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This is a discussion on Spotting CCW People within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It's great to be a woman and carry. It is nice that I certainly don't look like a likely candidate to carry. If I'm horribly ...

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Thread: Spotting CCW People

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    It's great to be a woman and carry. It is nice that I certainly don't look like a likely candidate to carry. If I'm horribly printing, no one seems to notice. That's pretty bad.

    I do find I have a hard time clothes shopping though. I now see the need for a "summer" gun.

    When my husband and I are out together, he likes that I carry as well, and no one has a clue, especially if we were to be caught in an ugly situation, as it would be a surprise to the bg that I was also carrying.
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    Everything in that diagram can be eliminated by a proper belt/holster combo

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    I think I have it a little bit easier, in that I don't fit the typical "profile" some people have for the typical American gun owner.

    And a quote one of my instructors said a while back (and is my Rule #2 for self-defense): "If you're not cheating, you're not trying hard enough".


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    I tend to look at women a lot more often than men but I admit, I'm not usually looking for a weapon on the women.

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    Friendly fire, I like it.
    Me and sundance wish it was the dazs of the wild west, 2 six shooters for everyone!

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    Interesting subject with regard to which presents the greater threat- male or female. When I was in college I was writing a paper on terrorism- I read a very interesting book about terrorist organizations titled Shoot the Women First. The author's premise (based on sociological research and interviews with a wide variety of female terrorists was that women have a different connection to these types of groups and different reasons for becoming involved in them. (Working from memory here) While men typically have an ideological motivation, while women's motivation is more likely to be more of the emotional variety. They quite literally view the organization as a child or lover. When faced with a violent confrontation they will often defend the organization (terrorist cell or group) as if they are defending a child. They are often the more violent of the two, as well as the more unpredictable. The advice of many anti-terrorist agencies is to quite leterally "shoot the women first" for these reasons. I can easily see how this type of behavior could translate into gang violence as well.

    Just something to think about.
    A girl can never have too much jewelry or too much weaponry.

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    +1 Chickdiver

    In my reading about the IRA during the late "Troubles" The few women who belonged to the group were the most fantical.
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    While reading this, I was reminded of a Partner Tactics class that TDI puts on a couple times a year.

    Tactical Defense Institute Courses

    I think something like this would be a fantastic experience for couple's who both carry like Lima and JD.

    I've been trying to get my brother to go to Handgun levels I-III just so I we could take this class later on.
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    of course i am more likely to suspect a male than a femail. im more likely to suspect the person in ratty clothes and a sideways baseball cap than the man in business clothes. can't help it. and honestly, stereotypes are a very good thing. but of course you should always be paying attention to everyone. you never know what that 8 year old cute little girl is gonna do. never let your guard down for everyone, but since u cant keep a close eye on everyone, use stereotypes.
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    When I first started carrying I was guilty of some of the things listed on the chart
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natureboypkr View Post
    When I first started carrying I was guilty of some of the things listed on the chart
    Me too. Mostly the body language issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by friesepferd View Post
    stereotypes are a very good thing. but of course you should always be paying attention to everyone.
    A very good point, and one that I agree with completely. Although using stereotypes to classify people is not 100% accurate, and will most assuredly arouse the wrath of the PC crowd, it nevertheless has no viable substitute as an initial method to quickly sort threats from non-threats. Proof can be obtained by merely watching the local news each day to see the mug shots of those arrested for violent crimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by C9H13NO3 View Post
    Everything in that diagram can be eliminated by a proper belt/holster combo

    Then again, of all the hairballs I've arrested who were packing, not even ONE of them was wearing a holster.

    It's pretty easy for them to ditch a pistol. A bit harder to ditch the holster......which is a dead giveaway that they ditched the pistol....

    In other words, I think the diagram was intended to illustrate how to spot an ILLEGAL concealed handgun....not LEGALLY concealed handguns.

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    One way to spot a "carrier" is what I've heard called the "thick wallet syndrome". If you have a wallet full of cash you tend to keep a closer eye on it, checking with your hand every now and then if it's still there etc.

    Same thing with amateur gun carriers. Some might be even so proficient in carrying that they "check" the gun at their waist with their elbow but it's still a giveaway.

    This, of course, applies to knife/sap/whatever carriers as well.

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    Since i started CCing and OCing for that matter, i have become much more aware of my surroundings. I do watch other peoples movements when i am out and about. There are alot of CCers in Vegas, and i have seen a few of them. I know from time to time i print, but on the other side, 99% of the public is clueless about it.

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