, so I usually carry my wallet in the left front as I'm right handed. In normal dress pants I carry left rear, so I sometimes show the spare mag. A bigger problem for me is sitting at a restaurant and having an arm of the chair cause my cover garment to hang up on the gun butt. I can get around this by wearing a belly bag but that gets tiresome and at times it's just not situationally appropriate. When it gets cooler, I can start wearing my Sam Andrews shoulder holster.
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    Since I started carrying pretty much like you do I had to change my wallet to my left rear pocket. It's hard getting used to and even after 2 months I still find myself reaching for my right... old habits die hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattLarson
    Opposite side back pocket?

    Exactly, this is your weapon side nothing over there but business material.
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    As others have posted - had always carried wallet in left rear pocket. Had persistent lower back pain. One day, kept wallet out and guess what? Now carry much smaller card wallet - drivers license, ccw, two credit cards and some cash, left front pocket - clears right side for IWB...

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    I never carry in my back pocket anymore.

    Had a chriopractor friend tell me it's why my back hurt. He was right. Now it's in my hand, or my front pocket, or inside jacket pocket in cool weather.....

    IWB AND a wallet is just too "fat" around for me. I need to break up all that extra padding in my pelvic area, lol.

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    I switched and carry my wallet in my left pocket when IWB....
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    i guess i am with everyone else on this. i usually carry my wallet in either the left front or left rear pocket. i carry my glock -29 in a kydex iwb on the right. if i wear a light coat, i carry the spare mag in the right coat pocket. i have found in my training that the extra weight of the mag helps me clear the weapon a little quicker.

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    IWB right side, Spare mag on left side in a Galco clip on mag pouch. I try to carry my wallet in a vest pocket, coat pocket, or in a cargo pocket if wearing more casual clothing. As a last resort, left rear hip pocket. I keep my CCW in a seperate folder in another pocket
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    I always wear a vest or jacket. never carry my wallet in pants pocket.

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    When I wear "normal pants, I switch the pocket I carry the wallet in. However, one of the many great advantages of my 5.11 pants is that the pockets are cut such that the wallet doesn't interfere with IWB. Another example of how well thought out these products are!!!!
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    Pretty natural for me! Right handed and carry stong side: for some reason have always carried wallet in left hip pocket. Started habit long before conceled carry ever entered my mind.

    Does that make me foresighted or just darned lucky?

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