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Thread: Completed my class

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    Completed my class

    This morning I went to the range and finally took the concealed carry class that they offer. What a joke. Two hours of movies that were made in the early to mid 90s and then a twenty question test that no matter how many somebody missed everybody got a 100. Then we had to shoot 40 rounds down range from 3, 5, and 7 yards and place at a minimum of 21 anywhere in the black. I had to wait to shoot because there were 6 of us and only 5 lanes open. When the instructor told me to shoot after somebody else was done, he saw the 10 that I put down range and pretty much told me that I can do what I want because they were all in the red.

    Is it me or does it seem that no matter how bad you could do they just want you to pass the course? There were people in the class that had just purchased the gun a few days before and shot about 10 rounds from it. They thought my gun was new until I told them that it has been fed 3500 rounds since March lol.

    So now I have to go to the SO on Tuesday to get an application so I can get what I need done out of the way. I was also told that I will need to go to a doctor's and get a physical done before I can submit the application. Is it like that in any other states?
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    Congrats on the completion of the class.

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    It's not quite like that in Arizona.

    No Movie
    8 hours classroom followed by a test.
    A few shots from 5 yards and a few more from 10 with 70% on target equals passing.
    No physical.
    Go to PD or SO for finger prints
    Mail package to DPS then wait a couple of weeks.

    You don't and shouldn't have to be an excellent shot to excersize your right to defend yourself (but it helps) so an easy range test is OK but I hope they get some followup training.

    I don't understand the Physical being required. In many cases the less than robust individual is the one that needs an equalizer.
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    I co trained in a class today...about the same deal. Went through the basics of handguns, Tn state required video...basically trying to scare you into handing the bad guy your gun due how much trouble you can get into if you screw up. 12 rounds at 3, 12 at 7, 12 at 15 and 12 at a instructor specified distance. We pulled then in to 3ft and ran the last 12 6 as quick as you can get a sight picture, 6 strong hand only

    We had 2 ladies who had NEVER fired a gun before...they qualified with rounds to spare shooting guns they had never held before noon today.
    never heard about the physical before...that's a new one on me. Do any other states require that?
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    When I took my class here in tn. some folks could not even load their own weapons..I was disappointed in the way they graded the targets all you had to do was shoot hit or miss everyone got a 100%

    The worst part was the folks giving the class seemed to know little about tn law. I had spent some time reading up on it before I went and was surprised how outdated the info given was..Most was just wrong They told us tn is cc only no oc at all..Thats not how I read it but I am not going to push the issue...They just kept stating it was up to find out for sure before we did anything.

    Anyway congrats....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strokin99 View Post
    Is it me or does it seem that no matter how bad you could do they just want you to pass the course?
    No, it's not just you. Lots of folks report sub-standard trainers, folks with more interest in passing that teaching people. Had one, myself, early on. He simply sat us down, signed the sheet, took our $45, then scuttled us out. The sheriff didn't think too much of that. He's no longer "teaching." Others have all been excellent.

    They thought my gun was new until I told them that it has been fed 3500 rounds since March.
    I spent 10K+ rds and two years of prep on several guns prior to even going after my CHL, as I wanted to be sure it was for me, that I could be competent with it, that I wouldn't risk the proverbial 3yr old child across the street, etc. Made sure I could strip it, maintain it, know whether it was misbehaving, fix minor ills. Learned to shoot with either hand. Got comfortable with it in a holster. Dry-fired until my fingers turned blue. Learned quite a bit about basic handling and competency, doing it that way, to say nothing of knowing I was prepared for the responsibility. Kudos to going that route, instead of heading directly from the gun shop to the class.

    So now I have to ... get an application ... get a physical ... Is it like that in any other states?
    In Oregon, no doctor's permission is part of the deal.
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    A doctors permit??? What the hell? You need to be physically fit in order to defend yourself in that sate?

    I would think that physically handicapped would be of utmost in need of a ccw permit!
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    Before I accept a student I ask them about their experience with HANDGUNS. I don't care that they are hunters or trap shooters but what is their handgun experience? If they have none or very little I suggest that they take the NRA's First Steps class from me or any instructor of their choosing before they take my carry permit class. They won't pass the shooting test I can almost guarantee otherwise. I do want them to pass but you have to earn it by showing competence and safety with the gun. If you can't load or manipulate what you brought to shoot you will fail. I won't hold up the entire class to show you how to shoot. My class is approx. 6-8 hrs. depending on size. More students = more questions = longer class time. I may show a video from time to time if I find one that I think is good enough but there is no state film. This is followed by 50 rounds fired at a silhouette target from 21', point shooting style, in low light and darkness. You must score 90% or better and you must demonstrate safe gun handling above all else. That is how the instructors at Pistolcraft, the organization I teach for run things. Also the 5 year re-qualification class is an abridged version at a lesser cost for those that took their original class from us but not for others. They must take the entire class because we don't know what they were taught. Same shooting requirements in the re-qualification class just classroom time is about half.
    No physical required in MN. Don't they let handicapped folks carry in TN?

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    What you saw was one of the problems with requiring training for permits. Long story but I took the CWP class in SC twice and the difference between the two instructors was amazing. The primary goal of one was just in getting you through the course so you could get your permit. I will have to say that he did fail two ladies. Together they put 3 rounds out of 100 in the target. Neither could fire a gun without closing their eyes and looking away.

    In the other class the instructor went over the laws in detail and safe handling as well as safe shooting and defensive tactics. A totally different course. In some cases the class is a joke but shouldn't be. Do you really want someone walking around with a gun on their side who doesn't even know which end of the gun the bullet comes out of? I say want and not requiring as they have a right but dang it rights shouldn't be an substitute for stupidity.

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    I just find it funny that I had to spend $100 on this class to learn pretty much nothing that I already hadn't learned from reading posts on this forum. I am not trying to say that somebody who doesn't shoot a lot shouldn't be able to carry but that they are going to have to do a lot of training to better themselves.

    The physical still has me thinking about who they are trying to prevent from carrying. If in some way they are suggesting that people with a physical disability shouldn't be fit to carry, I can see many lawsuits coming from this. If anybody else in NC reads this and has their permit, chime in and let me know if it is like this in your part. I am in Onslow County so I don't know if it will make a difference.
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    It seems some states require any NRA or LEO sponsored class, and some require an actual CCW class.
    I did the NRA basic pistol-there were 2 old movies from the 90's on gun safety, total of about 7 hours classroom and 1 hour range time. And yes, no one failed the test part(although it was pretty easy and hard to fail unless you're an idiot). The range time was pretty much for the instructor to critique you on you're form and proper range etiquette. Again, no minimum score necessary and as long as you can handle it safely and get close to the target,you were good to go.

    I believe that the character and judgement are far more important than marksman skill; most encounters are from close range from which even the worst shooters won't miss.That and knowing not to point at other people(unless you intend to) are THE most important things in my book.
    Also, with minimum scores and so forth it may serve as a deterrent to some to re-take the class if they don't pass. We want more of us, not less.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strokin99 View Post
    Is it like that in any other states?
    In WA you have to show WA state ID get your prints taken and your permit is at your door in thirty days. That is excessive to me as I see no reason that we are not like the free states of Vermont and Alaska. They are the only states that adhere to the Bill Of Rights as written IMO. I at least have never read a qualification, certification, registration, permission slip requirement in the Bill Of Rights and who the hell does the state think they are requiring me to pay a fee to exercise a right?

    While I can understand your concern that your state's CCW class is treated as a joke, that people that complete such a class should to actually be able to shoot. The fact that the class is required in your state IS A JOKE contrary to the law of the land that says our right to bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, nothing there about needing to be able to hit the broad side of a barn. So by my way of thinking it is a good thing your states required CCW classes are treated like a joke and does not impede anyone from getting their permit. In our state while not required any concealed weapons course here will in fact teach people how to effectively shoot in SD scenarios and that is as it should be.
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    Congrats...on the new permit!

    Everyone (almost) has the RKBA, and it doesn't say anything about how much training is required to go along with that right.
    Common sense dictates that one should 'know' how to use his or her tools.

    Stay armed...get training...stay safe!
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    In Texas it's about 10 hours A lot of classroom on texas gun law and then gun range they score targets by points 50 rounds the center is five and then they work out,I shot a 250 qualifying I was the only one shot a perfect score,had 2 guys showed up with guns one a P85 just bought at a pawnshop wouldn't fire,the other guy brought a german 380 he brought home from WW2 and found out it had a broken firing pin,I'm thinking this guy had this gun loaded in his nightstand all these years and it was broke,hes lucky he never needed it.The sad thing is most people never practice after getting their permits
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