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What we really need!!!!

This is a discussion on What we really need!!!! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As a Vietnam Combat Vet, Well said BlueLion. Outstanding. Euc, you make some valid points. I'm impressed, tho you common sense, formally well educated types ...

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Thread: What we really need!!!!

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    As a Vietnam Combat Vet, Well said BlueLion. Outstanding.

    Euc, you make some valid points. I'm impressed, tho you common sense, formally well educated types often do that.

    I'm just a former spec ops vet who has a decent though not formal education. I see one valid thing that could be done to help change our political system immediately.

    On every ballot is a box that says 'none of the above'. Now we won't any longer have a choice which amounts to the lesser of two evils. When the majority selects 'none of the above' then you have to have a new primary election, find two new candidates, Whoops, there goes the hundred million dollar election campaigns. The money brokers aren't going to invest that kind of money into a campaign that will never win.

    Maybe then 'the common man' could run for office again.

    I am also tired of only seeing lawyers running for office. Part of what has gone wrong with this country (ok a lot) is attributable to lawyers. We need to have scientists, mathematicians and teachers running this country.

    We used to be the greatest 'can do' country on the face of the planet. Now, IMHO, we have become the whinniest, sorriest bunch of 'it's not my job', 'I can't do that', 'somebody save me from myself' people.

    We have gotten so comfortable and had it so good for so long that unless it affects you personally, it's not your problem.

    Now I know that most on this forum don't fall into this same category, but this is where the country is going.

    IMO teachers should be some of the highest paid professionals in society. They possess and harness our future. Give them the tools, the salary and a system of regulations that allows them to teach and mold young minds.

    Enough rambling. GREAT thread guys.
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    Does anyone remember the "Throw the ******** Out!" grassroot movement of a few elections ago? This particularly applies to the House of Representatives. The founding fathers made it a 2 year term of office because they wanted it to be composed people who had a life to go back to after a couple of years doing a civic duty. The Senate was supposed to be the body with the long range view, a counter balance to passions of the moment. Now we have just the reverse. Senators flitting to the issue of the day, and Representatives in their positions for life. Re-elect no one, and the huge amounts of money spent on campaigns will diminish.

    Our Constituion is contract between the individuals in this country and the Federal government. I'm beginning to believe that contract has been violated and may soon be null and void. I think it was Jefferson who thought we should have a revolution every few years to keep the government honest. We may well be overdue.

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    First of all you are not the only person who has spent time in the military, you did yours in the desert, I did mine in the belly of a submarine 9 1/2 years worth. Maybe I didn't get shot at, but my boat fired some of the first Tomahawks at Afghanistan after 9/11. I was at sea trying to figure out just how bad thing were in NJ and NY (where my family is) when those jackoffs hit the towers. I am not bashing our country or our way of life, but you know as well as I do that our government does not operate the way it was initially planned. I said I am not anti-US, our government just needs an overhaul. And you're right 60k a year is not bad money, but over 60% of our elected federal officials are millionaires...60K < 1mil.

    Euc, seriously...do you write novels? That was a long post man.
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    Well, let's see. If we get active in our local Republican organization (sorry Libertarians, but we're talking about winning elections here) and let your kids see you being politically active (stuffing envelopes, manning telephone banks, kicking in...oops knocking on doors) then perhaps they will take an interest and at such time that they can make a choice, perhaps they will become involved. Then they can start paying their "dues". Then, in a few years, the organization might choose to run them for some office.

    A number of years ago, the local Republican organization sent a notice around to its members recruiting people to run for town council. When they interviewed me, the big question was "How many votes can you deliver just because you're you?" "Well, let's see, there's me, my wife and my next door neighbor." Needless to say, that didn't impress them too much. Had the same question been asked in the town where my gun club is I could have told them that the club has 2200 members. I think that might have gotten their attention.

    When Bret Schundler was trying to win the primary election for governor, the organization asked me to run for freeholder (whatever that is) for the sole purpose of having a "ticket" that would get him a fovorable line on the ballot. I had no interest in the office and made no effort to campaign. I still got over 3000 votes. Came in last in a field of 4, but the winner didn't get that many more votes. (there were two seats to be filled and one of the first two finishers were involved in some kind of scandle, so the third place winner got one of the seats - oh well, as they say, when two of you are being chased by a bear, you don't need to be able to outrun the bear, you only need to be able to out run the other fellow)

    I think it all comes down to education and getting involved as early in life as possible. At one meeting, the local organization's president's son had attended the convention for Bob Dole and at the next meeting gave us a report. I had expected to hear about him being involved in various things, but basically all he did was throw confetti on cue. That was his job. But he was a college kid and, if he continued to be active, could be expected to move on to bigger things.
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