Concealed carry and crutches

Concealed carry and crutches

This is a discussion on Concealed carry and crutches within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For the past few days my left hip joint has been really bothering me. I can barely walk on my own. A little history on ...

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Thread: Concealed carry and crutches

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    Concealed carry and crutches

    For the past few days my left hip joint has been really bothering me. I can barely walk on my own.

    A little history on this...

    When I was 11 years old, I fell hard on my left side off my bicycle while attempting to hop a curb like my friends could do. Over a period of about a week and a half, my left hip slowly gave way, and eventually dislocated. I must have injured something inside there to make it do that, but the weird part is, it didn't happen upon impacting the pavement.

    Ever since then, the joint never healed right, and I don't have the range of motion. As a result of that, I am unable to join the military, or become an LEO, or practice martial arts (which is another reason I chose to carry a firearm).

    I had two surgeries performed to repair the damage, first time they put a metal screw in my hip to hold it in place, the 2nd time they took it out due to complications.

    Now fast forward to now, I went to the ER on Monday to see what the deal was. They told me what I already knew (I have degeneration in my left hip area), and gave me a prescription for pain killers. Eventually I will need total hip replacement, but let me get to my point.

    Right now I am on crutches and I keep wondering how in the world would I be able to draw fast enough if I need to when I'm using a pair of crutches. I suppose the only way to do that is to drop one crutch and draw.

    Unfortunately I don't have medical insurance, and I very well may lose my job, because at this point I am unable to perform some of the essential functions of my job. Another thing I'm concerned about is my carry gun putting pressure on my hips, and making it worse. Perhaps its time to consider that pocket revolver.

    Well anyway, for those of you that pray, please pray for me. I don't know if my left hip joint will dislocate again, or if it will heal itself.
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    Get a Kel-Tec P3AT 380 and a nemesis pocket holster. The whole rig loaded only weights 15 oz, and fits nicely in most pants pockets.

    As to drawing fast, and being able to stand your own again a BG. Sorry to say that for now is out of the question, so fallow normal "stay safe guidelines".

    Stay in well traveled areas, and after dusk that have good lighting
    Even when driving stay out of the bad areas of town
    Avoid staying out late at night
    Keep your doors locked, and don't open the door for anyone you don't know
    Keep your cell phone handy

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    ...already said, friend.
    " Refuse to be a victim, make sure there is a round chambered ! "

    Just call me a pessimistic optimist !

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    Seems like I have seen carry bags fastened to crutches. A small carry bag fastened in reach might do the job. Just don't forget to take it off when you lay down the crutches.

    Why are you/they waiting to do the hip replacement?

    Good luck!

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    I think the fanny pack would look just fine if you are on crutches. People wouldn't give it a second thought. Normally this is a sure indicator, but with crutches you could pull it off. Then you can carry what you are familiar with, otherwise I second the P3at or the LCP. Prayers for you friend.
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    The thing that stood out to me about your post was you mention of the possibility of losing your job. That saddens me, but I suggest that you look up the Americans with Disabilities Act. You definitely fall under this act, because your disability is permanent. As a result, they must provide reasonable accommodation for you to perform your duties such as extra breaks, a stool to sit on, etc. I don't know if this helps or not, because I don't know what you do for a living. All we can do is pray for you Nine, and we will be. Good luck.

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    As a medical professional, I might suggest that you address your first priority and retain your job and health - The FML act (FMLA) is designed for people in your situation as long as you are a legit employee (Ie. taxed) - Ask your boss or HR people about it - It is not an option for an employer. Also, you can always consider long term disability if your condition warrants that.

    About your question, could you wear a shoulder rig and cross draw?? I don't think crutches would interfere that much with the strap, but you would have to try it first - If you needed to use your gun, you could lean into the crutches for support and free up your arms to access gun, etc.

    Hope it helps.


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    I feel bad for the poster and hope everything works out for him. I would suggest a small pocket gun like a small Kel-Tec or Kahr. Possibly a fannypack to spread out the weight for you.
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    get a smartcarry pouch holster it is what you need on crutches

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    Unfortunately, no matter what solution you adopt it will put more weight on your legs, even if only a few ounces. However, as was suggested, mounting something on your crutch may be the solution. NAA makes the Guardian in .32 and .380. Mine came with what looks like a cell phone case meant to be worn on a belt. It might be mounted on your crutch somehow. It wouldn't be the fastest draw, but better than nothing.
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    It seems to me being on crutches for a while, you might have an easier time with crossdraw or a shoulder rig. Being in Alaska I am assuming you can swing a cover garment most of the time. Both setups would move the gun off your hip (shoulder holster obviously more so), and I am thinking a cross-draw from either location would be easier than having a crutch between your hand and your gun.

    If you want to mount something to the crutches, have a look at the Wilderness SafePacker:

    Good luck.
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    I work as a security officer, and fortunately I get to sit down a lot at my post. The company itself does not provide medical insurance, but I am signed up with AFLAC which pays me directly if I am injured or can't work for some reason.

    On a lighter side, my hip is feeling much better today, so I don't know what the deal was, and I hope it stays that way for awhile. Anyway, thanks for your sympathy and feedback on concealed carry and crutches. As of right now I am not using them, but will certainly keep them around just in case.
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    I've deleted some text and whole posts that are causing some flaming thread veer. Let's keep it on topic and friendly. Thanks.
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    I have been in a wheelchair, on crutches, walked with a cane
    and now (thankfully) walk without any assistance
    But I never know when I may end up back on crutches or in a wheelchair

    First !!! I was in the wheelchair til they did hip replacements 31 years ago
    when I was 17 after half a dozen surgeries including 3 body casts

    Do NOT I repeat DO NOT hesitate to get the hip replacement if possible
    as I said I now walk unaided & I cannot say enough good things about hip replacements

    Secondly I had to learn Situational awareness long before I could CCW
    That is always the most important thing especially if you are physically limited in some ways

    Third Fanny Pac YES attached to crutches NEVER.
    the first thing someone who wants to do you harm will do is kick away your crutches (even kids on playgrounds can be nasty).
    If your gun is on your person it wont matter if you are down without your crutches.
    In fact they may think they have disarmed you and made you helpless SURPRISE

    Lastly any small light pocket gun will work nicely
    I like 9mm, for me it has the nice balance of Caliber & Capacity
    Keltec , Kahr & others make some nice light 9mmguns

    I use an OWB holster because my hips cant handle IWB comfortably

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    And defensive stick training so you can beat the snot out of someone merely by using your crutch. You have a LOOOONG reach with crutches!

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