Spotting CCW People

Spotting CCW People

This is a discussion on Spotting CCW People within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just realised the other day when I was out and about in public that when I was looking for potential threats and checking out ...

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Thread: Spotting CCW People

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    Spotting CCW People

    I just realised the other day when I was out and about in public that when I was looking for potential threats and checking out people for possibly carrying concealed I tended to not pay as much attention to the women but focused more on the men,which in a way tells me this I need to pay more attention to everyone, but I don't think an attacks gonna come from the soccer mom and they maybe get a cursory glance,but the female looks like shes been on a week crack binge will get more scrutiny.I'm also thinking ,if I'm aware that a lot of females Carry concealed ,and I tend not to focus on them so much as a threat I believe It gives them an added tactical advantage in a self defense situation, because Bad Guy is not expecting the Armed response.Do other guys tend to see this in the way they check they're six.Also do women that carry tend to focus on the females being as much or more of a threat than males.
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    It's not surprising that you wouldn't look for a violent attack from women because... well, it just doesn't happen as much.

    While it certainly DOES and CAN happen it's less likely from a woman than from a man therefore, statistically, it's more prudent to pay closer attention to a man than a woman. I'm not saying you shouldn't pay attention to women, it just makes sense as to why you don't.

    Often, women make great accomplices. They distract while providing the perfect window of opportunity for violent attacks. There have even been women who have asked other women to help them only to lead them into the hands of men who will prey upon the helping female. So they certainly aren't to be trusted.

    And yes, people, in general, do not look for women to be armed. More often than not, they are right.

    I go to a class with my husband it's not unusual that I'm the only woman there.

    This is Lima Theory but I think it plays into the whole men vs women mentality a little bit. A man sees himself more as a protector and provider than a woman might so he's more inclined to arm himself. Women crave security and safety and like to FEEL PROTECTED by their mates. They CAN tend to look for outside protection rather than rely on their own resources. That's certainly not the case for all women, but it's a broad generalization that I don't believe is false.

    Therefore, again, it's easy for anyone (criminal or not) to assume that a woman is not armed. And a woman can use that to her advantage. Or a couple can use that to their advantage.

    If my husband and I are threatened by bad guys I guarantee you that they are going to pay more attention to him than they are to me. They are going to expect the first resistance from him. That is a perfect opportunity to use the situation to our advantage.

    If you watch videos of violent attacks against men often (not always, but often) you will see the criminal wait for a distraction and sucker punch the individual from behind or the side or wait for a moment when resistance is less opportune.

    Not necessarily so for a women. If you watch abduction videos or attacks on women, often (again, not always, but often) the criminals will walk straight up to the women. The woman is practically looking in the criminals face BEFORE the attack even starts.

    Again, I think it's because criminals are more scared of other men than they are of women. They expect resistance more from another man than they do a woman and therefore they will approach them differently.

    Now, there are those criminals who have lost all fear of man or woman and will attack with equal amount of aggression for both, but that's another breed altogether.

    Despite what we KNOW to be true, that size doesn't matter, EVERYONE judges and evaluates people by what they see. You see a big strapping man next to a tiny frail woman and it's EXTREMELY easy to assume that the bigger threat (or resistance) is going to come from him rather than her.

    It's easy for a man to look at another man and think, "I need to take him fast because he's about my size and if I give him an inch we might have trouble." But it's equally as easy for that same man to look at a woman and think, "She's little, I can take her easy."

    And physically, he may very well be right.

    I'll be the first to admit that I'm no hand-to-hand combat warrior. I'm a pretty frail little woman and while I can exact some pretty good blows in times of necessity I can be overcome by a strong man. This has been WELL proven to me.

    That is why I understand my own PERSONAL need for tools of defense that can even the playing field a little bit. I won't rely on those solely, and yes, I will fight with every last breath in my body even if I am tool-less but my odds go WAY up when I have something to aide in defense.

    And a man isn't usually looking for that kind of preparedness in a women. And it can be used to her advantage.

    When people find out that JD and I carry they are usually not NEARLY as surprised about JD carrying as they are me.

    I've even had people in gun shops out right say to the male employees, "I can understand you wanting to carry, but YOU.." indicating me, "..Why do YOU carry?" as though it's more shocking that I, as a woman, would want to defend myself.

    I can, and will use that to my advantage.

    You know what they say, "Always cheat, always win." I'll use any advantage I can get in my time of need.

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    I think women definitely have a tactical advantage. I am very vigilant and aware of my surroundings, but honestly, I never focus on females as a potential violent threat when I am out and about. I am always more focused on the males as a potential threat. However, I don't go to the extent to try and spot people's ccw though. I am just very aware of my surroundings and the actions of the people around me.
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    I agree kurtiss, I dont focus so much on trying to spot someone carrying, as i do on my surroundings. The few times that Ive played 'spot the CCW', I have found that I focus so much on it that I neglect to look around. Eventually I stopped playing because I realized it does not do any good, nor does it serve a purpose. When I am out I try to keep my head on a swivel, and be aware of what is going on around me.
    Now I do agree that women have the upperhand when it comes to CCW. But, I'd hate to be the guy that pulled a knife on me and didnt give my wife a seconds thought. Her first time ever handling a handgun(she has a Bersa Thunder .380) she put 15/21 in the 10 ring at 15 yds. She said something about redhead's having natural ability.
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    I watch people all the time, just to be aware of my surroundings.
    I do, from time to time, look for CCW individuals. I'm curious when I see those fanny packs, or open Hawaiian shirts for others who also believe in self-defense...potential 'friendly fire', so to speak.

    Stay armed......stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Limatunes, I think you made some very acurate statements. I also lkie the wisdom you include relative to you own preperation and readiness. Thanks for sharing.

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    Limatunes, I sure do like the way you think, prepare yourself, and act. More women should follow through with self defense planning as you have.

    As far as women being a potential threat, I had encounters with some women while LEO and working the streets, but the only female related violence I have encountered as a civilian is when my wife catches me looking at other women !!!

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    I trust no one...

    One thing I do believe regarding women thugs or those prone to violence is that they seem to always have a male counterpart close by. Their male partner may be waiting in the shadows, but they always close by.

    I also pay close attention to juvenile miscreants. Their youth gives them a sense of being invincible and therefore may be more emboldened.
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    ... but I don't think an attacks gonna come from the soccer mom and they maybe get a cursory glance ...

    I don't know, I have met some vicious soccer moms before. I think their weapon of choice, though, is an SUV.
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    With the threat analyzer in my head, males usually get a higher rating and more attention than females. That ha changed a bit with training and such, everyone needs to be analyzed and treated as a threat until you know they are not, and then re-evaluated constantly. "Be prepared to kill everyone you met." It's true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    It's not surprising that you wouldn't look for a violent attack from women because... well, it just doesn't happen as much.
    Except... from pregnant women in their third trimester in the heat of summer!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    Except... from pregnant women in their third trimester in the heat of summer!
    Even Godzilla is afraid of them!!

    I view everyone I see as:



    possible ally


    possible threat

    Likely threat


    I am always placing people into the above, generally at a glance, by dress, posture, language, action. I am not always right but it does help you deal with a large amount of information quickly and sort out who may be who. I see a group of kids wearing hoodies, they fall into possible threat, same kids wearing suits possible ally. Young girls in their teens and early 20's can be hard to place, as they can hide their motives better than young males who are generally bad liars. I generally view construction workers as possible allies as historical here they have a track record of going after bad guys that attack people and are not afraid to give them a good hurting.

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    I also tend to think that women are used as distractions w/ teams of Bad guys....but that is changing these days..remember the girls beating the crap out of that one girl that made the news recently?
    and for the record...I've been in a few fights in my life,and the hardest shot I ever took was from a girl in high school...I seriously underestimated her punching ability(it wasn't a fight,and I was showing off how I could take a body shot,so it was my own fault)she ended up marrying a buddy of mine..he has been warned.
    Limatunes:you hit the nail on the head...I'm printing your post and giving it to my wife and daughter.
    "Just because I'm paranoid,doesn't mean they're NOT after me...."

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    You know what they say, "Always cheat, always win." I'll use any advantage I can get in my time of need.
    Great post Lima, JD is a most fortunate man. Makes me think of back when we were first dating my wife to be & I were at a bus stop (Seattle does have excellent bus service for downtown) where this group of blacks were lambasting a bicycle cop about SPD being racist due to a recent shooting where the police shot an black nut job that attacked the police with a knife after he had already discharged a firearm at the local Safeway. After a bit I had to add my 2¢ in the officer's defense. The woman there is provoking the men there. Than the Officer rode off leaving my wife and I surrounded. I immediately get approached, being asked about the blackberry (in 1999 a very cool tool) I am using obviously an intimidation / distraction move. I respond by showing them the neat features it has, leading the guy into position directly in front of me the street to his left, putting the woman to my left front, the medium sized male is the one approaching, I move towards him placing a mailbox between me and a rather large male and change my angle so the another even larger male that was at about eight o'clock to me is at nine. The street is to my right and behind me, with a lamp post at my back. My wife had disappeared back up to the cross street in full view of the whole scene, ready to draw. Later we talked and debriefed she said she knew I pulled the blackberry out as bait and to focus attention on me. So she faded back. She saw I had the mid sized guy & woman covered and watched me put the barrier between the one big guy so the first one she would have went for was the biggest guy at nine o'clock to me than the next largest. Than if I had not dropped my two she would have taken them down. It was one of those moments that my heart went pitter patter and I knew she was the one. Point of the whole story was she was forgotten and dismissed when in fact she was the biggest danger to them all. By the time they realized she was a threat they would have all been in sever pain. She instinctively did exactly what Lima was talking about here. Women can very well use our bias to their or a couples advantage
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