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Motorcycle carry...tankbag vs. holster

This is a discussion on Motorcycle carry...tankbag vs. holster within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry on my hip like always. Backup is in the saddlebag. Spare mags in each bag. Only have to conceal in Denver. Keep it ...

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Thread: Motorcycle carry...tankbag vs. holster

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    I carry on my hip like always. Backup is in the saddlebag. Spare mags in each bag. Only have to conceal in Denver. Keep it simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sojourner View Post
    Harley's best kept secret.
    Mine is a 2000 Screamin' Eagle Road Glide, with all the bells n whistles. Just turned over 93,000 miles. I was planning on keeping this one forever, but I just saw that they come out with a new Screamin' Eagle Road Glide for 2009, with a 110 inch motor and six speed trans. Hmmm, I wonder what they would give me as a trade in...


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    I carry as I normally would even when I'm riding (which is most of the time). IWB @ 3:00 with a T-shirt cover or oversized button down. The only thing that I do different is button the overshirt if I'm not wearing a jacket. I have a very nice tank bag set up from EXL (generic name) That is similar to the one from the OP. But I have yet to carry my weapon in it. I haven't had a problem riding holstered.

    BTW: 1981 Yamaha Seca 750 XJRH
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    Charter Arms Chopper

    Charter Arms has a custom chopper built with a gun theme and it has a holster mounted on the left side of the engine. Has anyone ever tried that? Looks like my Taurus 9mm would work well from there, although like some of you, I need to practice shooting with my left hand.

    Motorcycle carry...tankbag vs. holster-charter-arms-38-undercover-special-chopper.jpg

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    I wear mine same location as always, no problems so far.
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    A friend of mine had a holster sewn in his riding vest after he was almost run off the road one day and couldn't do anything about it. He had it sewn in the right side so he could still operate the throttle. The tank bag is ok but the riding style of a euro cafe racer and a Harley are two different worlds. then there is always this

    Motorcycle carry...tankbag vs. holster-sg-bike.png

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    I'll tuck a sidearm in a tank-bag for transport, but I don't have it there for ease of access. I can see, however, where this would be a good location to keep one (especially with that nice pocket). Whenever I stop at a light, I really have my head on a swivel. If I would ever need my weapon when on my bike, it would happen at a light. (Attempted bike-jacking or robbery).

    To carry, I usually toss my 1911 in a shoulder rig, any other location and my passenger gets to bitching about the comfort issues of a semiautomatic weapon poking her in the taco.

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    If I need a bag, I will usually just wear a backpack, other than that, normal IWB carry. Although my riding jacket has the bigest internal pockets I've ever seen, plenty large enough for any compact type pistol in a pocket holster.
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    I ride a Goldwing and I just purchased a kel-tec 380. I got to carry in the pocket of my jacket. It fits perfectly and it always near.


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    I would never leave a firearm with my bike unattended so that would mean that every time I got off the bike I would have to remove the gun from the bike to take with me. This would increase the chance of a mishap such as mishandling it or being reported for flashing a gun around. I keep mine in its IWB holster when riding.


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    I rode for 26 years carried on my boddy while riding too. I do not want my pistol leave handging around to become nice extra to someone that desides to steal something from my bike. Beside I my need my pistol away from the bike. It my depend on what you carry but for me A small 9mm like my kahr cw9 can be carried IWb at a 2:15 possition raised high enought to sit comfortably. Should not matter with your on a wing a glide or a 450cc street duro. Carry the same thru life. Nothing could be more diedly than need it grab for it and ,dam, it in the tank bag.

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    You guys are making me jealous with all the talk about guns and bikes. I just got my ccl and now I need to get another bike. This topic has been on my mind a lot and I feel like I would opt for a shoulder holster as I can't stand iwb and my joe rocket tank bag is hardly big enough for my 5in xd9.

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    I just use my IWB for my M&P9c, I ended up returning the DeSantis Thumbbreak I had bought for riding. My riding jacket is long enough to prevent it from being seen. I'd be concerned about people seeing me transition from the bag to holster.

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    I have a Fatboy that I plan on carrying my G36 IWB.

    Haven't had a chance to get out yet this year and I just got my carry license.

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    I carry a Kahr PM9 in my right front pocket as my everyday carry. I do not normally change carry methods on the motorcycle or when driving my car. This carry position is not good for accessing your weapon while driving/riding, but I always have it and it is concealed. If I thought I might be going into an area that I might need the weapon, I would change my route. If not, I could always relocate the weapon to appendix carry with the Remora holster I carry. Carrying while driving or riding is best done in a shoulder holster or appendix carry. The problem with appendix carry is comfort when seated.

    Moving the gun from a tank bag to on your person when you stop could present a problem, especially in areas that you do not know the local LEO.
    "Lets Be Careful Out There!"


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