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Psychological effects and how to deal with them

This is a discussion on Psychological effects and how to deal with them within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Captain38 You REALLY should read ON COMBAT by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and listen to his CD entitled BULLET-PROOF MIND. I am ...

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Thread: Psychological effects and how to deal with them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain38 View Post
    You REALLY should read ON COMBAT by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and listen to his CD entitled BULLET-PROOF MIND.
    I am in the process of reading ON COMBAT, but I did read his other book ON KILLING. Excellent books, I highly recommend. They go into this subject and much more.
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    I have seen a lot of people die. It's all like a big blur really, you can not make sense of it and things swirl around in your head for a while. After some time things settle down.

    I don't have nightmares or any post post traumatic issues. I get a little "edgy" in stressful situations at home or at work but other then that I don't have any problems. There is nothing to really dwell on, you do what you have to do and then move on. I don't spend any time on "what if" it is pointless.

    I can say this; if the time comes to and it is between my life or someone else.... well I won't think twice about it. Life is too short as it is, what is in the past is in the past.

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    Read On Combat and On Killing. I had the honer of meeting the Author in person, listening to him speak and then reading his books. This will answer a lot of your questions. Grossman has my respect and he has helped me develop the mindset to do my job every day.

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    Pretty much what dukalmighty said
    You will not be able to predict how you will respond. Every time is different. Everyone is different. The same person may have completely different responses to two different shootings. Just as you never really know if you will really stand up when your number is called you won't know how you will deal with a death until you do. That is true every single time in both cases.
    Two things I can recommend is that you be very clear to yourself what justifies taking the life of another human being. Decide for yourself what would justify killing someone based on your own morals and beliefs, not the laws, not what society or what your friends and family believe but what you truly honestly believe. Know what your standards are and adhere to them. Because in the quiet of the night that will be the question you or they will ask you. You may be unaffected for days weeks even years but there will be a time when you will feel guilt and shame for what you had to do, even in the light of overwhelming evidence you are absolutely 100% without a doubt right, the killing was justified, necessary to your own survival or the survival of others. You may even feel guilt and shame that you were the one that survived knowing full well the corpse was a scum bag. Knowing that you adhered to your beliefs will help you accept that you did right and resolve some of that conflic. Which I think stems from the fact that we all have deeply ingrained in us maybe down to some primitive level that killing your own kind is wrong. That whole issue will be the biggie, lots of the nightmares you will get will stem from that.
    The other thing is that right now you have an idea of what to do, but all that may go out the window once it happens. So write down a plan of action to follow once it happens commit yourself to following through. Get numbers of professionals you trust or have good reputations, Write down names of people you can safely confide in. Make a note to yourself to call those people make an appointment or give the list to your wife or trusted friends ask them to make the appointments and make sure you get to them. Do not put it off to long
    Your life will change. You may find out who your friends really are. People may see and treat you differently. You may see yourself differently. You may lose friends and family members, even the wife. The nightmares may never go away completely. Ultimately it is tragic even devastating but you can not let it overwhelm your life, you cant dwell on it forever. At some point you will need to buck and deal with it and move on stuff happens. Don't let the scum bag win by destroying your life.
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