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Problem this morning with ccw

This is a discussion on Problem this morning with ccw within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My Tn permit looks like my DL. My DL number and my permit number are the same. the picture is the same....

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Thread: Problem this morning with ccw

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    My Tn permit looks like my DL. My DL number and my permit number are the same. the picture is the same.
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    Here in California a CCW would not be an acceptable form of id for a number of reasons.
    1. Most people, including LE ,have never seen a CCW license so they would be unfamiliar with what they are looking at.
    2. Not all California CCW's have a picture on it. It varies from county to county.
    A state issued DL ,ID card or passport are the norm in California. Anything else is shaky at best.
    I know it would be an inconvenience to pick up the prescriptions later but I would have done so. The less people that know I Have a CCW and carry a gun the better. I wouldn't want to be know by the clerk as "the guy or girl who carries a gun"

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    If that is the only form of ID she had a t the time I would think it would work, unless there is an agenda with that Pharmacist. The CCW ID has more of a background check that a normal DL anyway.

    Looks like it is time for a new Pharmacy for Mom!
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    Florida CWP has picture and looks almost identical to Florida drivers license except for a few color differences.
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    In Missouri our ccw can not be refused as Official ID because it is Official ID!

    It is either your drivers license or the official Missouri State "non-driver" ID card. (ID card looks exactly same as a drivers license except for color of ink used on the card and the words "non driver" superimposed across the front of it.)

    The only thing that makes it a ccw permit is that above your picture in tiny red block letters it states "CCW valid until xx/xx/xxxx". And of course if it's run through any LEO computer... it will verify your ccw endorsement.

    Your drivers license or State ID will remain valid longer that your ccw because drivers license or ID cards are valid for 5 years while the ccw endorsement is only good for 3 years.

    Kind of a bummer because every 3 years you have to pay the DMV to get a new drivers license or ID when you renew your ccw. (but that's a minor inconvenience)
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    Seems like a lot of states do not have photo ID CCW's. It would be an interesting thread to start to have a discussion of whether you think photos should be on CCW ID's. (NY has a photo).
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    i'd check, but i believe you're required to have you drivers license with you, as well as your cwp - ie, the cwp must accompany your DL AS an ID. i remember it being taught that way, but don't recall if i've ever actually READ it. may vary state to state..

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    Dumb question (perhaps?)

    Is that her regular pharmacy where she has purchased these drugs before, therefore someone there should know her? Or, if she switched pharmacies it may be time to switch back.
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    About five years ago my wife and I were traveling to see grandchildren in Minnesota. Our visit complete, we made our way to the airport for our return flight to Oregon. It was during the time you had to show your ID at the check-in counter, at the security check-point, and again at the gate when you boarded the plane. I keep my ccw behind my drivers license in my wallet. After showing the airline employee my drivers license when we checked our bags, I put my license in my pocket knowing I would need it again and headed for the security check-point. It was busy and the line was long. To make a long story short, when I finally got to the check-point I handed the TSA employee my ticket and got ready to go through the magnetometer. She asked me for my ID and I automatically reached for my wallet, slipped what I thought was my drivers license out and handed it to her. A moment later, she handed it back to me with my ticket, laughed and said "Well, all righty then. I've never seen on of those before". Momentarily confused, I looked and realized that it was my ccw.

    Now I wouldn't do that on purpose just because I don't need the hassle that certainly shouldn't but could follow, but his lady was very cool about it at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. If a ccw is good enough for the TSA it should be good enough for a pharmacy.

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    When I moved to Texas I had to provide two photo IDs to get my drivers license. They took my Maryland license and my Florida non resident permit. The only question they asked was how soon was I planning on getting my Texas CHL
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    No picture on NC CCW permits, and most places that want ID want something official AND with a picture.
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    Virginia does not require you to have your drivers license with you while carrying, but you MUST have a valid photo ID on you along with your CHP. There are times I go out and only carry my military retired ID and permit, which are carried in the same ID case. There are a lot of people who have no idea what a military ID card is. I've had stores refuse to take a check, because I didn't have a drivers license with me, just mil. ID card.
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    In Kansas the Dl and CCL license are virtually identical The DL has the letters DL in the upper right hand corner in large red print. The CCL does not have that. Directly under the word Kansas, the CCL, also in red has the words Concealed Carry license. The CCL in small letters has the expiration date and it is just below the middle of the card.

    On both the DL and CCL at the very bottom there is an identification number and it says it is an ID number. The number is the same on the DL and CCL so I would think it would have to be accepted, not that I would ever intentionally use it.

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    My county issued Colo ID has my picture on it but not my address.
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    no pic here in ga :P

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