Eyesight and carry permit.

Eyesight and carry permit.

This is a discussion on Eyesight and carry permit. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't know if this has ever been touched on here before, or anywhere for that matter. Some of us have gone through a state ...

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Thread: Eyesight and carry permit.

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    Eyesight and carry permit.

    I don't know if this has ever been touched on here before, or anywhere for that matter. Some of us have gone through a state class, and a shooting qualifier and background check in order to get our permits. Never been asked to take a vision test like we do for our driver's license, and I'm just wondering what percentage of us carry folks have uncorrected vision. I don't mean to imply anything, and I feel lucky to be at my age with uncorrected vision myself. 20/20 right eye, and 20/15 left eye. I just feel this may somehow be a factor in the shoot to defend scenario. I know several people who do not do their yearly eye exams and just trust their prescription eyeglasses they've had for several years.

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    The problem (if there is one) is NOT vision.

    It is Cognition.
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    I had the Lasik treatment seven years ago and went from being extremely near-sighted to 20-20. It's been a wonderful thing. Wish it had been available 40 years ago.
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    I am wearing the same pair of daily disposable contacts for 2 years now (READ - I have not taken them out let alone replaced them much to the distress of my optometrist).

    It is a good question, but since people either focus on the front sight, or point shoot, I would think that unless you are legally blind without your eye correction (glasses or contacts on the table at o dark 30 when someone breaks into your home) it would be a non issue.

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    You need another option or two.

    I think my eyesight is fine but haven't been to a eye doctor.

    I probably could use some glasses but haven't been to a eye doctor.

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    I practice with and without glasses, for the same reason I practice both strong hand and weak hand. You just never know...

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    I wear contacts but keep a pair of glasses next to the bed. I typically go to the eye-doctor once a year, or every other year.
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    This was covered before. Do a Search here for "Ragsdale" . . .

    Very long, complex story cut to the point is that the local chief pulled his LTC (Worcester, MA IIRC) for a few reasons. One of the cited reasons was that Mr. Ragsdale has diabetes which has affected his eyes so that he doesn't drive at night (he has a driver) and admitted this.

    Now there is a LOT more to this story, but the above part is relevant to the OP's question. MA chiefs have full discretion to deny/revoke anyone's LTC (required for mere possession) for any reason except the "protected issues" considered part of the Civil Rights Laws.

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    I need glasses to read (anything, really), especially fine print...frustrating to do small detail work, not needed to defend myself.
    Doesn't seem to be a problem when shooting.
    If you desperately needed glasses to shoot, what would you do if you were unexpectedly the target of an unplanned robbery and you weren't wearing your glasses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UpOn2Wheels View Post
    I practice with and without glasses, for the same reason I practice both strong hand and weak hand. You just never know...
    Ditto on that!

    Never know when the threat will appear and needing to find your glasses could be a problem. Be prepared(I learned that in the Boy Scouts).
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    My vision is not 20/20, but it's good enough that glasses are really not necessary. My wife has glasses but doesn't wear them very much because it is more hassle then it's worth. On the other hand, two of my kids have bad eyesight (not sure why) and need their glasses to see. We found this out when they were in the first grade. When they got their glasses, one of them said "He felt like he wanted to go run and dance", he could see so well! I felt like a horrible parent for not noticing that he couldn't see before that!

    So that is background to explain my "Why does this matter" vote. I'm glad my kids have glasses. (I'm also glad I can get them cheap at Wal-Mart, they can be really expensive other places!) I like that my kids can now tell that trees have leaves without climbing up to see them. However, none of that matters when it comes to shooting. Both my boys have shot archery and BB guns since they were strong enough to do it without learning bad habits. They probably had 3 years of shooting before they got their glasses and they were doing fine. When they got the glasses their accuracy got worse for a little while, probably because they were now able to focus on the target. I learned to focus on the sight, who cares if the target is blurry, so that's how I taught my kids. It makes sense to me, if the target is blurry, you can still find the middle within an inch or so. But if the sight is blurry and you are off by the width of a playing card, you will be off by 7 inches at 25 yards.

    I would say, if your eyesight is good enough that you can shoot consistently, doesn't even have to be well just consistent, and you go shooting somewhat regularly, then it is good enough for self defense. If you can't shoot consistently and don't go shooting somewhat regularly then it is not good enough for self defense, even if you have 20/20 eyesight.

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    I have 20/15 vision but I have not had an 'eye exam' since I got out of the military, and I don't plan on getting one unless my vision declines.

    Plus, I live in Texas...
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    I ware reading glasses, and even for driving I’m ok good to go.

    As far as carrying glasses with me, I figure that if I should run into an accouter I will not need to read him his rights.

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    Should add "I have excellent eyesight ... never checked by a doctor" to the poll options for us young guys. That'd be my vote anyway.

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    I practice without lenses on occasion. I qualified at Boot without lenses. My natural vision isn't that bad, but I am afraid to do much without them.
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