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Police Rethink 'Always Armed' Policy

This is a discussion on Police Rethink 'Always Armed' Policy within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; PROPOSED BILL IN WISCONSIN !!!!! Cops could check traffic stops for concealed carry permits TODD RICHMOND Associated Press MADISON, Wis. - Police could check whether ...

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Thread: Police Rethink 'Always Armed' Policy

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    Wisconsin bill !?


    Cops could check traffic stops for concealed carry permits


    Associated Press

    MADISON, Wis. - Police could check whether the owner of a car they stop is carrying a concealed weapon under a compromise that sponsors of a bill to let Wisconsin residents carry hidden weapons have reached with law enforcement groups.
    Sponsors say the amendment eliminates police lobbying organizations' major hang-ups with the Republican-authored bill. The bill's authors and representatives of several law enforcement groups planned a press conference Wednesday morning to announce more details.
    "This was the biggest issue for law enforcement," said Rep. Scott Gunderson, R-Waterford, one of the bill's main authors. "We've been working with law enforcement throughout the process to really bring them on board."
    Under the measure, whenever an officer runs the registration of a vehicle he stops, a screen would pop up alerting him if the owner has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, said Casey Perry, executive director of the Wisconsin Troopers Association.
    "This way we would know before we approach the vehicle," Perry said. "We think it's a safety issue for the people that we stop, as well as the officers. It is major because it's a deal breaker for us."
    The bill's creators have insisted the list of permit holders remain secret to ensure criminals don't prey on people who aren't carrying. Police groups say that would put officers in danger.
    Perry said under the amendment, any officer caught running registrations excessively to find out who has permits - verified through state Department of Justice records that track the number of times an officer runs a registration - would be charged with a misdemeanor.
    Gunderson said police associations added the language for the misdemeanor charge into the bill themselves.
    "This is a compromise. I just feel it's important that if we're going to make this thing work, law enforcement has to be on board," Gunderson said.
    The bill, the subject of a fierce debate at the Capitol, would allow Wisconsin residents who pass firearms training and obtain permits to carry concealed handguns, knives and billy clubs in most public places. The few exceptions include schools, taverns, and police stations.
    The GOP, pushed by National Rifle Association lobbyists, passed similar legislation in 2003, saying people should be allowed to shoot criminals who attack them.
    Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle vetoed it, saying the measure would jeopardize police officers' lives and allow guns in malls and libraries. The Republican-controlled Legislature fell short of overriding Doyle in early 2004.
    Identical versions of the current bill are moving through both the Republican-controlled Senate and Assembly. The Joint Finance Committee was scheduled to take them up Wednesday.
    Doyle spokeswoman Melanie Fonder said the permit-alert system won't persuade the governor to sign the bill.
    "It doesn't change the fact the governor doesn't think people should be carrying weapons around," Fonder said.
    The bill is AB 763. A companion version in the Senate is SB 403.
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    "It doesn't change the fact the governor doesn't think people should be carrying weapons around,"
    Yeah well - tell that to the criminals and leave Joe Honest out of the equation - it's called prioritizing!!!

    <sarcasm>Better still, ask criminals without a carry permit to have a nice big sign on their vehicle windows declaring they are armed </sarcasm>. Those are the guys the cops want to watch for - not the law abiding sane and sensible guy who is just out to cover his butt! I thought most cops were relieved anyways to find a driver has a legit' carry permit.
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    I am not a LEO but I wonder what the stats would be like if the BG's knew that off duty officers were not supposed to be carrying. I belive we are all safer if the BG's don't know who is armed and who is not (including off duty LEO's).

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    Nevada already has that system in place and I don't consider it a problem.
    First off when it comes up on a LEO's screen that you have a CCW, it immediately tells him that you are one of the good guys. You have no warrants, no violent arrest history and no criminal convictions.

    How much of that will he know about the non-ccw holder?

    Having been stopped a few times by our LVMPD, when the officer approaches and asks for my driver license I hand him my CCW permit right under my DL. He'll ask if I'm carrying now and when replied in the affirmative he usually tells me to slow it down and have a nice day.

    This way he isn't supprised (which is a bad thing by the way).

    As for the start of this thread the article I read said that they weren't going to require officers to carry off-duty. Not that they were going to ban the practice.

    Wonder which is true?
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    IMO, it should not be mandated by the department that a LEO carries off-duty. It should be a decision made by the LEO to carry, or not carry. Our LEO's are underpaid at best, and to require them to work 24/7/365 is crazy. LET them carry, do not REQUIRE them to carry. THe other option is to raise their salaries...ALOT!!!!!!!
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