The middle ground between CC and OC

The middle ground between CC and OC

This is a discussion on The middle ground between CC and OC within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone fall in the middle ground between OC and CC? What I mean is that they conceal, but don't really care if the discerning ...

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Thread: The middle ground between CC and OC

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    The middle ground between CC and OC

    Does anyone fall in the middle ground between OC and CC? What I mean is that they conceal, but don't really care if the discerning eye sees the butt of the gun bulge or if there is any printing. Since only a small % of the population would ever catch it anyways. I live in Indiana where OC and CC(with license) are both legal.

    I got to thinking about this because my work attire(khakis and a button up shirt), along with the fact that I am not allowed to have a weapon at work, prevent me from wearing what I would normally wear to conceal(looser un-tucket shirts carrying IWB).

    But for going to/from work and stopping off for lunch during the work day or to get groceries on the way home etc., I would obviously prefer to be armed. Putting a small J-frame or PM9 in my pocket would show through somewhat with my khaki pants I would think. I plan on getting a PM9 and just pocket carrying it for the above situations. It wouldn't be 100% concealed but I don't think it really matters.
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    I'm pretty much in the same boat, pocket carry in slacks/kahkis for me just isn't comfortable for me as I have big legs. I'd just buy a snap on OWB for easy on/off going to and from work, luckily I don't have to tuck in my work attire and I can still conceal my HKP7 under a polo via an IWB holster.

    As for caring if I print, I don't as long as it's not totally obvious that it's a gun, if a little bit of the but prints, I don't really care, but if it looks like a gun shaped tumor sticking out of my shirt, I'll go for something smaller or a different outfit.

    I'd say that's probably the best thing about OC, you never have to sacrifice caliber or capacity for conceal-ability.

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    Concealment is not perfect unless under winter layers of clothing, so I think most CCers are in your middle ground. Even in states that do not allow open carry, a CCer will sometimes show an intermittently visible amorphous lump from the butt of the grip. As long as it's not an obvious and continuous pistol-shaped lump, no problem.

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    +1 on JD's take.

    I mostly am able to wear loose fitting shirts, untucked, here in Texas until about January. I carry my PT111 and at times it may bulge a bit carrying OWB at times, but that could be a cell phone case too.

    If I am going to wear a T shirt I will wear my Crossbreed Super Tuck which keeps it closer to the body, or will wear my Desantis Tuck This with my Bersa Thunder. Both cover easily with just a T shirt.

    I can wear either or them with a tucked shirt but the Bersa is much easier to conceal when tucked.

    My 1911 only gets worn when I can wear a much longer shirt or a cover garment, since it is not comfortable wearing IWB.

    Bulges and bunches don't really matter to me, but pieces of the gun showing are definately a no no in my book. Of course we don't have the option of OC here in Texas, and I probably wouldn't, other than private property anyway if we could.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I conceal most of the time. I perfer it being out of sight. I do open carry every once and awhile, usually out of convenience ( or laziness). Sometimes I have open carried because, like you, I've had to arm, disarm, then rearm again.
    A good paddle holster or snap-on OWB (like JD refered to) is a good choice.

    I care enough to not want to print, but I'm not bothered enough with printing to care unless 'showing' so badly that I might as well be openly carrying.

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    Funny you should ask;

    In another thread here, I stated I believe in OC when hunting, fishing out of a boat, or camping back in the woods. Other than that, I believe there is an advantage in CC because if I should run into problems with a BG, my little surprise being concealed may save my life.

    As to where or not I care if it prints. I'll have to say it depends on the threat level of the area and where I'm at.

    The reason being, a pocket pistol (P3AT 380) is almost imposable for someone to notice, and a Glock on my hip while covered with a shirt, vest or jacket can print somewhat to the trained eye, but I carry the Glock when I'm in an area that is known to have crime from time to time.

    If it's a major crime area I stay out of there.

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    As stated above, I'm in the middle ground. At work or to and from, a Keltec in a pocket holster will work for me. On my own time, my Glock rides in a IWB under a loose shirt. You'll get a bulge or a bump here and there, but as long as it is not openly obvious as to what is causing that bulge, I'm fine. These days folks carry cell phones PDA's, or both amongst other things, which will also bulge. Therefore a bulge would not be SCREAMING gun to average Joe or Jane citizen.l

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    When i OC, i OC, when a CC, i make sure it's as un-noticable as possible which is hard because of my body frame.
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    Yeah, I'm kind of there too. At work I can and do carry, and if someone sees it, big deal. I actually wind up answering a lot of positive questions about buying, owning, carrying and shooting firearms, so I look at it as a good time to educate.

    In public I am more cautious as to my cover, but even at that I'm not self-conscious about it.
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    I've really enjoyed reading these posts! I see I'm not alone now.

    I've had a hard time concealing my xd9sc this summer. I suppose I should get something smaller for summer, but another gun is not in the budget. Though I do dress modestly, no matter what I wear, unless I dress like a complete slob, there is always a little print. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I've just got to the point where don't really care. Most people won't know what it is, or suspect someone like me of carrying. No one has said anything yet. Though, my daughter will secretly alert me if she can see it. She's so cool.

    If I'm just going out for a walk in my neighborhood, I don't care how badly I print at all.

    I've never open carried, though not against it. I wonder how well that would go over on a weekday shopping trip to Target with all the other mommies and their kids, or to the craft store... hmmmm....
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    Quote Originally Posted by tns0038 View Post
    ... I believe there is an advantage in CC because if I should run into problems with a BG, my little surprise being concealed may save my life.
    My thoughts exactly...when the SHTF, I want all the advantage I can get. I see very little advantage with OC except dress codes or size.


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    I always attempt to be totally concealed, and place by gun at the best point so that the edge of the butt does not print.


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    I also generally keep my sidearm completely concealed, excepting the occasional nondescript lump. I've never been made... or at least nobody has ever mentioned it.

    The thing is, here in FL, open carry is completely illegal, so you have to keep it concealed. Our law literally says concealed "from the ordinary sight of another person", so I take that to mean non-obvious printing is OK.

    It is hard to conceal a firearm properly during the summer in Central/South Florida (which is like late Feb. through early Oct.) I try to stick to patterned shirts, darker colors, and looser fit, but it isn't always possible, so I just go with the flow.

    I'd prefer legalization of open carry so I don't have to worry so much about making sure my gun is concealed "enough" to be legal though. I would still carry concealed, but I'd worry less about my wardrobe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluedaisy View Post
    I've really enjoyed reading these posts! I see I'm not alone now.

    I've had a hard time concealing my xd9sc this summer. I suppose I should get something smaller for summer, but another gun is not in the budget. ...
    I had the same thoughts of getting something smaller than my G-26 but I really believe it would be the wrong thing to do.
    I have many thousands of rounds shot with that pistol in competition (IDPA and GSSF) and I am not about to have the same experience with a new gun ... when the SHTF you revert to your lowest level of training ... at least that's what we are told again and again in recurrent flight training.


    I am part of the group that doesn't care if I am printing or not.
    I open carried during a vacation in Virginia, a totally new experience for me after 20+ years of CC, and I was amazed that nobody actually SEES the gun; black jeans, black t-shirt, black holster it doesn't stand out.
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    I used to care if I printed. Now it really doesn't bother me, since its not against the law in PA. I figure most people have NO clue.

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