Why not carry in a purse

Why not carry in a purse

This is a discussion on Why not carry in a purse within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife has shown me that she is almost as quick in drawing from her purse (assuming the zipper is open on the pocket) as ...

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Thread: Why not carry in a purse

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    Why not carry in a purse

    My wife has shown me that she is almost as quick in drawing from her purse (assuming the zipper is open on the pocket) as I am from my holster. However, she has an advantage. When she becomes aware of a situation, she can place her hand inside the purse and on her gun and no one seems the wiser. If I pulled up my shirt and placed my hand on my gun it would likely escalate whatever was going on.

    So the question is, what is the disadvantage to carrying in a purse?

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    A purse is easily seperated from the carrier, by force, stealth or careless action.

    How fast can she draw from that purse mid attack?

    How secure can the gun be kept inside a purse with all the other garbage women carry around?

    When the purse is opened and she is digging around for change, will the gun be subject for a snatch-N-grab?

    When in a situation like a restaurant, car ride, theater etc., where does the purse go? Is she really going to be clutching that thing the entire day?

    If being robbed, does the robber want a few items in the purse, or the whole purse? Yup... they want the whole purse.
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    nobody can run off with your hip...
    you can't accidentally forget your hip at a restaurant...
    you can't spill the contents of your hip (unless your holster needs to be tighter)...
    there's more, I'm sure.

    If you want to be able to secretly grab your gun, pocket-carry might be right for you.

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    I'll admit that I do purse carry on occasion (especially since I got pregnant) but I have never liked it.

    Every time I have to put my purse down if there is a firearm in it I feel so EXTREMELY vulnerable.

    An example...

    I took my purse (complete with gun) to a motherhood tea a week ago. When I got there I instantly realized that I'd made a mistake.

    I was sitting there with children, ages 8 months - 2 years running and crawling around, sticking their fingers into other mom's bags and pulling things out. I can't tell you how many times I heard the phrase, "Honey, no. That's not yours." Or how many times a child succeeded in taking something completely back to his own mother before it was even realized that the item was missing.

    I must have looked like a complete paranoid wacko because I was clutching my purse so close to myself and watching it so closely I had to have looked crazed.

    The thought of one of those children getting in my purse and getting my revolver was enough to make me sick.

    Let me tell you, the next time I go back my gun is going to be on body and I won't give a darn what baby grabs my purse and drags it across the room to explore.

    My niece, when she was very young was a kleptomaniac. My sister used to come home from restaurants with knives, forks, spoons, napkins, and even other people's wallets stuck in her purse.

    My niece used to crawl around under the table and take items out of other people's purses and put them in my sister's purse. No one being the wiser.

    Imagine if my sister opened her purse and found a gun?

    Not to mention all of the things that were mentioned above.

    All I know is that in preparation for hatching this little one I've been thinking a lot about safety and so forth. It was irresponsible of me to have my gun in my purse around those children even though I remedied the situation by holding my purse the entire time. And as motherhood outside of the womb approaches I think about how I would react if I knew a woman had left a gun in her purse, sitting on the floor where my son could get at it. Yeah, I'd be pretty ticked.

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    ohhh so many reasons.
    as most people have already stated its quite easy for the following things to happen with a purse:
    1. it gets stolen
    2. you leave it somewhere (very possible even with a gun in it no matter how careful you are)
    3. you have it slight farther from your body when not walking (unless u have it on your lap with your arm through it while u are eating dinner)
    4. someone wanting to go through it. child or other, as lima said.

    the point is that if you have a gun in your purse, you MUST have COMPLETE control over it at ALL times. this is nearly impossible unless you strap it to you. and then its not really a purse anymore.
    Believe me. I didnt think it was a terrible idea, until i walked away without it once. (not for long and nothing happend, but still)
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    Not a big fan of purse carry for the reasons aforementioned.

    Two recent incidents in SC bear this out.

    One was a local Grandmother, who took her eyes off her grandchild for a few seconds and the Child pulled her gun from the purse that was hung on the shopping cart the child was sitting in and shot herself with it. The good news is the baby lived.

    Second example was a purse snatching in a womans changing room resulted in the gun and purse both being gone and in the hands of the purse snatcher. His MO was to wait until women went into the changing room, hung their purse on the hook on the door and he would reach over and grab the purse and run.

    I would imagine that, no matter how fast you can draw it, the fact it is an object with a strap to grab is going to end up being a situation where, at first, you have to retain and gain control of it before you could draw it. Which just complicates the whole situation. And I bet makes the odds of losing your gun fairly high.

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    I don't think I could support a blanket policy of no-guns-in-purses recommendation. My wife has a purse designed for a gun, it has a zippered end that closes a dedicated pouch for the gun. It's her best choice, and it works for her. She's demonstrated ample responsibility to me so far.

    If a lady wants to CCW on her body, I do agree that is the best choice. My wife is an Administrator which requires her to wear dressy-business clothes, I can assure you she will not add another article of clothing (holster) to her body. No belly band, no smart carry, no ankle carry....no nothing. If I insisted she CCW on her body only, she just wouldn't carry at all.

    I've preached to her about the responsiblity of the purse and gun coming up missing. Her work environment is at the level that no one is going to sneak in her office and take her purse. So far she's never lost a purse, or had one stolen and she's been carrying a purse a long time. At our age, our house is "empty nest" now so we don't have any little one's here anymore. Prior to our grandson (< 2 years) visiting we do a "gun sweep" to make sure everything is secure.

    She knows and uses the tips on how to carry a purse in public so she doesn't tempt someone to do a grab. If accosted in public she sure might lose her purse and gun, likewise CCW on her body she might have it dislodged, exposed, dropped and grabbed or whatever and even used against her right then. Once while leaving the grocery store, she felt that someone might be following her, so she discreetly eased her strong hand in the zippered compartment and had her hand on the gun. Nothing happened, but she was easily ready.

    I think purse carry is a bit like locking your gun in your car. Purse and gun stolen has about the same result of car and gun stolen. Purse and car are not necessarily the preferred manner for any of us for securing a gun. A stolen car with a lock box will still get broken open, and contents removed. Admittedly a purse is snatched easier than stealing a car, though both are popular targets.

    Displaying awareness and responsibility will go a long way to making it work, ultimately it depends on the individual. Just my humble opinion.
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    I have never liked off body carry for the reasons stated above.

    My only thoughts are if someone simply steals the purse (not even mentioning a violent encounter) what has happened.

    The bad guy now has:

    Your gun
    Your ID (with address)
    Your gun
    Your car keys (hard to drive home without them)
    Your gun
    Your money (cash/credit cards)
    Your gun
    Your house keys (see car keys above)
    Your gun
    Your cell phone (most likely)

    Now the BG has your house keys, knows it will be a while before you can get home (on top of the probability that you will remain at the incident location until after you have spent time with LEO's filing the necessary reports and forms). This would give them the opportunity to ransack your house with little chance of being caught. If you do happen to make it home before he leaves, well, he has your gun.

    I know it sounds unlikely, but isn't that what we prepare for?...The unlikely event that we would need to defend our families or selves?
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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    I can't tell you how many times I heard the phrase, "Honey, no. That's not yours." Or how many times a child succeeded in taking something completely back to his own mother before it was even realized that the item was missing.
    You're just worried your boy will start stripping your 1911 and cleaning it and all the other Moms will be jealous!
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    There's nothing wrong with purse carry. It is an option. No carrry option is perfect, including IWB.

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    Back in the early '90s, during the S&L crisis, I worked w/a female FBI agent who carried in a purse designed for CC. When we went to lunch, she carried that purse w/ the strap around her shoulder on her weak side, cradled like a RB carrying a football. I don't think it could have been separated from her very easily.

    I like the fact that a woman could take a grip on her pistol while it is inside the purse AND she could also, if the need arose, fire it from inside the purse, without ever having to draw & display it to the target.
    An armed populace are called citizens.
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    Not all modes are equally efficacious- life is not relative. Purse-carry has a very limited niche place. It is superceded in retention, presentation and concealment by most other modalities.

    Addressing the "it couldn't easily be taken" arguments. A 180# man can drag most women off their feet and down the sidewwalk a good way by the purse strap. Also, in a crush-style assault it is far harder to access a HG in a "mobile holster" than a belt or band style. Read: if the BG thinks the woman is trying to access, they'll simply kick up their level of force while the woman is still trying to initiate hers.

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    I think it is like any other method of carry in that there is a time a place where it works, and a time and place where it doesn't. None are perfect for all occasions. I think your wife has a nice option in being able to clutch the gun without anyone seeing it as you pointed out. That's one I hadn't thought of.

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    If someone grabs your wife suddenly, is she going to have time to grab her purse? She could easily be seperated from it.
    To the people that say "there is nothing wrong with purse carry", read the posts. I see many good reasons. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but reducing the odds is all we can do. To think the odds are the same with IWB and purse carry is just not true.

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    how quick can she draw once a BG comes behind and snatches the purse? I would bet you'd win.

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