Denver Rockies security

Denver Rockies security

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Thread: Denver Rockies security

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    Denver Rockies security

    What is security like entering Coors Field?

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    Looks like metal detectors are in place and firarms are forbidden.

    Ballpark Regulations and Security Measures | Ballpark

    Heightened ballpark security initiatives continue for all games at Coors Field.

    Ballpark Security
    Major League Baseball security mandates include:
    Hard-sided containers including coolers, briefcases and ice chests are prohibited.
    The maximum allowable bag size is 16"x 16"x 8".
    All permitted bags will be searched prior to ballpark entry.

    In addition, the following measures will be implemented:

    Presence of uniformed law enforcement at all games.
    Security awareness training and emergency procedures review with the gameday event staff.
    Daily facility inspection by ballpark personnel prior to gate opening.
    All deliveries will be identified and logged.
    Metal detection wands will be used to make random security checks at the gates.
    Guests wearing coats will be asked to open them upon entry through the turnstiles.
    Express lanes will be available at each gate for guests who are not carrying bags, including purses.

    Coors Field Permitted and Prohibited Items

    Prohibited Items:

    Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
    Non-alcoholic beer
    Glass bottles and aluminum cans (including aerosol cans)
    All hard-sided coolers and containers, regardless of size
    All hard-sided briefcases, regardless of size
    All soft-sided bags and containers larger than 16"x16"x8"
    Camera tri, dual or single leg pods by non-media personnel. Video cameras are permitted as long as live game action is not recorded in order to protect Colorado Rockies local and national rightsholders.
    Bota bags, wine skins or camel packs
    Sticks or clubs (including signs attached to sticks)
    Fireworks, firearms or other weapons
    Bullhorns or noise makers
    Animals (except service animals for Guests with Disabilities are permitted)
    Beachballs, balloons and other inflatables
    Skateboards, rollerblades or shoes with wheels
    Stools or folding chairs
    Large squirt guns or super soakers
    Fish nets and poles
    Any fruit or vegetable larger than a grapefruit must be sliced
    Laser pointers
    Insulated coolers, cups and thermoses larger than 22 ounces
    Pizza boxes larger than personal size

    Permitted Items:

    Plastic beverage containers
    Soft-sided bags or containers 16"x 16"x 8" or smaller
    Insulated cups or thermoses 22 ounces or smaller
    Food items
    Any fruit or vegetable, grapefruit sized or smaller
    Still and video cameras (see "Cameras")
    Seat cushions and bleacher back rests
    Umbrellas (During the threat of inclement weather, umbrellas are allowed at Coors Field. In consideration of the safety and sight lines of others, please use only small, compact umbrellas (28" - 34"). Large golf umbrellas and umbrellas with metal tips are strongly discouraged.)
    Paper or plastic cups with permitted beverages
    Plastic baby bottles
    Baseball bats -- for the purpose of autographs; must be stored underneath the seats once the game begins
    Brooms - 6' maximum length
    Potato chip or nut cardboard cans with metal tops or bottoms
    Strollers -- umbrella-type that folds or collapses to fit underneath seats (larger strollers may be claim-checked at the gates upon entry)
    Motorcycle and bicycle helmets
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    Leave it at home or in your vehicle. They do random wandings and have searched my wife's bag. It sucks but that is the cost of going to a game.

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    Hazy gray area, since under CO law, ALL entrances to the building have to have permanent detectors in place and ALL persons entering have to pass though said screening.

    That and it is technically private property, not public.

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    But it's fun going ..... parking sucks... take one of the bike cabbies from the parking lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticks View Post
    Hazy gray area, since under CO law, ALL entrances to the building have to have permanent detectors in place and ALL persons entering have to pass though said screening.

    That and it is technically private property, not public.
    I'l leave it at home to avoid a long walk to the car. However, Coors Field isn't even a little bit gray.

    They are not public.
    Even if they screened all customers, they don't screen employees.
    The don't have permanent screening equipment.
    They don't store weapons while you're inside.

    They don't fullfill any of the requirements, let alone ALL of them.

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