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Carrying at a huge religious event

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Thread: Carrying at a huge religious event

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    Perfect time for Smartcarry..... They may pick your pockets, but...............

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    carry in thunderware. anyone bumping into you there ought to be in for a surprise anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNBurl View Post
    Two words... Pocket Carry. Then hug to your hearts content
    +1 That's what I would do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    The question is, do I carry at this event?
    The question becomes: is this event, or the route to or from it, specifically any less threatening than anything else you might do on a given day? Is walking and traveling across town via train a safe activity, irrespective of what you're going to do at the destination? Basically, there's your answer.
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    Always carry. << I made the period bold for effect, could you tell
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    If it's not posted... don't leave home without it!
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    GOD HELP YOU if you accidently shoot some poor guy who didn't get a chance to repent and beg forgiveness for his sins!!

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    I don't want this to seem too harsh.... but:

    if you feel that the concerns listed are that critical, then I might suggest that you re-evaluate the entire issue. Carry is not a "convenient" measure - we do it for a very specific reason and principle. The concerns listed are, usually, faced by most of us on a regular basis...

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    Sliding your right arm under the hugger's left works when you see it coming. Doesn't work for somebody who comes in for a stealth hug from the side. Doesn't work in crowds where folks are bumping into you, moving down jammed stadium tunnels, or being squeezed into standing room only mass transit. Front pocket cargo pants carry (works well for me and it's quick, discreet access. You can walk around with your Bible in your left hand and the grip of your firearm in your right and no one knows) or Smart Carry.

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