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May have saved a young guy a world of hurt!

This is a discussion on May have saved a young guy a world of hurt! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Good for you P95! I always emphasize the ramifications of a shooting during my CCW classes. Even a "good" shooting can be devastating mentally, physically ...

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Thread: May have saved a young guy a world of hurt!

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    Good for you P95! I always emphasize the ramifications of a shooting during my CCW classes. Even a "good" shooting can be devastating mentally, physically and financially. Not many think about that. It's something that people need to prepare for. As much as possible anyway.
    Jim "Doc" Amentler
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    I pray I live to be gray and old without ever having to use my weapon in self defense.
    Amen to that d2 - very much so for us all.

    I should mention tho it is probably obvious on reflection and, someone else made this statement recently - there are perhaps just as many ''ol' phart'' category folks with CCW just as much off base as this young fella I mentioned - so do not feel it is only your age group with a problem at times.

    One of my clubs is very much hunting oriented and to hear one or two of those guys - some middle aged and more - spouting the same sorta crap!! This not actually so relevant to CCW - often just that they are gun owner/hunters - with attitude!! Equally dangerous perhaps.

    I do my best (diplomatically) to educate anyone I find with a crazy attitude but have to say - died-in-wool older guys are real hard work!!
    Chris - P95
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    I think "In the Gravest Extreme" is still timely and should be part of any gun owner's library. I try to read it once a year, just to keep the points fresh in my mind.

    Get Trained Go Armed.

    “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.”
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    the biggest problem I'd face in any situation, is hesitation. Being overly afraid of the consequences gets people killed.
    I have just the opposite problem. I've had to train myself to not get involved with stuff. After years of security, loss prevention, bouncing in bars, and going through a police academy, my natural tendencies to head into trouble were emphasized.
    Now that I've moved away from that field, I find myself with instincts as well as training telling me to intervene. I've ultimately had to realize that my family must come first, and that means no involvement, unless I'm directly attacked. In times past, I've often helped strangers out of a jam, intervening, and standing by until the cops arrive. Now, It'd have to be a very clear cut situation for me to risk involvement. Very sad.
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    where can i get the florida law book you mention?
    it seems like it would be interesting/enlightening reading even if not directly applicable to ohio laws.
    would it be downloadable (or such) from

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    If you really want to see the 'attitude', read all of the scenarios that have been on this site over the last couple of years.

    No, not everyone, but enough to scare me. Good job P95.
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    Great Postings and replys here. Everybody certainly apears to be on the same page, and same mindset.
    Being mentally prepared is a crutial factor in dealing with a life threatening situation.
    Why Waltz when you can Rock-N-Roll

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunthorp
    The attitue can be noticed in "victims" who newly acquire their permits. Some of us ol folks can fall into the Charles Bronson mentality. Just a rundown of a good shoot scenario aftermath with a pinch of lawyer and liability insurance usually does the trick. It keeps the discussion focused on situational awareness and avoidance.
    +1 gunthorp. I visited several sites before making this one my home and they all seemed to be focused on shooting someone. Here that is not the culture. I think this is a good site that provides real world information to help one make a good decision in a bad situation.
    Listen, Think and React.....Nuff Said.....

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    It Changes...
    P.S. post,,,, my CCW made me more aware, more appreciative of life and more nicer.
    Listen, Think and React.....Nuff Said.....

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    Sounds like the lad needs to spend some time on the range....and geting the crap scared out of him seemed to put his itchy trigger finger to rest. Nice Job Chris


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    I admit, for a few weeks after I began carrying regularly, I too felt a little "empowered"

    Thankfully it was just "newness" and wore off..................

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